Grammy winner Isbin picks up on 'Passion'
March 14 2012
That confidence is a testament to her steadfast skills with the nylon strings and her poised on-stage coolness. At the November 2009 show, Isbin performed just feet away from the First Family and did what...
'Checking Out' checks in at LCP
March 14 2012
The Lansing Civic Players production unfolds inside The Lonely Pelican, located in fictitious Pepsicola, Fla., where manager George (Rick Wendorf) and his daughter, Karin (Brittney Benjamin), have to face...
Violinist makes his own 'transitional journey'
March 14 2012
He now plays, what he calls, "a transformational journey through digital violin." It’s a field that relies heavily on improvisation, digital-effects processors and looping pedals, creating an experimental...
Actor-soldier-memoirist Benjamin Busch looks back on being a Marine — and playing a Marine
March 14 2012
Busch — an artist, actor, soldier and now author — shows his poetic vision of life and death in this unusual memoir, which doesn’t follow the usual conventions. For example, the story...
March 14 2012
The Entertainment Express trolley service will run two hours early on Saturday at 5:30 p.m., and will travel its regular route between downtown Lansing to downtown East Lansing until 2:30 a.m. Each trolley...
March 14 2012
What’s better than a day dedicated to drinking? Not having to take a day off work to enjoy a day dedicated to drinking. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Saturday; the next time it happens—2018—we’ll...
A bouquet of gardeners share their styles, hopes and delights
March 14 2012
Last week, Dan Crow picked his way through the wind-blasted garden that surrounds his home in Perry. "It looks like a disaster," Crow said. "This is the ugliest time of year. Everything’s beat up....
Lard Of the dance & memory bank fraud
March 14 2012
Q: When I got married, I was a slim 6’2”, but I’ve gained a lot of weight. My wife gained about 20 pounds but recently lost that and more. I’ve been as high as 265, but I’m...
March 14 2012
Who says St. Patrick’s Day has to be all about Irish music? This Saturday Mac’s Bar is all about rugged American-style rocking. Black Jake & the Carnies, an Ypsilanti-based band, headlines...
Artie's Filling Station
March 7 2012
Despite ongoing construction, Artie’s Filling Station celebrated its “soft opening” last month (the grand opening is expected to take place next month). Its Italian-style coffee (which...
Royal Winnipeg Ballet puts its 'Rouge' on at Wharton
March 7 2012
The Moulin Rouge was the most famous Parisian cabaret of them all, creating such a legacy that it was immortalized on the big screen multiple times, including 2001’s eponymously titled musical starring...
Guest pianist Philippe Bianconi plunges into a sea of Brahms with Lansing Symphony Orchestra
March 7 2012
For a globe-trotting pianist with some top-shelf awards on his mantel, Philippe Bianconi seems to have a pronounced Buddhist streak. He loves nothing more than to dissolve into something greater than himself
In Riverwalk's 'Becky's New Car,' it's up to you to help out a chatty heroine who's juggling a husband and a new suitor
March 7 2012
“Audience members get invited to come up onstage and help Becky dress, she asks them to do some tasks — which they may or may not do — and she even asks them to vote at one point on whether...
Jerry and Isaac Sprague score in a double feature
March 7 2012
In “Two Beers and a Hook Shot,” we have serious relationship drama presented in a naturalistic style: dark, painful-to-experience material. This is a play about the challenge in a father-son...
Revealed: Eddie Murphy's secret to looking younger
March 7 2012
When this comedy about a sleazy literary agent who falls under a yogi’s curse was shot, Lehman Brothers was still open for business and Sarah Palin was talking about Joe Six-Pack and the hockey moms....
March 7 2012
Keller, who is directing Lansing Community College Theatre’s “Cat on A Hot Tin Roof,” is all noisy nouns and arresting adjectives, punching out her words — “muscularity,”...
The Girl Scouts has a 100-year history of community involvement, activism and acceptance
March 7 2012
Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan serves roughly 80,000 Girl Scouts throughout the state, and while selling cookies does teach young girls the “Five Skills in Daily Life” — goal setting,...
'Horse Soldiers' author Doug Stanton shares insights at MSU lecture
March 7 2012
Doug Stanton was just outgrowing his "Cat in the Hat" stage when the author Gay Talese, one of the progenitors of the "new journalism" movement, wrote a seminal article for Esquire on Frank Sinatra that...
The spinster cycle
March 7 2012
Q: I’m a 32-year-old woman with a Ph.D. I’m beyond happy with my career path, but I’m not meeting men I’m impressed with or inspired to see again. A girlfriend sent me a New York...
March 7 2012
The Dolphins are an East Lansing-based rock ´n´ roll band with a love for ‘60s tunes and vintage psychedelic sounds. The four-piece features Chris Smith (guitar, vocals), Alex Ovenhouse...