A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Sept. 4 2013
Continental, a Quincy, Mass.-based band headlining Monday at Mac’s Bar, plays a blend of rock that draws influences from punk, country, folk and blues. Opening are The Devil´s Cut, The Proud...
REO Town’s first gallery, closing Sept. 9, falls victim to early gentrification
Aug. 30 2013
Friday, Aug. 30 — Art Alley, the plucky brick gallery at 1133 S. Washington Ave. in REO Town that fired the first volley of art in the resurgence of the old factory district south of downtown three...
Popular exhibits “Lansing Eats,” “Sculptures in the Park” take a bow
Aug. 29 2013
Thursday, Aug. 29 — The end-of-summer theme this year in Lansing is vanishing chicken. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The giant chicken wings sticking up from the grass at Wentworth Park...
Loft show highlights local musicians, global influences
Aug. 28 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 28 — The Lansing area is rich in musical talent that reaches beyond Western confines of classical, jazz, folk and rock, often combining many of the above with an exotic flavor from...
Concrete art slabs from Lansing's past find a home in a west-side neighborhood
Aug. 28 2013
England has Stonehenge. Easter Island has heads. Lansing’s Leitram Street, only a block long, has six massive, mysterious concrete slabs, each weighing over two tons. Gently monumental relics of...
Lansing's Mosaic Music Festival is no purebred, but this hound can hunt
Aug. 28 2013
Purity, in breeding or music, isn’t an American thing. We like to mix it up and guess whose child is whose 10 years later. Lansing’s Mosaic Music Festival, this weekend at Adado Riverfront...
A rock ‘n roll bus tour heats up in John Abbott's 'The Last Refrain'
Aug. 28 2013
John Abbott taught guitar at Marshall Music before he became a writer. He melds his two loves in his debut novel, “The Last Refrain,” about a family musical group that is on the cusp of either...
Michigan State University enriches the heartland and goes global
Aug. 28 2013
Michigan State University almost got plowed under shortly after sending out its first tender shoots in 1855. In a near-fatal turnip scandal, an early alumnus of Michigan Agricultural College overplanted...
Lansing Community College keeps up with the competition
Aug. 28 2013
They’ve taken your pulse, fixed your landing gear, trouble-shot your software, remodeled or built your house, maybe written you a ticket or two. Lansing Community College graduates make everyday...
Career-focused Davenport University plants its big 'D' in downtown Lansing
Aug. 28 2013
One of the best things about a new building is that everything works. Students at career-focused Davenport University’s new downtown Lansing campus may find that some things work too well. The nursing...
Cooley Law School shrinks - but casts a long shadow
Aug. 28 2013
You’re kicking back with a beer and some friends at the Nuthouse, the Tin Can or some other downtown Lansing bar. One member of your party somehow manages to laugh at every joke and keep up the drinking...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Aug. 28 2013
Free outdoor concert at Broad Museum Broad Museum MSU, 547 E Circle Drive, East Lansing, FREE, all ages, 6 p.m. MSU’s Broad Art Museum and City Pulse co-host a free concert on the grass outside...
Teens at REACH Studio Art Center and guest artists unveil “Thank You, Michigan” mural on East Side building
Aug. 27 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 27 — Michigan has been through the wringer. With bankruptcy in Detroit and a mess of an economy statewide, it’s clear the state could use a pick-me-up. So teenagers at REO Town-based...
Lansing Art Gallery calls for Michigan artists to join annual holiday show
Aug. 27 2013
Tuesday, Aug. 27 — The felted soap is nice, but the marshmallow catapults from a couple of years ago were awesome. The Lansing Art Gallery put a call out today for new artists to join one of its...
Ten Pound Fiddle announces new season lineup
Aug. 26 2013
Monday, Aug. 25 — In a familiar rite of fall, Lansing’s permanent floating ark of folk music, the Ten Pound Fiddle, announced its 2013-14 season Sunday, mixing familiar and less well known...
Six area artists get 2013 Clark Fellowships
Aug. 23 2013
Aug. 21, 2013 – When the World Bicuspid Conclave hits Honolulu, your average dentist can afford to go. But how does your average icon painter scrape up the dough to go to an icon painting workshop?...
Remembering the ‘Piano Jazz’ legend, who talked at length with City Pulse in 2002
Aug. 22 2013
Wednesday, Aug. 21 — Marian McPartland had no patience for idiots. Before I started an interview with her in 2002, she warned me to keep it short. “I have to do my hair,” she said, as...
Lansing band celebrates half of dual album release with Way to Fall at The Loft Saturday
Aug. 22 2013
Thursday, Aug. 22 — There are a ton of reference points on Lights and Caves’ debut EP “In Satori” from Radiohead, Manchester Orchestra, Coldplay, The Beatles and even another Lansing...
Aug. 21 2013
The 2013 Pulsars, recognizing the best in Lansing theatre, capped the final night of the Renegade Theatre Festival Saturday evening. Over 100 people packed the ceremony at the former Chrome Cat in Old...
Mason’s ‘Song of the Summer’ is the Sun Dried Music Festival
Aug. 21 2013
Surrounded by cornfields, with a population under 9,000, Mason is not a metropolis. But the Ingham County seat’s annual homegrown “Sun Dried Music Festival” is turning this sleepy town...