Author/poet Melissa Dey Hasbrook tells 'Stories About Turtle Island' Saturday at Everybody Reads Books and Stuff
March 18 2013
Author and poet Melissa Dey Hasbrook shares stories about what makes Michigan home in “Stories About Turtle Island” at 1 p.m. Saturday, at Everybody Reads Books and Stuff, 2019 E. Michigan...
Verdehrs stay plugged into new classical music
March 18 2013
Monday, June 6 — Classical musicians are usually sneaky about playing new music. They might slip a teaspoon of it into an evening of Mozart, like a nurse sprinkling iron on an anemic widow’s...
Genocya finally rolls out a debut CD, nine years after the band started
March 18 2013
Lansing’s long-running thrash/death stalwarts Genocya have finally released a real full-length album, “Ever Descent.” The band had a demo and an unreleased but reasonably easily obtained...
Teen filmmakers get a lensful of frightening footage in the retro-creepy 'Super 8'
March 18 2013
Thursday, June 9 — Set in 1979, “Super 8” is a super-deluxe nostalgia trip, courtesy of writer-director J.J. Abrams and producer Steven Spielberg. Anyone adventurous enough to try to...
With the priceless Leslie Hull leading the way, 'Gemini' finds high-decibel fun in Philly
March 18 2013
Friday, June 10 — Albert Innaurato’s personalized tragic-comedy ‘Gemini’ plays out in Italian-dominated South Philadelphia (although it could easily be transferred to Boston, the...
'Hairspray' takes best musical; 'While We Were Bowling' wins best play
March 18 2013
The 2011 Pulsars were presented Monday evening at a ceremony held at Connxtions Comedy Club. The night featured selections from the nominated musicals, as well as an opening number — "Hell Block...
Verve Pipe, Tonic, Larry McCray among other additions to festival lineup
March 18 2013
LL Cool J has won Grammys, starred in TV's "NCIS: L.A.," written a fitness book and acted in such movies as "Last Holiday," "Deep Blue Sea" and "Charlie's Angels." Now he's got another title to add to...
Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts make a winning couple in a pleasantly mellow comedy-drama
March 18 2013
Moviegoers who need a vacation from superheroes, explosions, sub-standard sequels and 3D headaches can find a bit of solace in “The Art of Getting By,” an easygoing comedy-drama that takes...
Two one-acts feature ghosts and unexpected guests
March 18 2013
The one-act plays “The Phantom of Pinchpenny Pond” by Cheryl Capshaw and “The Slumber Party” by Claire Boiko open tonight at Mid Michigan Family Theatre
A singles ad leads to apocalyptic troubles in a fine MSU Summer Circle Theatre comedy
March 18 2013
Coming on the heels of what recently turned out to be the pseudo-Rapture, Michiagn State University invites Summer Circle Theatre patrons to imagine a psycho-apocalypse, with the production of “Boom,”...
Director Jane Falion says the venerable musical is the perfect show for Summer Circle Theatre
March 18 2013
As director Jane Falion tells it, it’s not hard to understand why “The Fantasticks” has endured since its Off-Broadway debut in 1960. “It’s simply a beautiful show," Falion...
Annual Scrapfest challenges artists to turn something old into something amazing
March 18 2013
Wednesday, June 22 — What do you get when you cross 9,000 pounds of scrap metal with 18 teams of enthusiastic welders, artists and families? Aside from a healthy dose of upcycled art, you also form...
A memorial service for the 8-year-old was held today at Olivet Baptist Church
March 18 2013
Thursday, June 23 — A week and a half ago, members of the Lansing theater community gathered to celebrate the best in local theater at the annual Pulsar awards ceremony. On Thursday, many of those...
Director Jane Falion brings a modern touch to the classic musical
March 18 2013
Friday, June 24 — Almost as ubiquitous as "Our Town" on community and regional stages, "The Fantasticks" explores similarly timeless themes — and requires only the simplest of staging. With...
Annual Battle of the Badges between firefighters and police officers benefits the Red Cross
March 18 2013
Tuesday, June 28 — On Saturday, local firefighters and policemen took to the basketball court as the first step in a drive for blood donations. The final score — which saw firemen in the lead...
March 18 2013
Old Town was filled with music, celebration and the rich bittersweet scent of wine Saturday evening. It was also filled with dragons, a skeleton, a pirate ship and a giant frog playing the guitar
Terrence Malick's visually stunning 'Tree of Life' is audacious, aggravating, powerful and pretentious
March 18 2013
Alternately powerful and pretentious, “The Tree of Life” is everything you love about Terrence Malick and everything that drives you crazy about Terrence Malick in one distinctively Malickian...
A tricycle that pulls a piano? Joybox Express brings music to MSU to raise money for charities
March 18 2013
July 6 — Most people probably haven’t seen a 352 pound piano being towed down the street by a giant tricycle, but if you’re in East Lansing Thursday, you can not only witness this bizarre...
See all eight Potter pictures in a row at Celebration Cinema July 14
March 18 2013
July 6 — If you need a refresher course in Hogwartian history before the debut of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part Two" next Friday, Celebration Cinema is happy to oblige. All seven Potter...
Lansing Art Gallery hosts a reception for
March 18 2013
Food is great, and art is great — but nothing is better than food and art together in the same place. That is exactly what Lansing Art Gallery has in store for its community reception for the art...