Russian National Ballet brings Shakespeare to the stage
Jan. 5 2011
It’s one of the most well-known love stories ever told. The story of two young lovers pushed to a tragic end resulting from the violence that erupts out of the hatred between their rival families....
Yasmina Reza play will be staged as a fund-raiser this weekend
Jan. 4 2011
Riverwalk Theater will showcase Yasmina Reza’s “The Unexpected Man” at a special fundraising event Friday and Saturday to “help us get through the winter months,” said Mike...
Williamston restaurant hosts multi-artist show through January
Jan. 4 2011
Artists Ron Cook, Lee J. and Nancy M. Kronenberg, Gail Noren and Melinda Pope will be exhibiting works during the month of January at Gracie’s Place, 151 S. Putnam, in Williamston
2010's 10 best and 10 worst movies
Dec. 31 2010
Strange to think that at the beginning of 2010, I'm not sure I'd ever even heard the name Lisbeth Salander. Now, it's like she's practically a member of my own family. OK, well, maybe just a Facebook Friend
Rich Tupica spotlights some of the major players in Lansing's music scene
Dec. 30 2010
Another year is gone, leaving behind a trail of DIY records and rock shows only Lansing could produce. Aside from slabs of vinyl and compact discs, new venues, artist collectives, and a local music TV...
Guitarist bounces into Creole Gallery with ‘little tiny big band’
Dec. 29 2010
The duo’s breakout recalls the 1950 Hollywood melodrama “Young Man With a Horn,” in which a hot-headed trumpeter chafes under his bandleader’s predictable, cornball arrangements....
'I’ll have the scrimp cocktail!'
Dec. 29 2010
When we were ordering, he suggested we play “a fun game,” which entailed closing our eyes and picking a number (the entrees were numbered). I said okay, then he said I couldn’t pick numbers...
Dec. 29 2010
A $20 table reservation guarantees a table for your party, while a $35 VIP table reservation includes a complimentary bottle of champagne and coat check for up to four people. Tickets are available at...
Peppermint Creek Theatre founder sees opportunities for cooperation — not competition — among Lansing’s various theater companies.
Dec. 29 2010
Many artists leave their hometowns for bigger cities. What has kept you in Lansing? I think what has kept me in Lansing is the ability to work on the kind of material I believe in, in a community that...
Despite the economy, the beat goes on for the Lansing Symphony maestro.
Dec. 29 2010
How would you characterize the state of symphony orchestras in 2010? Well, all the arts are generally very sensitive to the health of the economy because we rely largely on philanthropy for our survival....
The actress/director/playwright now has a theater company of her own.
Dec. 29 2010
When did you launch Stormfield Theatre? It’s been in existence since August 2009. It started with staged readings. The first was “Kimberly Akimbo,” with Carmen Decker (which Stormfield...
The executive director of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing sees a brighter picture for 2011.
Dec. 29 2010
What have been some of the major challenges the Arts Council has faced this year? Since 2001, arts funding in general has been cut. We work with 140 arts and cultural organizations and a good 100 individual...
When studios play hide-and-seek
Dec. 28 2010
Here’s what’s on the horizon at your local cineplex this Friday: the science-fiction thriller "Splice"; a live-action version of "Marmaduke"; a raunchy comedy called "Get Him to the Greek,"...
Productions from Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan will be staged
Dec. 28 2010
Michigan State University will start the new year with a whole lot of new theater. From Jan. 4-8, MSU hosts the Region Three presentation of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, featuring...
A Christmas story
Dec. 23 2010
Albert hated the smell of wet beard. And when Santa took his boots off — talk about climate change. But Santa’s chief of staff was a team player. Albert stood quietly, breathing through his...
Three local perspectives on stuttering
Dec. 23 2010
Sharon Emery seems like too nice a person to practice jiu-jitsu — but watch out. She can flip you before you know you’ve been flipped. As vice president of the Rossman Group, a high-profile...
The country legend has a new title: Broadway composer
Dec. 22 2010
Obviously, it’s a plan that’s worked for her. Since the mid- 1960s Parton has been a force to reckon with in the entertainment world, crossing over from country music to the pop charts, touring...
Inspirational message comes through clearly in first-rate drama
Dec. 22 2010
The term "the king’s speech" implies perfect pronunciation and exemplary deportment, the hallmarks of a masterful speaker who couldn’t be more comfortable with the intricacies of English. The...
Meet Michael Rush, the new founding director of MSU’s Broad Art Museum
Dec. 22 2010
Turning scary into fun is a specialty for Rush, and he’s about to do it on a grand scale. By spring of 2012, when the Broad Museum is finished, the former Jesuit priest, theater experimenter and...
Local rapper steps away from hip-hop clichés
Dec. 22 2010
Taking mental notes on a variety of hip-hop heavyweights such as Pete Rock, Timbaland, the Neptunes and DJ Premiere, Gonzalez began to develop his own style. Over the past few years he has released three...

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