Clever 'Adjustment Bureau' is sparked by superb teaming of Matt Damon and Emily Blunt
March 18 2013
You have to give writer-director George Nolfi credit for being bold: He’s used a Philip K. Dick short story as the springboard for a movie with the soul of a 1940s romantic fantasy and the trappings...
'Take Me Home Tonight' tries to mine laughs from '80s kookiness. Its grand total: less than zero
March 18 2013
To listen to some of the recent tributes to Ronald Reagan, you might be led to believe that the 1980s were a shimmering gilded age, in which it regularly rained gold coins, love and happiness reigned supreme,...
TV and radio episodes win awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters
March 18 2013
WKAR TV and radio recently received four awards from the Michigan Association of Broadcasters at the 2010 Michigan Broadcasting Awards at Lansing Center. Three WKAR-TV series — “QuizBusters,”...
'Willy Wonka,' 'Dreamgirls.' 'Once Upon America' open this week
March 18 2013
The East Lansing High School Center for the Performing Arts is offering everyone a chance to meet the Candy Man himself when the curtain rises on “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” Friday
'The Lincoln Lawyer' has entertaining twists and tricks, but the characters really make the movie
March 18 2013
Matthew McConaughey originally made the leap to stardom as an idealistic Southern lawyer in the 1996 adaptation of John Grisham’s “A Time to Kill.” Fifteen years later, he’s back...
Jonathan Safran Foer's novel revisits 2001 Manhattan
March 18 2013
Jonathan Safran Foer's “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" has been selected as this year's novel in the One Book, One Community program, sponsored by the City of East Lansing and Michigan State...
Pianist Ralph Votapek performs with the Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings at Wharton
March 18 2013
Detroit Chamber Winds and Strings was started by four friends who missed the intimate music style and smaller pieces of their college days. Since then it has grown into a collection of musicians from the...
Elizabeth Taylor was that rare screen legend who used her fame to help others
March 18 2013
When Jennifer Lopez was at her peak in 2002-03, I remember reading a gushy piece from an entertainment columnist who claimed Lopez and Ben Affleck were the modern-day equivalent of Elizabeth Taylor and...
Cosmic Connection Convention and Psychic Fair provides astrology classes, readings and more
March 18 2013
The belief in the supernatural is usually not something most people talk about. This weekend, the three-day-long Cosmic Connection Convention and Psychic Fair will give you the chance to explore the unknown
'Distracted' star shares her thoughts on theater and the inspiration of Gilda Radner
March 18 2013
Abby Murphy has performed in over 50 theater productions in Lansing, from studio shows at Lansing Community College to the Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. main stage. Audiences may remember her as Elizabeth...
HBO's 'Mildred Pierce' has a world-class performance by Kate Winslet and an unexpected timeliness
March 18 2013
In the minds of most people, "Mildred Pierce" is a high-voltage soap opera from 1945, with Joan Crawford (in the role that earned her her only Academy Award as best actress) as a devoted mother and businesswoman...
Britney Spears' mostly feeble 'Femme Fatale' shows what happens when a superstar becomes a special effect in her own blockbuster
March 18 2013
The term "femme fatale" conjures up images of sultry, sinful sirens like Barbara Stanwyck, Lana Turner and Kathleen Turner, using their chilly charms and hot-blooded allure to turn foolish men into slaves...
Winners party at Perspective2 in Old Town
March 18 2013
Some 150 people attended the City Pulse/WLNS Top of the Town Awards Party at Perspective2 in Old Town Monday. Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero was on hand to accept his certificate as best politician in the...
ABC crime drama, shot in the Motor City, may not see a second season
March 18 2013
The first season of ABC’s “Detroit 1-8-7” may be over, but the battle fans are waging to bring back the police drama that is set and filmed in Detroit for a second season rages on
Stormfield Theatre announces summer youth theater camps
March 18 2013
Summer vacation is on the horizon and Stormfield Theatre is looking to entertain and educate young theater fans over the break with the Fractured Fairy Tale Series, its 2011 Drama Camp for Kids
A would-be hip Easter Bunny can't put much spring into 'Hop'
March 18 2013
“Hop” brings together two icons the world never thought of as a couple: the Easter Bunny and Courtney Love. Sadly, Courtney doesn’t turn up in her cheeriest Easter bonnet and a springtime-fresh...
Jake Gyllenhaal has to repeatedly relive a disaster in order to solve a mystery in tense 'Source Code'
March 18 2013
What is Source Code? In director Duncan Jones’ “Source Code,” it’s similar to the “reset” button on your game system — well, perhaps an extremely high-tech variation...
Suffering from Don Draper deprivation? These '50s and '60s dramas may help get you through
March 18 2013
You’ve heard the news: “Mad Men” is on hiatus until sometime next year. No more illicit entanglements in the advertising world. No more early-‘60s fashions to ogle. No more flashbacks...
Capital Area District Library revives program to benefit local food banks
March 18 2013
Got an overdue fine at a Capital Area District Library? Donating food can get it waived.In celebration of National Library Week, the CADL is again offering patrons an opportunity to exchange food for fines....
Saoirse Ronan and Cate Blanchett play an electrifying game of cat-and-mouse in director Joe Wright's stunningly stylish 'Hanna'
March 18 2013
“I just missed your heart,” huntress Hanna (Saoirse Ronan) says to a reindeer she’s hit with one of her arrows. Hanna doesn’t leave her work unfinished, and neither does director...