Aug. 11 2017
Looking for a Luau-themed getaway? Timber Fest might be the perfect way to start out your weekend. Kicking off at 4 p.m. today, the festival is put on the Vista Springs Timber Ridge Senior Livin
Local radio station gives backpacks to students in need
Aug. 10 2017
Don’t spend another day wondering where your child’s school supplies will come from, Power 96.5 (WQHH-FM) has got your covered on Aug. 10, with their annual Backpack Giveaway
Aug. 10 2017
Working parents in Metro Lansing looking for unique, value-added daycare services have two new options to choose from
Aug. 10 2017
“It’s stuff we hear all the time in R&B and pop, but we’re taking our instruments and playing a simpler jazz on top of a pop-type chord progression,” alto saxophonist Phil Denny...
Aug. 10 2017
Lillie is the MSU assistant vice president for community relations as well as a member of the partnership between the City of East Lansing and the university, “One Book, One Community.” The...
Aug. 10 2017
‘The Tropical Pickle’ performs tantalizingly Now showing at the Over the Ledge Theatre Co.’s summer home at the Ledges Playhouse is — drumroll please — Jeff Daniels’...
Aug. 10 2017
Summer of memoriesA look at Michigan in the summer of ‘67 It was June 1970 and I was standing at the corner of Haight-Ashbury, the epicenter of the Summer of Love. But I had missed my chance in...
Aug. 10 2017
Summer of Love celebrated through art Sometimes it takes two to create memorable and vibrant art. Artist Ben Graham designed this week’s cover, but he didn’t create it alone. With the...
Aug. 10 2017
The Mason brewery will feature comedians Will Green and Pat Seivert as hosts and the line-up features Louis Michael, Mike Szar, Sam Rager and headliner Aharon Willows
Aug. 10 2017
Folk music is an American tradition, one with complex sub-genres that fit together and create the blanket genre of traditional arts. But in a confusing twist, “folk” often brings to mind a...
Aug. 10 2017
A titanic variety of rappers perform Friday at Mac’s Bar at the all-Michigan hip-hop event dubbed “Michigan Muscle Artist Showcase Reloaded.” The concert is presented by Peezy Promotions...
Aug. 10 2017
Husband and wife duo tackles social justice while spreading the love It’s unusual to find an intact instrument in a war zone. What’s even more unusual is to find a playable one, but that’s...
Grey Matter 1
A chat with the
Aug. 9 2017
From left to right: Mac Doyle, Will McPeek, Jake Matter and Nick LaForge. Courtesy Photo After catching up a little and working through a few pre-interview questions like “Should we swear?”...
Aug. 3 2017
The amazing sights and sounds of JazzFest can be enjoyed for free—even the best seats in front of the stages! And your gift can help to keep it that way. Please look for the bucket brigade and drop...
Aug. 3 2017
Ron Brooks has been a major player in, and influence on, the southeastern Michigan jazz community for several decades. Ron emerged as a player in the 1960s, recording for Blue Note records and performing...
Aug. 3 2017
For more than 35 years, the Grand Rapids Jazz Orchestra has been one of Michigan’s premier large jazz ensembles. The band features many of the area’s finest musicians, playing swinging original...
Aug. 3 2017
This year’s Lansing JazzFest is a big banana split of textures and flavors, from fruity to nutty to creamy. But there’s no mistaking the cherry on top: the return of an old friend, a formidable...
Aug. 3 2017
Aug. 7-8 We’ve all seen “Footloose” and probably questioned the legitimacy of the film’s dancing ban. What seems like a totalitarian fantasy is actually based on a true story....
Aug. 3 2017
Tight, tough and taut with tension — the late 1960s energy of the Contemporary Jazz Quintet, led by Detroit pianist Kenn Cox, lit a little-known brushfire in jazz history that is worth rekindling....
Aug. 3 2017
University funds first all-female choir When constructing a choir, a lineup of male and female voices is not unusual. In fact, it’s a standard setup. But Sandra Snow, Michigan State University...