Author Scott Jurek talks about 'Eat & Run' Wednesday at Playmakers
June 19 2012
Tuesday, June 19 — As an eighth-grader in rural Minnesota, Scott Jurek hated running. As a high-schooler, he only ran to stay in shape for Nordic skiing. Today, Jurek, 38, is one of the world’s...
Mid Michigan Family Theatre tells 'Folk Tales for Fun'
June 14 2012
Thursday, June 14 — Getting away for awhile is a snap at Mid Michigan Family Theatre this weekend: Carlos Perez's "Folk Tales for Fun" gives audiences a taste of stories from Norway, Egypt, Turkey,...
Thanks to Lansing Art Gallery, it's the summer of riparian sculptures in downtown Lansing
June 13 2012
Several months ago, Catherine Babcock, executive director at the Lansing Art Gallery and coordinating curator for this event, sent out a statewide call to artists to submit their statues; a panel of three...
DragonHeart Racing brings an ancient Chinese sport to Lansing
June 13 2012
Labor Day weekend saw the first Capital City Dragon Boat Race, which introduced the sport to mid-Michigan and also inspired some of its novice racers, particularly Team DragonHeart. The members were hooked...
June 13 2012
The 2011 Pulsars, recognizing the best in Lansing theater, were presented Monday evening at a ceremony held at Riverwalk Theatre. The hosts included Bruce Wade, Evan Pinsonnault, Chad DeKatch, Tigi Habtemariam,...
June 13 2012
The Lansing Symphony Orchestra has welcomed many collaborators over the years. The latest is the East Lansing Film Festival: ELFF and LSO have teamed up to present director René Féret´s...
Lansing Community College’s WLNZ gives audiences the chance to see a live audio theater production
June 13 2012
It's been nearly 74 years since Orson Welles captivated listeners with the “War of the Worlds” radio show. The delivery was so convincing that some believed a violent Martian invasion was actually...
Forget the old AMC: Celebration! Cinema will turn the defunct Meridan 6 theater into Studio C!
June 13 2012
In Steve VanWagoner’s eyes, the shuttered AMC Meridian 6 Theatres complex could one day be an upscale cinema, with refreshments whipped up by chefs, plush stadium-style seating and possibly even...
June 13 2012
Friday, June 15 9 p.m. WHITE PARTY — Kick off Michigan Pride weekend at Michigan’s largest white-apparel-themed event, which begins at the Michigan Pride Festival Tent located at the corner...
Gay Okemos couple shares a lifetime of collecting with MSU and the community
June 13 2012
Mark Ritzenhein and Stephen Wilensky love to recall the afternoon in the early 1990s when they crossed the Yarlung River in a wooden boat, heading into Tibet, listening to the clicking of unsoftened yak...
The hip-hop/soul duo takes the stage Saturday at Pride
June 13 2012
Since 2006, God-des & She, a two-woman hip-hop duo, has been making a name for itself in the music world. The two were first noticed after an appearance on Showtimeeuro;s hit series euro;The L Wordeuro;;...
More than 20 years after he started it, Richard Ford unveils 'Canada'
June 13 2012
The hook: Joyce, Salinger, Twain, Vonnegut, Dickens — these are all authors we know by their last names. Each was also a master of the first line. Richard Ford’s “Canada” is likely...
Motherly Shove & Look What The Catty Dragged In
June 13 2012
Q: I am in my 20s and, for eight months, have been seeing a girl who might very well be “the one.” The problem is she wants to meet my mother, who is beyond controlling. She plays a game with...
June 13 2012
The Great Lakes Collective, a Lansing-based music collective, has a large roster of local talent, including Vanity, Oh Vanity, which plays (SCENE) Metrospace on Thursday. The keyboard-driven, “vintage...
Michigan Pride recognizes Daniel Campbell as Grand Marshal
June 13 2012
Daniel Campbell has been a gay rights activist for over 49 years, and says his work continues to go on. The Lansing Community College professor of cultural history has been chosen as grand marshal for...
Moe's Southwest Grill
June 6 2012
Last week, East Lansing got a taste of Georgia hospitality with the grand opening of Moe's Southwest Grill, an Atlanta-based burrito/taco/nacho franchise. The 12-year-old chain already has over 450 locations...
Scrapfest challenges teams to transform trash into eye-catching artwork
June 6 2012
Friedland Industries' scrap yard is filled with 9,000 pounds of abandoned scrap metal. To an average consumer, this may appear entirely worthless, even useless
The irreverent Penn Jillette talks about faith — or lack thereof
June 6 2012
Penn Jillette (best known as half of Penn and Teller, the sleight-of-hand showmen) visits the Hannah Community Center for a book talk and signing of his New York Times bestseller “God, No! Signs...
Michigan State University's summer theater season begins with kooky 'Macao' and a trilogy of folk tales
June 6 2012
Much of the action unfolds in locations like the Macao Surf and Turf Nightclub Gambling Casino, where characters such as the drifter Mitch Boonton ("I'm an expatriate American, 38 to 45, very masculine,...
Crackling chemistry energizes quirky comedy
June 6 2012
If the romantic comedy genre were basic macaroni and cheese, Jeff Daniels' "Apartment 3A" might be the labor-intensive recipe with lots of obscure ingredients. Fortunately, director Joseph Dickson, under...