WKAR is screening the first episode of the PBS series' second season next Wednesday
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 28 — If you cannot wait until Jan. 8 to see the new season of PBS' popular "Downton Abbey," WKAR-TV is happy to help out
The Lansing restaurant will shut down Jan. 1
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Dec. 28 — A Lansing restaurant that specializes in using locally purchased organic ingredients in its dishes is shutting its doors at year’s end. Sawyer’s Pancake House has...
MSU comedy performs at Kennedy Center College Theatre Festival Region III competition next week
March 18 2013
Thursday, Dec. 29 — The Michigan State University Theatre Department’s production of “The Beaux’ Stratagem” has been selected as one of 10 plays to be performed at next week’s...
MSU Choral Union announces auditions
March 18 2013
Tuesday, Jan. 3 — Feel like singing? The Michigan State University Choral Union wants to hear from you
LansingMusic.TV and GTG Records release local covers compilation
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Jan. 4 — With the towering shadow of Detroit looming, the Lansing rock scene has always been an underdog in Michigan music. While the capital city has never had a Motown, MC5, Iggy Pop...
American Crepes brings a French favorite to East Lansing
March 18 2013
Thursday, Jan. 5 — Crepes are a staple of French cuisine. But do they have a place in East Lansing? Mais oui, says Theresa Rice, owner of American Crepes, which opened Dec. 18 in the Trowbridge Plaza
Tricky 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy' revives a Cold War classic
March 18 2013
If you were mystified by “Memento” and driven to distraction by the mind games of “Inception,” just wait until you try to sort out “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy,” director...
Enjoy a 'Million Dollar' lunch — and a preview of the next Wharton Center musical
March 18 2013
Friday, Jan. 6 — If you wanted to have lunch with Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins, you could consult a medium — or you could simply head over to the Christman Company...
Mid Michigan Photography Club helps aspiring shooters
March 18 2013
Photo enthusiasts have the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in photography at the Mid Michigan Photography Club’s 3rd Annual Free Photography Open House, at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 11...
NPR classical music showcase records at Western Michigan University Sunday
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Jan. 11 — Classical music fans looking for a day trip this weekend might want to consider heading to Kalamazoo for a taping of National Public Radio’s “From the Top.”...
Mac's Bar sends you back to the 1970s with a showing of the wonderfully cheesy 'KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park'
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Jan. 11 — Let’s be honest: Some movies are easier to watch if you have a few drinks close at hand. And one excellent case-in-point would be “KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park,”...
Derek Smith plays Hank Williams for a Williamston Theatre fundraiser Saturday
March 18 2013
Wednesday, Jan. 11 — No need to sing the blues when you can sing along to the ‘Honky Tonk Blues’ this weekend at Williamston Theatre, where Derek Smith is reprising his uncannily accurate...
A Sex Pistols reunion? A real estate auction? No one knows what Vacant is about — or where it will be
March 18 2013
Thursday, Jan. 12 — The framed poster in SoupSpoon Cafe features the image of a blindfolded tiger. "Expect Nothing" says the tagline at the bottom right-hand corner
MSU jazz studies director Rodney T. Whitaker honors Martin Luther King's legacy with “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayer and Protest”
March 18 2013
Thursday, Jan. 12 — The Michigan State University College of Music takes part in a campus-wide celebration commemorating the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayer...
Mayor Virg Bernero gets pumped up for April's Lansing Marathon
March 18 2013
Thursday, Jan. 12 — Lansing mayor Virg Bernero insists the inaugural Lansing Marathon, scheduled for April 22, will put Lansing “on the map in terms of health and economic development.”
Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah duel and duet in the proudly hokey 'Joyful Noise'
March 18 2013
"Joyful Noise" is set in one of those homey Georgia hamlets in which everyone over 35 is a country-fried Confucius, eagerly (and aggressively) dispensing the sort of wisdom that ought to come with a side...
Words wound as Jodie Foster, John C. Reilly, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz tear into each other in the savagely funny 'Carnage'
March 18 2013
The clafoutis has turned into cobbler, the rum has been traded out for scotch, a couple of names have been changed (to protect the guilty?) and the action sometimes leaves the living room, but otherwise...
WILX's David Andrews prepares for a schedule shift on Monday
March 18 2013
Getting up early in the morning is nothing new for WILX news anchor David Andrews. He’s been married to WFMK-FM morning-show DJ Monica Harris for 24 years, and she’s been starting work before...
DeWitt photographer gets a showcase at Detroit Auto Show
March 18 2013
New, flashy cars aren’t the only eye-catchers being displayed at the Detroit Auto Show this year. Viewers will also get a chance to also see 40 large images of Michigan, all photographed by Michael...
Former MSU professor turns wood into artworks
March 18 2013
Professor-turned-wood-artisan Bruce Miller is Gallery 1212’s featured artist for the month of January and according, to gallery co-owner Donna Randall, Miller is anything but typical