Downing’s strange, sudden 'retirement' leaves some at WLNZ in tears
Aug. 15 2012
Retirement after a 37-year career would typically be a celebratory affair, with a jubilant going-away party hosted by co-workers and management that would honor the decades of devoted service
Trybe launches fall 2012 debut clothing line
Aug. 15 2012
If you're looking to empty your wallet on superfluous fashion trends, outrageous "Project Runway"-style dress designs, and colors that would give hazard cones a run for their money, then Trybe, a new Lansing-based...
Lansing Beer Week taps a keg
Aug. 15 2012
For the casual beer drinker, the story behind the ice-cold suds they just ordered at their local watering hole doesn't weigh too heavily on the mind. For microbrew connoisseurs, however, it's all about...
Local panel discusses inflammatory book series next week
Aug. 15 2012
The window at Barnes & Noble in the Lansing Mall beckons the mall walkers like a suburban siren with more than 50 copies of "Fifty Shades of Grey" proudly on display. Since it first appeared as an online-only...
Aug. 15 2012
The Jackpine Snag, a Lansing-based grungy-doom blues trio, plays one last show Thursday before taking a hiatus from live gigs. The band is made up of Joe Hart (guitar/ vocals), Greg Lamb (bass) and Todd...
Toarmina's Pizza
Aug. 8 2012
"Nobody else is doing 24-inch pizzas in town," says owner Sardar Dijagah
Great Lakes Folk Festival 2012 brings world music to the streets of East Lansing
Aug. 8 2012
Lora Helou, the festival's associate director, said she respects the Dylan-esque sound, but said the team of organizers is more interested in introducing fascinating faraway cultures to East Lansing
Kristine Thatcher looks at life after Stormfield
Aug. 8 2012
Parking lot seagulls pace around the Sears water tower in the Frandor Shopping Center, looking as out of place as Chekhov characters in a strip mall
Local artist Phil Denny drops debut CD
Aug. 8 2012
Phil Denny has no regrets about his drastic career swap. Two years after ditching his day job as vice president for US Capital Mortgage, the Lansing native has adeptly transitioned into his dream job as...
Frenzied quick-change extravaganza sets Grand Ledge stage on fire
Aug. 8 2012
For those of us who have vague recollections of the 1935 Alfred Hitchcock movie "The 39 Steps," rest assured that this is not a stage version of that movie
Lansing hosts major disc golf tournament
Aug. 8 2012
Those metal baskets with dangling chains you may see at the local public park are not trashcans or weird barbecue grills
Inaugural beer and music festival fell short of expectations
Aug. 8 2012
There is more than enough room for improvement for the Michigan Rock N Brew festival after last weekend's bust of a maiden voyage. It was a first-year festival — and you could definitely tell
LCC's Community Dance Project brings dance to the masses
Aug. 8 2012
Modern dance showcases aren't known blockbusters in the entertainment world, but that's not stopping a group of nearly two dozen choreographers from attempting an epic feat of synergistic pageantry
Author Michael Poore provides some damned good summer reading
Aug. 8 2012
Michael Poore must have had a devil of a good time writing his debut novel "Up Jumps the Devil" about a modern-day Lucifer on the make for souls
Aug. 8 2012
Bomb the Music Industry! (BtMI), a New York-based DIY musical collective led by songwriter and producer Jeff Rosenstock, returns to Mac's Bar Wednesday for an early, all-ages concert hosted by Fusion Shows
Penn Station East Coast Subs, Culber's and Los Tres Amigos
Aug. 1 2012
Since Jared Fogle introduced the world to the Subway diet 12 years ago, the fast-food industry has been scrambling to duplicate the quick-and-healthy model without losing its core indulgers
Etienne Charles and John Douglas trumpet this weekend's JazzFest
Aug. 1 2012
On June 5, U.S. Rep. Howard Berman of California recognized the Trinidad-born trumpeter and Michigan State University professor for his "musical contributions to nationals of the Republic of Trinidad...
East Lansing sweetens the pot for photo contest
Aug. 1 2012
Between the bustling Michigan State University campus, the yearly round of music and art festivals and the serenity of the surrounding farmland, there is a lot of eye candy to be found around East Lansing....
After a last-minute cancellation last year, Michigan Rock N Brew organizers try again
Aug. 1 2012
As Ted Wilson sits in his East Michigan Avenue office wrapping up a late-evening meeting about the Michigan Rock 'N Brew Festival he’s organizing, the DIY promotional method he's implementing proves...
Riverwalk's 'Baby' teaches without preaching
Aug. 1 2012
The script is a good choice to educate audiences about how children deal with grief. It is touching without being preachy and balances tragedy with appropriate humor.