A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
May 29 2013
The Lansing Symphony received a grant from the City of Lansing to host a free Summer Pops Concert June 5 at Adado Riverfront Park. This is the 20th Anniversary of the Lansing Parks & Recreation's "Free...
Fifth annual competition starts in Old Town this weekend as artists mine materials
May 29 2013
Wednesday, May 29 — The fifth annual Scrapfest is back this weekend, bringing 13 teams of artists in competition over who can build unique sculptures from scrap metal
Decker's/ Artie's Food / Athenas Diner / Leaf
May 22 2013
After six years, Jessica Decker has handed over the keys to Decker's Coffee Co., 220 S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing, to a new owner. J.T. Dachtler took over the reins at Decker's Saturday, but...
Pianist Sergei Kvitko's road to Carnegie Hall
May 22 2013
Sergei Kvitko strangled his water bottle and looked at the clock. It was just before 7 p.m. on April 30, and he was due on stage at 7:30 for a grueling solo piano concert at Michigan State University's...
Lansing Vaudeville band embarks on weeklong, statewide tour for documentary
May 22 2013
There are some natural complications that go along with being a 15-piece gypsy folk band, and being about 80 years out of time is only one of them. Stage size is obviously a key issue, as is the coordination...
After 10 years, local artist's caricatures will no longer be at Biggby
May 22 2013
One of Dennis Preston's favorite places to conjure up grotesque and whimsical characters was the Biggby Coffee at 536 Elmwood Road in Lansing, just south of the Lansing Mall. The local illustrator, designer...
Lansing children's author keeps character grounded in real world
May 22 2013
If Ruth McNally Barshaw has her way, Ellie McDoodle will never see 13, play a video game or use a cell phone. And the Lansing author and illustrator will have her way, since she is the creator of the five-book...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
May 22 2013
Drake White, an EMI-signed singer/songwriter based in Nashville, plays the Whiskey Barrel Saloon on May 30. The Alabama native has a rootsy modern country sound, blended with southern gospel vibes
Lansing ensemble prepares for statewide tour
May 22 2013
Wednesday, May 22 — The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle was the closing band at the 50th annual East Lansing Art Festival on Sunday. It was the last local show for the band before a statewide...
A weekly column answering your technology questions
May 17 2013
Friday, May 17 — This week on Deemable Tech: Why do web browsers open inconsistently? (Editor’s note: “Deemable Tech” is a weekly syndicated column by Jacksonville, Fla.-based writer...
‘A Prairie Home Companion’ coming to East Lansing in August
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — Tickets go on sale tomorrow for “A Prairie Home Companion,” Garrison Keillor’s long running variety show. The program is broadcast weekly on public radio outlets...
A rundown of Lansing shows this week
May 16 2013
Thursday, May 16 — Thrash metal, “gypsy art rock” with a little Brooklyn folk on the side makes its way to Lansing this weekend. The hard-pounding Sin Theorem and experimental Stikyfüt...
Williamston Businesses / Famous Dave's / Polish Deli
May 15 2013
Business continues to boom in Williamston. In March, I told you about four new places that opened — Beyond the Fleece, Facials and More Med Spa, Tom Donnelly's Barbell Club and Sweet Cake Co. —...
How one local company is making Lansing a destination for live music
May 15 2013
It's easier to complain about a lack of local entertainment options than do anything about it, but Nate Dorough isn't going to get pissed if you start ripping on the local music scene — he's too...
Brooklyn musician will jam with bugs at Broad Museum
May 15 2013
With their crunchy exoskeletons, compound eyes and yellow blood, insects seem more like alien creatures than our fellow Earthlings — but humans have more in common with the six-legged beasties than...
Hip-hop event gets back to basics
May 15 2013
Solutions for socio-economic problems are typically addressed at symposiums where speakers use PowerPoint presentations, not turntables. But this weekend, the Lansing Hip Hop Fest will use facets of hip-...
Lansing-area schoolmate of Carol Burnett looking forward to reunion
May 15 2013
You'd never know you were looking at Carol Burnett's yearbook photo unless you scanned the bottom of the page for her name. And even then, you're like, "Could there have been two Carol Burnetts who went...
Lansing Symphony, O'Riley rile up Rachmaninoff, kill off Juliet
May 15 2013
Leo Tolstoy was quite a bastard — check out his wife's diary for some hair-raising stories — but he made a good point now and then. He once asked arch-Romantic composer Sergei Rachmaninoff,...
East Lansing Art Festival celebrates 50 years of art and hometown feel
May 15 2013
To commemorate the 50th East Lansing Art Festival, the annual event's planners are taking full advantage of the late debut of spring. They know what locals want: to be outside again
Irish comedy crackles with dark charm
May 15 2013
It feels twisted that "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" opened Mother's Day weekend. Martin McDonagh's darkly comic play is an unsparing portrait of a severely dysfunctional mother/daughter relationship perfect...