REO Town hosts pair of feminist art pop-ups
May 4 2017
The statistics don’t lie: Women are underrepresented in the arts. According to the National Museum of Women in the Arts, of 590 major exhibitions in the U.S. from the years 2007-2013, only 27 percent...
In spite of the elephant, less is more in Broad Art Museum’s ‘The Transported Man’
May 4 2017
In contrast to the video barrages favored by founding Broad Art Museum director Michael Rush, “The Transported Man” carries no trace of the super-saturated digital matrix taking over the world...
May 4 2017
It’s fitting then, that the exhibit will be hung in the Grid, a bar/arcade that celebrates the 1980s heyday of pinball and arcade games
May 4 2017
Under the direction of MSU theater faculty Brad Willcuts, Alisa Hauser and Dave Wendelberger, the Musical Theatre Touring Company comprises a select group of musical theater students who will present Broadway-style...
Spartan Brewpub / Blue Owl Coffee Co.
May 4 2017
“The problem (with microbreweries) is that you can only sell your own beer,” Wells said. “So we decided to go the brewpub route. It allows us to sell a mixture of what we make ourselves...
Shinedown, LiVE added to Common Ground
April 27 2017
Common Ground Music Festival announced this morning that Shinedown will fill its remaining headliner slot, taking the stage July 8. Post-grunge rockers LiVE will also perform that evening
Singer Naima Shamorguer comes to Lansing Sunday to perform
April 26 2017
In Lansing, singer Naima Shamborguer will celebrate International Jazz Day with a tribute to one of the great ladies of jazz, Sarah Vaughan
New book compiles food writing of Jim Harrison
April 26 2017
Jim Harrison loved food. He loved eating it, he loved talking about it and he loved writing about it. So it’s little surprise that the first posthumous book added to his already vast oeuvre is...
Preuss Pets' breeding program among most developed in the state
April 26 2017
Many locals know the colorful sales floor of Old Town’s Preuss Pets, flush with squawking birds, colorful fish, energetic hamsters and all manner of reptiles. But there’s more to the store...
Meridian Community Band premieres piece composed by local high school student
April 26 2017
Had Meridian Community Band music director Tom Gillette not stood behind the Neeleys at a train station in Chicago, they might not have struck up a conversation. Had they not done so, then 16-year-old...
Cheryl Baase follows passion for pups into canine photography
April 26 2017
On an idyllic evening last week, as the sun set over the golden fields of Woldumar Nature Center, photographer Cheryl Baase coaxed a lumbering, 120 pound English mastiff onto a rustic cabin porch. Charlie,...
Broad Art Museum's 'The Transported Man' is Marc-Oliver Wahler's grand entrance
April 26 2017
Broad Art Museum´s "The Transported Man" is Marc-Oliver Wahler´s grand entrance A lot of people already think contemporary art is a trick. Marc-Olivier Wahler doesn’t argue the point...
‘Peter and the Star Catcher’ brings Action, spectacle to Lebowsky Center stage
April 26 2017
They say it takes a village to raise a child; maybe it takes two directors to tackle such an interesting quasi-musical production
April 19 2017
“The Bodyguard” — Oct. 17-22 “An American in Paris” — Nov. 14-19 “Finding Neverland” — Dec. 12-17 “Waitress” — Jan. 23-28 “On...
April 19 2017
Michigan-folk troubadours Mike Vial and Jen Sygit share a double bill Thursday at the Robin Theatre. Vial is celebrating the release of his fourth disc, “A World That’s Bigger
StoopFest brings live music, comedy to Lansing living rooms
April 19 2017
Pulling up your favorite artists on YouTube might seem like the best way see them in your living room, but StoopFest founders Dom Korzecke and James Radick and a small army of volunteers are changing that....
Talented actors drive MSU’s ‘Urinetown’
April 19 2017
Maybe a baseball analogy will help us here. It’s hard to imagine hitting a home run when the count is no balls and two strikes, and you’ve already fouled off a few good pitches
Lansing native appears on Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight'
April 19 2017
“Marrying a stranger was extremely odd,” Duhon said. “One day you’re single, and the next day you have someone calling you ‘husband.’ You don’t know this person,...
April 19 2017
It’s also a special day for local shops, as the quasiholiday brings in diverse crowds looking to purchase special releases or other Record Store Day goodies. Dave Bernath, owner of East Lansing record...
Jazz icon Wayne Shorter turns poison to medicine
April 19 2017
“We have to be cree-ayyy-tive,” he said, warping the word into a wormhole. “We have to keep watering the plants and keep making more, better telescopes