Talented actors drive MSU’s ‘Urinetown’
April 19 2017
Maybe a baseball analogy will help us here. It’s hard to imagine hitting a home run when the count is no balls and two strikes, and you’ve already fouled off a few good pitches
Lansing native appears on Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight'
April 19 2017
“Marrying a stranger was extremely odd,” Duhon said. “One day you’re single, and the next day you have someone calling you ‘husband.’ You don’t know this person,...
April 19 2017
It’s also a special day for local shops, as the quasiholiday brings in diverse crowds looking to purchase special releases or other Record Store Day goodies. Dave Bernath, owner of East Lansing record...
Jazz icon Wayne Shorter turns poison to medicine
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes
Wharton Center unveils pop culture-powered 35th season
April 19 2017
“Broadway has become quite a magnet, especially with the new megahits like ‘Hamilton’ that seem to come out every year. It’s becoming America’s art form,” said Mike...
Dennis Hinrichsen named Lansing’s first poet laureate
April 19 2017
Hinrichsen, who retired from LCC in 2013 after teaching nearly three decades, was announced today as Lansing’s first poet laureate
Spiral Dance Bar / The Tim Barron Group at RE/MAX
April 19 2017
“I hope (whomever) buys it decides to keep it going as Spiral, but there’s a chance they could go in a different direction,” said Tom Donall, who owns the building, the property and the...
Historical Society events shed light on pivotal year
April 18 2017
From labor unrest to hot-button political fights, two free programs sponsored by the Historical Society of Greater Lansing this week offer fascinating dives into Lansing and Michigan history
April 12 2017
It seems like winter may (finally) be headed back into hibernation, and the cabin fever crazed kids of mid-Michigan are ready to get outside and soak up the sun. Summer camp season is just around the corner,...
Luxury Flux releases debut LP at the Avenue
April 12 2017
The band — Lindsey Taylor (guitar/ vocals), Sam Makula (bass) and Stephen Woida Jr.(drums/vocals) — doesn’t mind doing it themselves, especially if they can retain artistic control while...
‘Curious Incident’ gives audiences plenty to chew on
April 12 2017
The plot of "Curious Incident” almost takes a detective to decipher. Simon Stephens' stage adaptation of Mark Haddon's novel centers around the 15-yearold Christopher Boone, played with an intense...
April 12 2017
The upcoming MSU Department of Theatre production of “Urinetown, the Musical,” a dystopian story of a world experiencing a 20-year drought, was chosen over a year ago to complement MSU’s...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
April 12 2017
Grey Matter, a Lansing-based progressive ska-punk band, releases its new “Visitors” EP Friday at Mac’s Bar. Opening the all-ages show are Backpacks, Convenient Trash and Solitary Subversion
Frontier Ruckus' Matt Milia talks songwriting, touring and nostalgia
April 12 2017
Frontier Ruckus cut its teeth in the Michigan music scene of the early 2000s, quickly earning a devoted fan base with its potent mix of melancholy nostalgia, quirky instrumentation and folk-inspired delivery
Malcolm X novel selected for 2017 Great Michigan Read
April 12 2017
“Let me tell you something: From then until I left that prison, in every free moment I had if I was not reading in the library, I was reading on my bunk. You couldn’t have gotten me out of...
New MSU Museum director Mark Auslander has stories to tell
April 12 2017
In spite of all the talk about a post-truth society, Mark Auslander insists that he “is not willing to give up on the truth thing.”
Casa de Rosado offers space for artists outside the mainstream
April 12 2017
The house was occupied by various prominent Lansing families, including the Teels, for whom the nearby street is named. The nearly 3,600-square-foot building has also worn a variety of commercial hats,...
The Grid Arcade and Bar/Red's Smokehouse
April 12 2017
So begins the so-much-coolerthan-it-deserves-to-be 2010 sci-fi sequel, “Tron: Legacy,” but it just as easily describes the opening next week of Old Town’s newest bar: the Grid Arcade...
Spring cleaning
April 11 2017
Contractors clean the white stucco exteriors and windows of the House Office Building cross over in downtown Sunday morning
April 10 2017
LANSING — Detroit once was home to the world’s largest municipally owned streetcar enterprise, an industry with a history stretching from the city’s early founding through the 1950s.Now...