Roller Derby teams skate into town for international tournament
Aug. 24 2016
The opening match of this weekend’s Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Division 2 Tournament features Tri-City Roller Derby, who will make the 270-mile trip from Kitchener, Ontario, to Dimondale....
Henry's Place / Beagle's Cafe and Bakery
Aug. 24 2016
Metro Lansing has an ample supply of specialty boutiques and artisan clothing and jewelry shops, but sometimes you don’t have all day to peruse Old Town’s eclectic wares or take a day trip...
Capital City Comic Con shortens convention, moves to larger venue
Aug. 24 2016
Ant-Man, the Marvel Comics superhero and protagonist of the 2015 Paul Rudd film, has the power to shrink down to insect size but retain the strength of his full size form. The Capital City Comic Con, which...
The ghosts of Olsen's Bar whisper Lansing's gay history
Aug. 24 2016
Lansing Community College faculty and staff park their cars in a nondescript parking lot on Washington Square near Shiawassee Street. What they probably don’t know is that this was once home to...
Aug. 24 2016
After suffering through a Baptist upbringing, McClurken, 62, didn’t have much use for any church. But his then-partner, pianist and recording engineer, Sergei Kvitko, has been deeply involved at...
Walking tour explores MSU's athletic facilities, past and present
Aug. 19 2016
The Historical Society of Greater Lansing takes a look at Michigan State University’s athletic history on its next walking tour
Blighted building gets graffiti paint job
Aug. 18 2016
THURSDAY, Aug. 18 — If you’ve driven by Lansing Brewing Co. recently, you’ve probably noticed a colorful new addition to the area. No, not the apartments overlooking Cooley Law School...
Aug. 17 2016
The Steel Wheels, a Virginia-based band, plays soulful brand of contemporary mountain music. The dynamic four-piece outfit plays two shows Friday at The Robin Theatre in REO Town, one at 7 p.m. and another...
‘Community Heart’ mural reifies REO’s racial history
Aug. 17 2016
“Community Heart of REO” is an unintentionally provocative name for the 56-by- 28-foot mural that fills the north side of a Quality Dairy building, 1400 S. Washington Ave., in Lansing’s...
Bountiful thrift store sits you down and heats your pizza
Aug. 17 2016
It’s hard to believe we almost lost the surprisingly cozy 23,000-square-foot St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store to a fire in 2011. In spite of the imposing, almosttoo-nice-looking 2013 rebuild, the...
Marissa Tawney Thaler encourages art for everyone
Aug. 17 2016
Marissa Tawney Thaler, this week’s Summer of Art artist, was a late bloomer, artistically speaking
Sandra Brown on ditching romance to write thrillers
Aug. 17 2016
In the late 1980s, Sandra Brown had a difficult decision to make. Brown was a successful romance author writing under three pseudonyms, as well as her own name, when her crossover thriller, “Slow...
Aug. 17 2016
Whether it’s an obscure song from the 1980s or a Billie Holiday tune, the Springtails will take it and make it into something new. The local Americana four-piece band, led by husband-andwife duo...
Local shoppers scour thrift stores for savings, style
Aug. 17 2016
This year’s Cheap Issue features a trio of stories about local thrift shops. Ty Forquer talks to local thrift store shoppers, Lawrence Cosentino runs down his top 10 thrift store treasures and Todd...
The Gallery in Old Town / Wonder Woman Estate Sales
Aug. 17 2016
Next June will see the release of “Wonder Woman,” the most ambitious female-led superhero movie in years. Over the next year, you can expect to see the DC Comics goddess’ iconic “double-Ws”...
YMCA launches Healthy Living Mobile Kitchen
Aug. 15 2016
MONDAY, August 15 — Imagine a typical yellow school bus. Now imagine that it has been repainted with vibrant pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables. And the rows of vinyl seats on the in
Aug. 15 2016
MONDAY, August 15 — After a nine-year process, the Fratcher Memorial Garden in Mount Hope Cemetery was officially unveiled last week. In a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday, Loretta Stanaway, presiden
Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan becomes Capital Ballet Theatre
Aug. 12 2016
FRIDAY, Aug. 12 — After almost 40 years of operation, Lansing’s volunteer-run Children’s Ballet Theatre of Michigan has decided it’s time for a change. The group recently announced...
Ukulele strum kicks off Great Lakes Folk Festival
Aug. 11 2016
THURSDAY, August 11 — At 13 feet tall, it dwarfs its 20-inch counterparts. Dimondale local Larry Stump’s monstrous to-scale ukulele is likely the largest playable instrument of its kind, and
Aug. 10 2016
From intimate dramas to Broadway musicals to slapstick comedy, Greater Lansing serves up another diverse season of local theater. City Pulse has compiled the region’s biggest theater events into...

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