The unkillable vibe of Bonnie Bucqueroux
Oct. 15 2015
THURSDAY, Oct. 15 — I had a date with Bonnie Bucqueroux and now I'll never make it. We were going to pull up a couple of chairs and watch the world end. It would have been grand
Roadside sculpture designed to attract attention
Oct. 15 2015
THURSDAY, Oct. 14 — Drivers on Lansing’s west side may have noticed a new roadside attraction earlier this year. The large sculpture, “Stop and Smell the Roses” by local artist...
Station earns high honors for radio, television programming
Oct. 15 2015
THURSDAY, Oct. 15 — East Lansing’s WKAR recently received national recognition for its achievements in radio and television
517 Artsearch brings public art to your smartphone
Oct. 14 2015
During Thursday’s placemaking summit, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing rolled out its new smartphone app, 517 Artsearch
Lansing Symphony goes from coziness to conflagration
Oct. 14 2015
The able scouts of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra showed how to kindle a cold-weather fire the hard way at Friday’s über-romantic MasterWorks concert
Oct. 14 2015
For those in search of punk, indie or hip-hop, Mac’s Bar is often a safe bet
Local shops offer unique Halloween options
Oct. 14 2015
Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume idea always seems to be a struggle in the month of October
Placemaking summit discusses ways to improve life in Greater Lansing.
Oct. 14 2015
In an upstairs room in the Lansing Center Thursday, a room packed full of Greater Lansing’s movers and shakers gathered to ask a question: What can we do to make Lansing a better place to live,...
Murder, magic and gender intertwine in ‘The Magician’s Lie’
Oct. 14 2015
The most important element in any magician’s show is the audience. They want to believe that the trick — or the illusion — that they are seeing is real, that there is magic in the...
Oct. 14 2015
A healthy dose of big-hearted comedy is coming to East Lansing on Friday
Oct. 14 2015
Zombies and pumpkins and witches, oh my!
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
Oct. 14 2015
Crowdsourcing highlights local crowdsourcing campaigns
'Rocky Horror' released 40 years ago, still draws a crowd
Oct. 14 2015
Ian Griffin’s first encounter with “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” he admits, was not love at first sight
‘Jersey Boys’ brings encore performance to Wharton Center
Oct. 13 2015
You don’t have to be a fan of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons to enjoy “Jersey Boys.” The songs are frustratingly infectious, and the rags-to-riches meets “Goodfellas”...
Comedian and ‘SNL’ alum Brooks Wheelan comes to the Loft
Oct. 13 2015
TUESDAY, Oct. 13 — Comedian/writer Brooks Wheelan, probably best known for his recent stint on “Saturday Night Live,” brings his comedy tour to Lansing tomorrow. Wheelan, 29, was a...
Drew Seeley on ‘Jersey Boys’ and show business
Oct. 12 2015
MONDAY, Oct. 12 — When you’re casting a musical called “Jersey Boys,” you might not think a Canadian would fit the bill
Lansing Art Gallery exhibits works by MSU Professor Xia Gao
Oct. 9 2015
FRIDAY, Oct. 9 — Downtown’s Lansing Art Gallery is set to premiere its latest exhibit, “Dwell,” which features a variety of works by artist Xia Gao. A native of China, Gao works...
Old Town Oktoberfest kicks off tonight
Oct. 9 2015
FRIDAY, Oct. 9 — It’s time once again for Lansing residents to don their finest lederhosen and indulge in copious amounts of German beer because Old Town Oktoberfest is back for its 10th year....
New mural welcomes visitors to downtown Lansing
Oct. 8 2015
THURSDAY, Oct. 8 — An new outdoor mural, unveiled today, welcomes visitors to downtown Lansing
Race relations take center stage in MSU’s latest production
Oct. 7 2015
It doesn’t start with a neighborhood watch shooting, a police beating or a burning cross. It starts with a drawing on a whiteboard. Yet in the residence hall microcosm of “Baltimore,”...

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