Oct. 31 2012
Previews for Williamston's "Dark Nights in Billtown" and LCC's "Ragtime."
Chosen, learned, inborn, genetic or what?
Oct. 31 2012
J. Michael Bailey, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Northwestern University, is the eighth speaker in MSU's semester-long series, "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation," which...
Greater Lansing Pottery Guild hosts show, sale this weekend
Oct. 31 2012
For Tina Oxer, throwing pottery is more than just an artistic endeavor — it's a transformative experience. Literally
Local artist debuts sand art photography exhibit
Oct. 31 2012
Some artists find their inspiration in landscapes, others in still life, still others in the human figure. Paul Shaheen found his in the natural, swirling patterns of sand on a particular stretch of beach...
Oct. 31 2012
Gallery walk and other exhibitions
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Oct. 31 2012
Mac's Bar hosts a Halloween Costume Carnival Sideshow tonight. The event includes a costume contest, live music, sideshow acts and a prize raffle. Performing live is the increasingly busy local gypsy-roots...
Tacos E Mas / DeWitt Auto Spa Detail Center / Old Town Marquee / Irish Pub auction
Oct. 24 2012
Four years ago, David Delacruz Jr. helped his father and stepmother open Tacos E Mas, a Mexican restaurant at 1850 Cedar St. in Holt. Thanks to the success of that location, the family opened an additional...
Lansing photographer captures breathtaking images near the top of the world
Oct. 24 2012
Last month, Lansing-based photographer Brett King traveled to Iceland for a weeklong photo shoot. Fjords, glaciers, geysers and a mind-bending aurora borealis display — just a regular shooting schedule...
Italian crooner launches his new career in Lansing
Oct. 24 2012
You don't see much of an overlap between the nightclub crooners and New Age gurus, but Gino Federici is a rare find. One minute he's telling you how he strong-armed his way into a speaking role in Martin...
Local found-footage horror movie makes national debut
Oct. 24 2012
Although the perennial "Paranormal Activity" franchise seems to be running out of steam, the trend in found-footage movies seems to be hitting high gear. Accordingly, a group of local filmmakers has joined...
Oct. 24 2012
This week's reviews for Riverwalk Theatre's "Advise and Consent" and Starlight Dinner Theatre's "Steal Magnolias."
The gay brain
Oct. 24 2012
LeVay, a former associate professor for the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, is a writer and lecturer with a background in neuroscience, best known for his research on the brain and sexuality
Lansing author explores the case of the Cleveland Strangler
Oct. 24 2012
A chat with local author Steve Miller about his new true-crime book "Nobody’s Women" can take some disturbingly dark turns. He knows this genre isn't everyone’s bag
Rita Wieber writes how-to book for 'gym moms'
Oct. 24 2012
In her book "Gym Mom: The Twists and Turns of Your Daughter’s Gymnastics Career," Rita Wieber (mother of Olympic team Gold Medalist Jordyn Weiber) writes about the stressful and gratifying times...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Oct. 24 2012
Clear Soul Forces has been gaining serious momentum since the four Detroit rappers joined up in 2009. This Friday, the group performs at Mac’s Bar
Red Haven
Oct. 22 2012
It's no wonder that red haven peaches are considered the standard by which all other peaches are judged. Sweet, juicy, full of flavor and the perfect balance of sink-your-teeth-in soft and hold-their-own-weight...
Preservation Lansing group honors visionary couple who helped revitalize downtown
Oct. 17 2012
When Bob Morris and his wife, Linda Peckham, moved into a condo in the 10,000-square foot former convent at 311 Seymour Ave. 31 years ago, they say the neighborhood was a mess. The area was overrun with...
Mason fire truck finally heading to Europe
Oct. 17 2012
The first time Mason Mayor Leon Clark tried to deliver the fire truck to Kosovo, he found himself on the side of the road with smoke billowing from the engine
TV icon comes to Lansing for speaker series
Oct. 17 2012
For seven decades, he's worked almost nonstop on stages across North America, on television and appeared in dozens of movies. But for an entire generation, Jamie Farr will always be Maxwell Klinger, the...
Oct. 17 2012
Meredith Chivers is the sixth speaker in MSU's semester-long series "Whom You Love: the biology of sexual orientation," which aims to demonstrate that homosexuality is a natural occurrence in humans