Pulitzer Prize winner Eric Freedman shares surprising stories in 'Presidents and Black America'
Feb. 29 2012
Eric Freedman, co author of “Presidents and Black America: A Documentary History,” said the history of the presidency is one of “oversimplification and gentrification.” Freedman...
Feb. 29 2012
It’s un-American. From the Declaration of Independence to the birth of Christ, everything that’s sacred in our land gets a temporary aisle at K-Mart. Who is cashing in on the rarest holiday...
How Feb. 29 keeps the year humming
Feb. 29 2012
Every four years, the calendar starts to shudder and creep out of place, like a dryer with a bad belt. Wait too long to fix it and the damn thing will creep across the floor
Feb. 29 2012
The cocktail-party showoff term for Leap Year is “bissextile year,” which is easy to remember when you recall that Julius Caesar was bisexual (“every woman’s husband and every man’s...
Have a peasant day & meek her want you
Feb. 29 2012
Q: Your answer to “Roseless,” the woman bemoaning her boyfriend’s lack of “romantic ambition,” hit a nerve with me. My wife of 19 years and I shared equally in raising our...
Feb. 29 2012
This particular gig showcases songs by Etta James, Koko Taylor, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Fleming and Skory will be joined on stage by a couple of area jazz vocalists,...
Lansing Symphony falters and stumbles before standing and delivering during an uneven evening
Feb. 29 2012
Suddenly, the brass went off like a car alarm, leaving only visual evidence that the violins were still at work, playing intricate patterns. (Most music lovers could fill in the famous fiddlework mentally,...
Fran's House & Rudy's Kitchen/See's Candies
Feb. 24 2012
If See's Candies doesn't sound familiar, think back to the days of "I Love Lucy." Remember the episode in which Lucy and Ethel are working at a candy factory and stuff their mouths with chocolates while...
Advances in technology may have sealed the fate of the art of letter writing
Feb. 22 2012
Think about how our lives have been enriched by the letters of Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, the Apostle Paul, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, C.S
Edward O'Ryan spent years preparing for his role in the Irish black comedy 'The Cripple of Inishmaan'
Feb. 22 2012
It’s common to hear actors complaining that they don't get as much work as they'd like. That's not Edward O'Ryan's problem, however
Cher and Christina won't be there, but there’s still a surplus of sexiness at Spiral's 'Total Burlesque'
Feb. 22 2012
The show featured De Ville, the master of ceremonies, doing a striptease and later an energetic dance performance; Michigan State University theater student Carolyn Rex sang and provided a choreographed...
MSU Museum's annual Chocolate Party is one sweet fundraiser
Feb. 22 2012
Valentine’s Day has gone, but the Michigan State University Museum’s 23rd annual Chocolate Party Benefit gives candy lovers another excuse to indulge their yen for sweets. Proceeds go toward...
Who gets the gold — and who gets the cold shoulder?
Feb. 22 2012
Sure things? For sure. Shocks? Distinctly possible. In other words, this year´s Academy Awards should be business as usual
Riverwalk Theatre presents a rousing celebration of golden oldies
Feb. 22 2012
But the original voices are not essential to spark these songs, as the fantastically talented and diverse cast of Riverwalk Theatre proves. If anything, these remakes typically exceed their original counterparts,...
Phil Sinder solos with the Lansing Symphony
Feb. 22 2012
But Sinder relishes the chance to exhibit the tuba's nobility and nuance. "People think it's a lumbering instrument, unable to function with others," Sinder said. "I've devoted a lot of energy to dispel...
Blogs and newspaper columns can sometimes turn into profitable books — if they manage to survive
Feb. 22 2012
The literary world is full of books that began as diaries, journals or caches of letters. "Marley & Me," the best-selling memoir by former newspaper columnist John Grogan, comes immediately to mind. Grogan...
Looking for the gaia next door & sperm limits
Feb. 22 2012
I'm an Occupy girl, age 45, into eco-shamanism and planetary consciousness stuff. I've mostly dated engineers with a playful side who initially seemed open to my interests but quickly became resentful...
Feb. 22 2012
Punk fans who dig the poppy-side of the spectrum may be in luck this Friday when pop-punk heavy hitters The Queers and The Ataris bring their tour to Mac's Bar. Opening the show is Far From Finished (from...
'War': What is it good for? Absolute escapism
Feb. 17 2012
A combination of star power and firepower can be a pretty good start when it comes to building a blockbuster, as the director known simply as McG demonstrated with his "Charlie's Angels" films almost a...
Against the Grain
Feb. 15 2012
Against the Grain creates custom design interiors, using sustainable materials, and makes studio furniture, but there’s no strict line in the shop between designer and carpenter

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