Lansing Symphony chaperones a heavy classical-jazz date
Feb. 27 2013
After a while, you can tell when musicians are "excited to be doing X" because it's their default mode and when they really are a little bit on fire. Composer Brian Gaber, a professor at Florida State...
Lansing Symphony Orchestra wants your advice on its summer concert
Feb. 27 2013
Will "Billie Jean" or "Angie" get a chance to waft down the Grand River in downtown Lansing? The Lansing Symphony Orchestra is getting a head start on its summer concert in the park this year by asking...
Lansing's newest theater ensemble moves up to the main stage with 'Chicago'
Feb. 27 2013
It's the theater company equivalent to an extravagant coming out party, a la MTV's "My Super Sweet 16." After eight years of producing youth-oriented Broadway revue shows, the Blue Light Players, a nonprofit...
Low, middle and high culture converge at the MSU Comics Forum
Feb. 27 2013
There are questions you both love and hate to hear. Ryan Claytor gets one often: "Where do I start reading comics?" You can't blame people for asking him. Claytor, 33 writes and draws comics, teaches comic...
Nick Bertozzi unpacks a bottomless bag of comic tricks
Feb. 27 2013
From French-ified sound effects like "knoque" to carefully beaded Lakota Sioux word balloons, comic artist Nick Bertozzi carries a loose bag of storytelling tricks — some stolen, some adapted, some...
'Nonviolent tactics are the best political tactics'
Feb. 27 2013
"Slavery to Freedom: An American Odyssey" is an annual lecture series featuring icons of the African-American struggle for civil rights. Rev. James Lawson, 84, is the final speaker in the series. Time...
Broad Art Museum gets three new exhibits featuring diaries, geometry and metallic underwear
Feb. 27 2013
Staying true to its contemporary theme, the Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum rotates in three new exhibits this week
Feb. 27 2013
Gallery walk and other exhibitions
Detroit author writes requiem for rotting metropolis
Feb. 27 2013
Detroit author and journalist Charlie LeDuff doesn't need a white suit, acid or a rich boy's swagger to prove that he belongs among the greats of New (now old) Journalism. His new book not only gives him...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Feb. 27 2013
Fans of jazz and gumbo might want to stop by The Avenue Café every Thursday for a free performance by the Peter Nelson Jazz Quartet and a chance to order from the New Orleans-inspired menu
Lansing rapper keeps busy
Feb. 23 2013
Aside from recording over 10 mix tapes, he has a strong focus on the business side of music, including promotions, marketing and management. Perm’s label, Street Dream Entertainment, has become his...
All is not as it seems in Riverwalk's 'Sleuth'
Feb. 21 2013
"Sleuth," Riverwalk Theatre's latest production, is a classic cat-and-mouse story that remains entertaining, despite being somewhat dated
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Feb. 21 2013
The East Lansing-based band East Harvest plays an eclectic mix of acoustic indie, soul, and reggae rock. The band, which is releasing its "Restless" EP Saturday at an all-ages show at Mac's Bar, features...
Bonnie's Place & City Limits East
Feb. 20 2013
After months of speculation, at least one part of a local rumor is true: Lansing bar and grill Bonnie's Place, 415 E. Saginaw St., will close on Saturday. Owner/operator Scott Feltenberger, who bought...
Renée Fleming to give rare recital at Wharton Center
Feb. 20 2013
The voice of Renée Fleming inevitably causes music lovers to wheel out a pastry cart of adjectives like "creamy" and "honeyed." But don't reach for the dessert too fast. Last week, the music world...
Local musician's 'eye-opening' experience in Israel inspires album
Feb. 20 2013
Most albums start in practice rooms or music venues where songs take their shape. But the roots of Joshua Davis' new album, "A Miracle of Birds," run all the way to the West Bank in the Middle East, a...
Portable Feast and Friends
Feb. 15 2013
This week, a fascinating three-year-long game of restaurant switcheroo comes to an end when Portable Feast and Friends returns to its former Old Town digs. After closing in 2009 and embarking on a different...
Movie makes seamless slide to stage in musical comedy
Feb. 15 2013
This was the first time I can remember the curtain falling down at the end of Act I and thinking, "That's it?" As in, "Are we already halfway thr— oh yeah, I guess we did get a lot done there. Wow,...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Feb. 14 2013
Detroit prog-rockers Stikyft return to Lansing Saturday for a gig at The Loft. The "gypsy art-rock" band takes from a variety of genres, from jazz and Latin, to rock, jam and metal. Fans of Shocking Blue...
EagleMonk Pub and Brewery
Feb. 13 2013
Lansing is in the middle of a brewing renaissance — and the outlook is only getting sudsier. In the last year, we've seen an influx of homebrew supply stores, a flurry of craft beer taps pop up...