Darcy Wood’s ‘Summer of Supernovas’ draws on teenage angst, astrology
May 18 2016
Williamstonbased author Darcy Woods, 38, weaves the tale of Wil in her debut young adult romance novel, “Summer of Supernovas.” The 17-yearold protagonist lives by her astrological chart. She...
River Rock Concert showcases local talent
May 18 2016
The inaugural City Pulse River Rock Concert, coming to Adado Riverfront Park next month, will serve up a heaping helping of locally-grown music
Therapists cause more harm than good in ‘Beyond Therapy’
May 18 2016
Ho-hum. Another bleak black box stage. Mismatched chairs, some desks that look like they were borrowed from the MSU Surplus Store, a framed knock-off “Mona Lisa” looking down benignly —...
East Lansing Art Festival expands its offerings
May 18 2016
The East Lansing Art Festival operates largely on an “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mindset. The festival’s core — the juried selection of diverse artists who line...
Common Ground Music Festival announces final 2016 lineup
May 17 2016
TUESDAY, May 17 — Common Ground Music Festival announced the rest of its 2016 lineup today
"Captain America: Civil War" squanders promising premise with problematic plot
May 13 2016
I’m generally against evaluating films like products, the way one might review a toaster or the latest iPhone. But in the case of “Captain America: Civil War,” it’s justified. This...
Lansing Symphony 2016-17 season brings big-name guests, major works
May 11 2016
Two monster symphonies, Beethoven’s Ninth and Shostakovich’s Fifth, the world premiere of a new percussion concerto and two nationally acclaimed guest stars highlight the Lansing Symphony’s...
Capitol Loop Gifts brings local swag to City Market
May 11 2016
WEDNESDAY, May 11 — A pair of local entrepreneurs is giving shoppers a new place to pick up local swag.Capital Loop Gifts, which opened in the Lansing City Market earlier today, is the latest ventur
Timothy Muffitt will return as Lansing Symphony maestro
May 11 2016
Last Thursday, Timothy Muffitt settled into a chair at a coffee shop near his home in Haslett. There was a lot to talk about. The night before, he closed out his 10th season as conductor and music director...
Author Steve Hamilton tries his hand at hard-boiled crime fiction
May 11 2016
When Michigan native Steve Hamilton wrote his second stand-alone crime novel, “The Lock Artist,” in 2010, it seemed like a temporary diversion. The author soon returned to his familiar “Alex...
Lansing Symphony goes big and goes home in season finale
May 11 2016
You have to be a badass if Beethoven is your opening act. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, adored for his romantic ballet music, went very big and bad — the good kind of bad — in his most famous...
May 11 2016
The event aims to help people in a similar situation. A portion of the funds raised Friday benefit patients with Lockwood's specific type of cancer. The event includes a silent auction, with prizes from...
Actor/comedian Brian Posehn brings comedy show to the Loft
May 11 2016
Brian Posehn has no qualms about wandering through the gutters of comedy. His latest comedy album, 2013’s “The Fartist,” includes tracks like “Strippers and Stripping,”...
Wally Pleasant performs ‘Songs About Stuff’ LP at River Rock Concert
May 11 2016
The singer/songwriter will revisit some of his best known songs June 10 at the City Pulse River Rock Concert. He opens for the Verve Pipe, who will be performing the platinum-selling “Villains”...
Doug Mains returns with unexpected new album
May 11 2016
Three years ago this month, Doug Mains was writing and recording music with his band, the City Folk, for its second album. But the band broke up after the recording sessions and the album never saw...
May 11 2016
“What I'm most excited about is our focus on Hawaiian culture on Saturday,” said festival organizer Ben Hassenger. “Chris Ka- maka is flying in from Hawaii to celebrate the 100th birthday...
Lansing wins NEA grant to improve riverfront park
May 10 2016
TUESDAY, May 10 — Lansing’s Adado Riverfront Park, home to events like Common Ground Music Festival and Michigan Pride, was awarded a grant to improve the park’s offerings.The Arts Council...
'Keanu' funny but lacks depth
May 6 2016
The worst thing I can say about “Keanu” is that it’s a bit over-familiar. And the best thing I can say is that it doesn’t feel over-familiar, thanks to the talent of its two leads,...
Rise Against announced as July 6 Common Ground headliner
May 4 2016
Common Ground Music Festival announced today that melodic hardcore band Rise Against will headline its July 6 lineup.
May 4 2016
A dancer from age 3, Renfrew has been with Children’s Ballet Theatre since 2009. A senior at Okemos High School, she will graduate from both high school and the ballet program this year. “Cinderella”...

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