A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Dec. 19 2012
For those looking to rave one more time before it all ends, perhaps the "Mayan Underworld Rage" at The Loft is the place to be. The event, which happens Thursday and will feature a light show, features...
Tamaki & Triple Goddess Bookstore
Dec. 12 2012
I thought I had Tamaki Custom Sushi and Wraps clocked as soon as I walked in — the Subway of sushi. But you won't find any $5 foot-long sushi rolls here. What you will find, says owner Frank Cheng,...
Dec. 12 2012
All gifts $20 and under
Local startup hopes to go viral with addictive new videogame app
Dec. 12 2012
If you've ever lost a day's work slinging ornery-looking cardinals at grimacing green pigs, you should probably stop reading right now — this story could cost you several hours of productivity. But...
Dec. 12 2012
Over the last few years, ensemble films with multiple characters and storylines and an overall theme have become increasingly popular. "Valentines Day" and its pseudo-sequel "New Year’s Eve" are...
Local nonprofits team up for annual charity event
Dec. 12 2012
The iPhone 5 and flat screen TVs are dominating many holiday wish lists this month, but sometimes all it takes is something small to really make a difference. In the spirit of the holiday season, WLNS...
East Lansing comic artist illustrates new children's book by James Joyce
Dec. 12 2012
Bloomsday fans have reason to rejoice this holiday season — they are doubly blessed with a new biography of James Joyce as well as a never-before-published children’s book by the acclaimed...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Dec. 12 2012
The Record Lounge in East Lansing will host three local bands Saturday at a free in-store show. Making some demented ruckus are BerT, Total Hipster Crusher, The Plague Years and American Gothic
REO Town Famous Taco/Kick It Out! Dance Studio/Barber Love
Dec. 5 2012
The Famous Taco franchise is returning to its roots with the opening of a third location. Its newest restaurant, at 1107 S. Washington Ave., is actually the spot where the founding Delacruz family opened...
The author and the puppeteer reminisce on the story's transition from page to stage
Dec. 5 2012
It's a heartbreaking story, made all the more touching because it's based on actual events. In the early days of World War I, a British family has to sell their beloved horse to the frontline cavalry....
'We're angels made out of dirt'
Dec. 5 2012
Marc Breedlove is the 12th and final speaker in Michigan State University’s semester-long series "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation," which he conceived, in part, to demonstrate that...
Dec. 5 2012
Earlier this fall, City Pulse and East Lansing's (SCENE) Metrospace teamed up to sponsor a poetry contest. It was open to the public, and the poems were allowed to reflect any theme. The winner, Carrie...
Turner-Dodge House launches unique fundraiser featuring novelty Christmas tress
Dec. 5 2012
Some people consider the Esquire Club on Center Street to be the northern border of Lansing's Old Town district. Others might call the Golden Harvest the line of demarcation. Michael Beebe hopes to change...
Dec. 5 2012
In the 16th century, revenge plays were all the rage. Audiences enjoyed the violence, plotting and planning, and one of the bloodiest works of the era was Shakespeare’s "Titus Andronicus." It was...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Dec. 5 2012
Tiempo Libre, a Miami-based "timba" group, returns to Wharton Center for the third time on Thursday. The high-energy group has consistently toured since its genesis in 2001, nabbing three Grammy nominations...
Tin Can DeWitt
Nov. 28 2012
When the Tin Can opened in Lansing two years ago, everything you needed to know about the place was scrawled in chalk in all caps right there on the wall: "WORLD CLASS DIVE BAR."
Two fundraisers give Lansing area residents an opportunity to spread some holiday cheer
Nov. 28 2012
Not all children get to tiptoe down a flight of stairs on Christmas morning to see what Santa has left for them — for many local kids, there are no presents. It's like waking up in Who-ville after...
Nov. 28 2012
As we enter the colder months and the holiday season, the face of hunger in our community will be brought closer. The annual giving requests will pour in from the charities that work to address the immediate...
Annual genre-fusing show doubles as CD release party for local band
Nov. 28 2012
These days, if you're talking about country music, you usually think about superstars like Kenny Chesney or the glossy pop styling of Taylor Swift – a manufactured contemporary sound that strays...
Lansing artist utilizes 2,000-year-old painting process to create indelible works of art
Nov. 28 2012
The Egyptians used it to stylize their mummy cases. The Romans picked it up from the Greeks, who used it to waterproof boats. And Sue Winkler? She uses it to make pretty, colorful paintings. Who says there's...