April 6 2016
The Capital City Film Festival is more than just film screenings — it’s also stacked with top-notch electronic music artists, DJs and rock bands. Here’s a sampling of what to expect this...
April 6 2016
Science is so hot right now. You can hardly turn on a TV or check your Twitter feed without seeing Bill Nye or Neil deGrasse Tyson dropping some scientific tidbit. For those looking for something a little...
Capital City Film Festival kicks off sixth annual event
April 6 2016
Other highlights include a “Destroy All Cinema” event where local comedians apply a “Mystery Science Theater 3000”-style skewering to “Top Gun,” and a local music double...
Riverwalk’s ‘Wait Until Dark’ explores psychology of darkness
April 6 2016
Frederick Knott’s “Wait Until Dark” begins with two apparent burglars flash lighting their way through a dark Greenwich Village basement apartment. For Riverwalk Theatre’s production...
Legendary Lansing rockers return to Mac’s Bar
April 6 2016
Lansing has long been a breeding ground for brilliant, yet underappreciated rock ‘n’ roll underdogs. One of the prime examples is the Dogs, a raucous proto-punk band born out of the early ‘70s...
Lansing Symphony joins multimedia Disney extravaganza to kick off film festival
April 4 2016
MONDAY, April 4 — Reeeeeeerrr, glurp, meow, gling! Timothy Muffitt, Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s conductor and music director, will wrangle some wild hardware at Wednesday night's cartoon kickoff
Nick Eyde lands featured role on ‘Chicago Fire’
April 4 2016
MONDAY, April 4 — Lansing resident Nick Eyde will appear on televisions nationwide tomorrow night with a featured role on NBC’s “Chicago Fire.” For his national television debut,...
MSU’s unlikely fling with Zaha Hadid
April 1 2016
FRIDAY, April 1 — Most obituaries for architect Zaha Hadid didn’t even mention MSU’s Broad Art Museum. But it was a big deal in East Lansing
Broad Art Museum architect died early this morning
March 31 2016
Zaha Hadid, the architect who designed MSU’s Broad Art Museum, died early this morning at 65
Zakir Hussain talks Indian music, Grateful Dead and Asian underground
March 30 2016
The wide-ranging career of Zakir Hussain, one of India’s most prominent living musicians, is driven by one thing: a voracious appetite for new musical ideas
March 31-April 3
March 30 2016
To address the issue of gun violence in Chicago, playwright Nambi E. Kelley looked to history — ancient history
March 30 2016
Binary Star has been a force in Michigan’s underground hip-hop scene since the rap duo formed in 1998. The pair of Pontiac-based emcees, One Be Lo and Senim Silla, released its first full-length...
Cello Plus chamber series draws guest artists into musical ‘family’
March 30 2016
Musicians have many ways to communicate. Several years ago, after listening to a recorded take, growly singer Tom Waits told pianist Stephen Prutsman there was “too much tonic water” in it....
Bill Castanier remembers author Jim Harrison
March 30 2016
It was a phone call I knew was coming. I was in the garden with my spouse, cleaning up the detritus of winter, giving the tiny buds room to breathe and making it easier for deer to nibble tender tulips,...
March 30 2016
For years now, I’ve admired what the Boise Weekly, an alternative newspaper in Idaho, does with its covers. Every week, they feature original art that is unrelated to content. At the end of the...
Global folk/pop band flying high on album release
March 30 2016
When the Ragbirds began 10 years ago, no one could have mapped out the musical tailwinds it would navigate. Not even the Ragbirds’ lead singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Erin Zindle, who...
Review: 'Batman v Superman' is ... maybe ... not bad?
March 29 2016
“The red capes are coming, the red capes are coming!” So says Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” This line is a microcosm...
AWOLNATION announced as Common Ground July 5 headliner
March 29 2016
Common Ground Music Festival announced this morning that electronic rock band AWOLNATION will headline its July 5 lineup
East Lansing Summer Solstice Jazz Festival marks 20 years with biggest slate ever
March 28 2016
MONDAY, March 28 — Subtle, vocal, brassy, free — more than 25 flavors of jazz promise a memorable 20th anniversary year for East Lansing’s ever-expanding Summer Solstice Jazz Festival
Author argues for united attack on invasive species
March 25 2016
LANSING — Some are slimy. Others jump at the sight of humans. But most remain mysterious — cloaked below the water’s surface — and ready to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting ecosystem.They...

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