Documentary profiles five people involved in the urban farming movement
March 18 2013
Thursday, Nov. 17 — The documentary "The Kings of Flint" screened last Sunday as part of the East Lansing Film Festival — but it's already got a sequel. Michigan State University faculty members...
Dave O'Leary, Sr. talks about his 60-year friendship with Philbin
March 18 2013
Friday, Nov. 18 — They met on their first day at Notre Dame and have kept in contact ever since, and Dave O’Leary, Sr. visited the set of “Regis & Kelly” a couple weeks ago during...
A magnetic Elizabeth Olsen shows all her colors in 'Martha Marcy May Marlene'
March 18 2013
There are some women whose secrets shine in their eyes. Martha (Elizabeth Olsen) is one of them. She seems to radiate uncertainty, dread and vulnerability. She’s on the run, both from a backwoods...
MSU School of Music produces a lively version of the Gilbert & Sullivan operetta
March 18 2013
Tuesday, Nov. 22 -- Not often in contemporary conversation do we hear the words “opera” and “fun” used in the same sentence. The Michigan State University School of Music production...
Michael Moore comes to town with 'Here Comes Trouble'
March 18 2013
Friday, Nov. 25 -- Since the always-controversial Oscar winner Michael Moore shot to stardom in 1989 with “Roger & Me,” a documentary focusing on the negative effects of General Motors plants...
Elisabeth von Trapp and the Empire Brass come to the Wharton Center Thursday
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Nov. 30 — The Wharton Center is alive with “The Sound of Christmas” — and singer Elisabeth von Trapp is joining the Empire Brass for the Thursday concert
Winter Glow brightens up downtown East Lansing Saturday
March 18 2013
Friday, Dec. 2 — Downtown East Lansing hopes Saturday will initiate a new holiday tradition. “Winter Glow” features winter activities and the lighting of luminaries throughout downtown...
John and Bev O’Malia receive Applause Award; Peckham Inc. wins Business Arts Award
March 18 2013
Friday, Dec. 2 — The Arts Council of Greater Lansing has announced the winners of its two major awards for commitment to local arts. The awards will be presented at the organization’s annual...
A blackmail scheme draws a teenager into danger in confused 'Key'
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 7 — “The Key” — screening Thursday at Celebration Cinema — is a movie that has all the elements of a neo-noir, but none of the form and substance that gives...
CJ Kjolhede's one-man band performs Tuesday
March 18 2013
Thursday, Dec. 8 — CJ Kjolhede, formerly of the defunct Roll Over Radio, has a new one-man-band called The Patient Zeros. He describes himself as a “garage folker.”
Witless 'New Year's Eve' is nothing to celebrate
March 18 2013
If your holiday wish is for one more cruise aboard “The Love Boat,” director Garry Marshall may be your cinematic Santa: Although Captain Stubing and cruise director Julie McCoy may have missed...
Gino Federici puts a dash of Italy in the holidays at tonight's Lansing Community College Jazz Ensemble concert
March 18 2013
If you’re a fan of voices like Dean Martin or Frank Sinatra, turn your ears toward Gino Federici, a musician who adds comedy and theater into his concerts. He performs with Lansing Community College...
Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin were made to be together — or were they? — in 'Like Crazy'
March 18 2013
You don’t have to have endured a long-distance relationship to appreciate “Like Crazy,” but if you have, you’ll have no trouble identifying with the yearning, the worrying and the...
Event features silent auction, music and previews of upcoming shows
March 18 2013
Tuesday, Dec. 13 — Stormfield Theatre holds a holiday fundraiser tonight at the home of Kirk Domer, chair of the Michigan State University Department of Theatre. The event begins at 5:30 p.m., and...
Rock of Ages is a hard-rocking, hair-raising salute to 1980s excess and the power of power-ballads
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 14 — Watch out, Lansing: “Rock of Ages,” now at the Wharton Center, will unapologetically rock you with all of the hairspray and bad taste it can muster. This monster-ballad...
Tom Cruise hits a new high in the fourth — and best — 'Mission: Impossible' adventure
March 18 2013
Thursday, Dec. 15 — Apparently, nobody ever considered offering Tom Cruise the role of James Bond, which may be why the star launched the “Mission: Impossible” line. Based on a TV show...
Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin discuss long-distance love
March 18 2013
Friday, Dec. 16 — When it came to understanding the dynamics of long-distance love, “Like Crazy” stars Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin were already experts before the cameras rolled....
'The Artist' and 'Shame' are among the top winners
March 18 2013
Friday, Dec. 16 — The Detroit Film Critics Society has announced its choices for the best in film in 2011. The society is made up of print, online, TV and radio critics from Detroit, Ann Arbor, Grand...
Rooney Mara is on fire in David Fincher's chilly adaptation of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo'
March 18 2013
Tuesday, Dec. 20 — Let’s start with the question everyone wants to ask: How does Rooney Mara compare to Noomi Rapace, the actress who became an international sensation in the trilogy of Swedish...
Changes may be coming at WILX
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 21 — Is David Andrews soon to become a morning man?