Nov. 23 2016
FRIDAY, NOV. 25 >> MASON HOLIDAYS CELEBRATION The Santa Band provides the soundtrack to Mason’s holiday celebration, which includes a lighted parade, tree lighting, extended shopping hours and wintry...
Looking at this year’s most gift-able books
Nov. 23 2016
You can’t go wrong with any of the new books by blockbuster crime and thriller writers Harlan Coben (“Home”), Lee Child (“Night School”), Patricia Cornwell (“Chaos”),...
Viral video puts local singer on stage with R&B royalty
Nov. 23 2016
It was the biggest stage he’d ever performed on — a space that can hold over 24,000 people — but 26-year-old Lansing singer Lucas Holliday didn’t flinch at the Palace of Auburn...
Nov. 23 2016
“There was a castle by a waterfall/with a pink and purple wall/ with a princess living there,” opens “The Princess Who Saved Herself,” a 2010 song by singer/songwriter and...
Sleepwalker Spirits and Ale / Tony Sacco's Coal Oven Pizza
Nov. 23 2016
REO Town continues its progression from a bleak stretch of vacant buildings into one of Lansing’s liveliest cultural and commercial districts
Local galleries offer holiday gift ideas
Nov. 22 2016
With the holidays just around the corner, local art galleries are turning into pop-up gift shops, offering affordable, artsy gift ideas. The Lansing Art Gallery’s 2016 Holiday Exhib
Inclement weather forced postponement of ceremony
Nov. 22 2016
TUESDAY, Nov. 22 — The lighting of the state Christmas tree, which was postponed because of Friday night’s severe rainstorm, has been rescheduled for tonight. The tree lighting ceremony...
'The Edge of Seventeen' a delightful expansion of the high school genre
Nov. 17 2016
High school movies are tricky. Filmmakers can, despite their best intentions, idealize their own adolescence or forget what it was actually like to be young, leading to films that feel dishonest
Modern technology drives MSU’s take on ‘The Tempest’
Nov. 16 2016
In the hands of director Deric Mc- Nish, William Shakespeare’s play about sorcery, power, revenge and love was a dazzling visual and audio delight worthy of an ovation
Nov. 16 2016
Opening is local troubadour Jen Sygit. Davey O., a Buffalo native, is known for writing rustic tunes based on blue collar American life — or, as he puts it, “songs of labor, love, laughter,...
Monte Pride pulls inspiration from folk giants, local legends
Nov. 16 2016
“Play number five!” shouted a small voice from the crowd. Ben Hassenger, guitarist for local band Mystic Shake, obliged 5-yearold Monte Pride’s request, knowing that he meant “Lois,”...
MSU Student turns love of bow ties into a business
Nov. 16 2016
One day in middle school, William Murphy decided that he wanted to stand out. So he came to school wearing a bow tie. Just a few years later, the 19-year-old MSU business student created his own online...
Nov. 16 2016
A singular focus isn’t bad when it comes to charity, but a two-birds-onestone mentality led the Capital Area Blues Society to expand the reach of its annual Thanksgiving fundraiser
Matt Braunger finds humor in his own mistakes
Nov. 16 2016
Matt Braunger’s latest tour is something like a comedy version of “God Bless the Broken Road,” looking at poor decisions that shaped who he is today, like getting a tattoo at 19 on...
Music and life lessons from jazz master Rodney Whitaker
Nov. 16 2016
A bass solo by Rodney Whitaker starts with a handful of notes that float into the air like a question. Urgently yet carefully, his hands reach out for a response. Melodies and countermelodies dart up and...
Coyote Wisdom bookstore moves next door, doubles in size
Nov. 16 2016
In Native American mythology, coyotes are tricksters and clever troublemakers. So when Connie Ranshaw opened a bookstore featuring books on metaphysics and related items, she named it Coyote Wisdom Bookstore
‘Every Breath You Take’ delivers strong performances, macabre themes
Nov. 16 2016
You may find yourself with shortness of breath — not to mention dry throat, sweaty palms and a rapid heart rate — after experiencing the macabre “Every Breath You Take,” the latest...
Nov. 16 2016
At Silver Bells in the City Friday, downtown Lansing revelers will get a first look —and perhaps a first taste — of Metro Lansing’s latest addition to its growing French culture. EnVie,...
Political undertones of Oz musical even more potent today
Nov. 11 2016
FRIDAY, Nov. 11 — “Wicked” returned to the Wharton Center this week, and the blockbuster musical is as potent as ever. In fact, the musical’s political undertones are even more...
Gibson’s ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ excels at action, lacks everything else
Nov. 9 2016
Mel Gibson is the greatest strength and detriment to any film he directs, including his latest, “Hacksaw Ridge.” Whatever problems one may have with him — on or off the film set —...

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