Strong cast battles flimsy script in splashy 'Follies'
June 6 2012
Scaling down these humongous Stephen Sondheim musicals is like squeezing a Mini Cooper in the back of a Lincoln Navigator. Sure, it will fit, but it won't leave anyone much legroom. The production has...
Three-day festival features 40 musical acts
June 6 2012
However, during the 1940s and '50s, some of those hard-living songwriters traveled north to Michigan, often in search of work. One of those legendary bluesmen was Mississippi-born Big Bill Broonzy, who...
Michigan State University associate professor of acting receives Distinguished Professor award
June 6 2012
Rob Roznowski, Michigan State University associate professor of acting, was named Michigan Distinguished Professor of the Year by the Presidents Council, State Universities of Michigan. The award recognizes...
Lansing glass artist spent last Friday at Business Leaders Briefing in Washington
June 6 2012
Plenty of people insist that nothing gets accomplished in Washington these days. Craig Mitchell Smith is not among them. The Lansing glass artist took a quick trip to the nation's capital last Friday to...
Kalamazoo native Richelle Mead parlays geekdom into a solid writing career
June 6 2012
The books by Kalamazoo native Richelle Mead are no different in their outside appearance, but inside you will find at least one remarkable variation: Vampires and humans don’t get it on. Yes, there...
We'll always have parasites
June 6 2012
Q: My boyfriend of two months is a gem, but his house is a horror. The fridge and bathroom are disgusting, and the whole place is seriously messy. There’s this eerie feeling that the house was formerly...
June 6 2012
R.I.P. to Lansing rapper Big Perm The Lansing hip-hop scene suffered a tragic loss when rapper and promoter Cameron Doyle, a.k.a. Big Perm, passed away at Sparrow Hospital on June 2 after suffering...
The irreverent Penn Jillette talks about faith — or lack thereof
June 5 2012
Tuesday, June 5 — Ever find yourself unable to sleep at night, your mind whirling with questions of morality and the destiny of humanity? Have you ever wondered if there is a greater power dictating...
Ready to Roll
May 31 2012
In the 14 years since the East Lansing Film Festival was launched, it has become a major-league showcase for independent films, documentaries, shorts and foreign films. The tradition continues with this...
Sidewalks come alive during Chalk of the Town
May 30 2012
Last year, monsters, aliens, messages of peace and love, wild animals, popular video game characters and even a unique “Dragephunt” filled the sidewalks of Old Town with bright colors and diverse...
Over the Ledge Theatre Co. moves to Ledges Playhouse with 'Apartment 3A'
May 30 2012
That’s the poisonous promise of Annie (Abby Murphy), a development director at a cash-strapped TV station. Annie’s not an assassin, though: She’s simply a woman who’s been knocked...
Be a Tourist event returns for its 18th year
May 30 2012
The Greater Lansing Convention and Visitors Bureau invites residents to explore their own backyard with Be A Tourist In Your Own Town. By purchasing a $1 Be a Tourist Passport eventgoers have access to...
The past becomes a haunting refrain in 'Follies'
May 30 2012
With its tattered black curtains, chipped and dusty proscenium and an assortment of grungy props and scenery pieces strewn around the stage, the Riverwalk Theatre looks like it’s seen better days....
'Comedian': Being Seinfeld is no laughing matter
May 30 2012
If you missed out on getting a ticket for Jerry Seinfeld´s Thursday show at the Wharton Center, you can get some idea of what goes into one of his shows from the 2002 documentary "Comedian," which...
Egos and ideals clash in entertaining 'Understudy'
May 30 2012
Always on call but never on stage, Harry is in “actor purgatory.” He’s the permanent understudy, destined to be invisible except as the title character of the meta-comedy “The Understudy”...
'Stand By' for meteorologist Jake Dunne´s second novel
May 30 2012
Like the hot and sticky weather he sometimes reports on, Lansing meteorologist Jake Dunne uses his concise and easygoing storytelling ability to grab the reader in “Stand By,” his new mystery-thriller
Annual community recycling event happens Saturday in East Lansing
May 30 2012
Scrap metal, cardboard, used tires, old medications and broken refrigerators sound like ingredients for a landfill. But on Saturday these items and more will instead be collected, reused and recycled as...
Say goodbye to freezing rain and snow drifts: The sun has officially returned to town. It´s once again safe to eat outside, visit a local festival or plan a fishing trip or a golf game. True, our much-loved Michigan cherries might be hard to find thi
May 30 2012
The patio outside the Peanut Barrel in East Lansing isn’t the fanciest in town, or the largest, or the most festive. It is, though, perhaps the best spot in the Lansing area to relax with friends...
May 30 2012
Eaton Rapids ENGLISH INN — 677 S. Michigan Road. 11:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. and 5-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. and 5-10 p.m. Friday; 5-10 p.m. Saturday; 1-7 p.m. Sunday. (517) 663-2500....
Great catches can be found in Lansing waterways
May 30 2012
Go up north. But if you’ve got a few free hours on one of the long summer days that lie ahead, and you want to catch fish that eat like hogs and fight like longshoremen, point your car toward the...