Lansing City Market
July 11 2012
The Lansing City Market may not be the new kid on the block anymore, but it continues to chug along like an eager-to-impress teenager working his first summer job
After 55 years and hundreds of shows, The Blue Echoes — Lansing's first rock band — keeps on rolling
July 11 2012
The band's love of country-tinged rock shined through on cuts like "It's Witchcraft," a primitive and menacing hillbilly-rock track that could've easily been released on the Sun Records label. (A copy...
Katina Bitsicas' artwork combines ballet, commentary — and meat
July 11 2012
"It's a reaction to how I used to be a ballet dancer and how I would feel onstage when everyone is looking at you," said Bitsicas, an East Lansing native. She uses photography, video art and performance...
Broad curator Alison Gass hosts a tour of Kristin Cammermeyer's 'Resituating'
July 11 2012
"People can learn what the art is about, instead of just seeing it," Gass said. By knowing the journey of the exhibition and artist, Gass says she hopes to provide the viewer with a more complete experience
Actors hunt for laughs in Jeff Daniels' U.P. farce
July 11 2012
The story of "buckless Yooper" Reuben Soady has has spawned two prequels since its premiere at the Purple Rose Theatre in 1995, but the original remains the purest and the raunchiest
John Peakes makes a splash in 'On Golden Pond'
July 11 2012
No question, Norman Thayer is at the heart of this play, the crusty and churlish curmudgeon with a hidden Review heart of pure gold
High-profile authors descend on Lansing
July 11 2012
A new report from Nielsen BookScan shows it's been a hot summer for books — so to speak — with the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy accounting for one in five of all "real" books sold. It's time...
Katy Perry shows off creations from local designers
July 11 2012
The Buitendorps checked out the film last week (along with their older sister, Erin, a City Pulse Pulsar judge). They didn’t have to wait very long to see the first of their creations on the screen
July 11 2012
For those interested in flipping through thousands of vinyl records, a good place to start might be the Saturday's Lansing Record & CD Show at the University Quality Inn in Frandor (next to Spare Time...
July 11 2012
salmon drizzled with garlic-dill or honey soy sauce, shellfish risotto and Voodoo Pasta, featuring shrimp tossed with bell peppers, onions and linguini in a spicy cream sauce. 1419 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing....
Sunrise Market/Rubie’s Paradise Salon
July 5 2012
Things are getting interesting on the 2300 block of East Michigan Avenue. On the south side of the street, tucked between Lansing Art Glass and the urgent care clinic, two new businesses are blooming in...
Lynn Orta creates a garden universe in a west side parking lot
July 5 2012
Every morning, Griffith reads her Bible and watches Lynn from her window. "We thought it was a job she had, but we found out it was just something she likes to do. Everybody around here, they know it’s...
$2,000 reward offered for information about destruction of 'Meditation Tower'
July 5 2012
"We, of course, feel badly for the artist," said Rick Kibbey, chairman of the City of Lansing park board and Second Ward representative. "Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. It's not only in Lansing,...
'Raising Arizona,' 'Pee-wee's Big Adventure' and 'Back to the Future' will screen at Turner Street Outdoor Theater this month
July 5 2012
Drive-in movie theaters are an endangered species — unless you spend your Friday nights in Old Town this month. For three nights in July, Cesar Chavez Plaza (a.k.a. City Lot 56 at Grand River Avenue...
BullyBust uses 'Wicked' to address bullying
July 5 2012
Faster is the chief operating officer of the National School Climate Center, which organized the BullyBust program three years ago in response to the problem of bullying in schools. In 2010, BullyBust...
"Wicked" retains its magic at the Wharton Center
July 5 2012
At its core, "Wicked" tells of the unlikely friendship between Elphaba (Christine Dwyer) and Galinda (Jeanna De Waal), its evolutionary transformation and its dramatic consequences for the land of Oz
Over the Ledge tackles Jeff Daniels' venerable farce
July 5 2012
It's the company's second Daniels script ("Apartment 3A” opened the season) and it only makes sense for "Escanaba" to take place at the Ledges Playhouse because, as director Michael Hays puts it,...
BoarsHead Theater veteran John Peakes makes his Purple Rose debut in a role he played 20 years ago
July 5 2012
"They are saying goodbye to the lake, to the summer, to other people, but they're still hanging on. She calls him a tough old buzzard, and that's what they are: They're buzzards, hanging on, keeping the...
Mourning breath & deflower arrangement
July 5 2012
Q: At 19, I married the first man I slept with. He died last year after 23 years of marriage, and within a month, I was in a new relationship with a wonderful man I met online. I’m certainly still...
July 5 2012
For those who still dig big hair and poppy synthesizers, Friday night at Lou and Harry's may be the spot to be, for a free show by Starfarm. The flashy area cover band plays a "totally awesome collection...