A peek at screenwriter Jim Cash’s East Lansing house
April 20 2016
The elevator pitch: At the height of the Reagan era, a huge, wood-paneled Aspen lodge with five fireplaces and a stonegrotto indoor pool is dumped onto an ordinary Midwestern ranch house by an Air Force...
David Abeles talks touring, music, evil alter ego
April 20 2016
If you run into actor David Abeles on the street, you would see someone who would fit right into the cast of “Once.”
Julian Van Dyke selected for East Lansing Artist Alleys mural
April 18 2016
MONDAY, April 15 — Local artist Julian Van Dyke will get a chance to make his mark in East Lansing.Julian Van DykeCourtesy photoThe East Lansing Art Selection Panel and East Lansing Arts Commission
Common Ground adds 11 more acts
April 15 2016
FRIDAY, April 15 — Common Ground Music Festival continues to fill out its 2016 slate, announcing 11 more acts earlier today.Pop singer Daya will join the festival’s July 10th lineup, which...
’45 Years’ an exercise in empathy
April 14 2016
“45 Years,” from British filmmaker Andrew Haigh, is one of the few films I’ve seen recently that can be described as truly transporting. What I mean is that it takes you out of yourself...
April 13 2016
It looks like the snow is gone for good, and that means it’s time to start thinking about summer camps. From sports to science to sculpture, summer is a great time for kids to improve their skills...
‘The Decade Dance’ explores tumultuous 1970s
April 13 2016
Since the early ‘70s, I’ve been waiting — and hoping — for a wild flashback. I have been afraid, however, one might occur during a funeral or when an officer asks me for my license...
April 13 2016
The panel comprises four speakers, each with their own perspective on the case and what it means to modern-day race relations. The idea for a panel discussion was born after Okemos High School English...
April 13 2016
The Aimcriers headline a night of local bands Saturday at the Avenue Café. Opening the show are the Tiny Murderers, the Union and Off the Ledge. Since 2003, the Aimcriers have been mixing folk,...
New exhibit looks at education for the blind
April 13 2016
In 1961, child star Patty Duke was playing Helen Keller in the Broadway version of “The Miracle Worker” when a meeting was arranged between Duke and the 81-year-old Keller. Duke would later...
Jazz legend Louis Hayes drops in on MSU combos at Jazz Spectacular
April 13 2016
The last time Louis Hayes did an extended gig in Lansing, it was 1953. Hayes was only 15 and President Harry Truman had just unveiled the H-bomb. Coincidence?
Wharton Center program offers perks to attract young professionals
April 13 2016
At the big Broadway shows, especially, Snyder saw few people her age. Most were older. It bothered her enough that she began talking to the staff at the Wharton Center about how to bring more young people...
A home for the East Lansing ceramics program
April 13 2016
The East Lansing Ceramic Arts Program needs a new home, and it's looking to the public for help. The program, which began in the mid ‘90s, was formerly located at the Bailey Community Center. When...
Tony-winning musical comes to Wharton Center in 2017
April 13 2016
A Tony-winning Broadway musical with a Lansing connection will be showcased in Wharton Center’s 2016-2017 season, announced Tuesday
Wharton Center’s next season brings encores and premieres
April 12 2016
TUESDAY, April 12 — The Wharton Center released its 2016-2017 schedule today, which includes a packed slate of encore performances, audience favorites and several Wharton Center debuts.“We...
Metropolitan Opera’s rising stars bring ‘best of the best’ to Wharton Center
April 11 2016
MONDAY, April 11 — Dangling, as opera singers often do, in the chasm between artifice and truth, Adam Diegel hesitated to divulge his age. Adam DiegelDiegel is the star tenor in an unusual roa
‘10 Cloverfield Lane’ thrills, but ultimately disappoints
April 7 2016
THURSDAY, April 7 — “10 Cloverfield Lane” is a mess of contradictions and ambitious almost to a fault — those aren’t necessarily bad characteristics. I’d much rather...
A Rally of Writers features wide range of authors, topics
April 6 2016
Successful memoirist Bob Tarte has an important piece of advice for writers: Make your writing memorable. His fourth memoir, “Feather Brained,” will be released later this month. Tarte uses...
April 6 2016
The Capital City Film Festival is more than just film screenings — it’s also stacked with top-notch electronic music artists, DJs and rock bands. Here’s a sampling of what to expect this...
April 6 2016
Science is so hot right now. You can hardly turn on a TV or check your Twitter feed without seeing Bill Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson dropping some scientific tidbit. For those looking for something a little...

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