Feb. 23 2011
One of those acts, Mr. Denton on Doomsday has been gigging around Lansing for years playing their brand of experimental indie metal. The band’s sound could be compared to Incubus and System of a...
Touring musical will now open May 12
Feb. 18 2011
"Chicago" is still on its way to the Wharton Center — it's just arriving a bit later than expected
Feb. 17 2011
Atomic Tom is a Brooklyn-based band that created a buzz on YouTube after they performed their single "Take Me Out" live using four iPhones on a New York City subway. The fictional premise of the video...
The director of education and community engagement has been at the LSO for three and a half years
Feb. 17 2011
After three and a half years, Catherine Guarino, Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s director of education and community engagement, will step down next Wednesday
Feb. 16 2011
Of 13 people surveyed on the street last week, six support the proposed 4-mill property tax increase solely or along with some cuts to services, five wanted to see cuts only and two are still on the fence....
For ’Hairspray’ director Chad DeKatch, the 1960s musical is no period piece
Feb. 16 2011
And he admits he’s been a bit jealous: "In the first dance rehearsals, I got up there and did the dances with them, because working with Karyn (Perry, the show’s choreographer) is so much fun
Globe-spanning MSU Museum exhibit has ’Mask’ appeal
Feb. 16 2011
The idea of the mask is about transformation whether it’s transforming into someone uninhibited (like the party masks on display), transforming into an alternate identity, such as a superhero, or...
’It’s a dream come true,’ says Happendance director Missy Lilje
Feb. 16 2011
One thing you don’t hear much of in a Happendance rehearsal is music. There’s the voice of the choreographer, offering pointers and encouragement to the dancers, and there’s quite a lot...
Fresh from her triumph at the Grammys, Dee Dee Bridgewater brings Lady Day to Lansing
Feb. 16 2011
Suddenly, it seemed absurd to do anything normal, but she had to. Her Friday gig at East Lansing’s Wharton Center, and the usual promotional interviews were scheduled before the Grammy dropped
Author locked herself in her bedroom and came out with a new novel
Feb. 16 2011
The Mason woman’s first novel, “Angelfire,” a young-adult paranormal book, is being published by Harper Collins, and will be released this week at a launch party at Schuler Books & Music...
Menopause in the Heterosexuality
Feb. 16 2011
Q: I’m a 56-year-old married woman, and as far as I can tell, I’ve been happily heterosexual all my life — until recently. For the past year, I’ve been thinking about a woman until...
Is there Hope for Adam Sandler's future?
Feb. 16 2011
The reviews are in on Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s “Just Go With It,” and — to put it mildly — they’re not kind.“Adam Sandler plays a Beverly Hills plastic...
Free two-day seminar looks at the idea of embodied writing
Feb. 16 2011
“Embodying Our Words” offers a chance for writers to share their work dialogue, workshops, performances and open writing sessions that all correspond to the theme of embodied writing. The two-day...
'Gnomeo and Juliet' celebrates love, lawn ornaments and all things Elton John
Feb. 11 2011
Although “Gnomeo and Juliet” begins with the prologue of “Romeo and Juliet” and includes a cameo appearance by the spirit of Shakespeare, there’s far more levity than tragedy...
A veteran FBI agent brings his own experiences to his fictional thrillers
Feb. 10 2011
In “Agent X”, Vail, a rogue ex-FBI agent who is coaxed back to work to help solve a mystifying case of extortion and murder, joins his co-protagonist FBI agent and assistant director Kate Bannon...
Lansing Civic Players close the curtain, change the set and wait for the next act
Feb. 9 2011
A new artistic director, Michael Stewart, was installed last month and is already planning the 2011-12 season. This spring, a new board of directors with business savvy will take over the theater, replacing...
Music, movies, poetry, good books, art — this weekend, you and your sweetie can have it all
Feb. 9 2011
WKAR staff, including general manager DeAnne Hamilton, will greet guests as they explore the Winter 2011 Masterwork Exhibition of “The Best of Friends: The Friends of Kresge Art Museum, beginning...
Rodney Whitaker premieres jazz suite at Creole Gallery
Feb. 9 2011
Crafting a fivepart mosaic of the great emigration of Southern blacks to the industrial cities of the north, composer/bassist Rodney Whitaker had to dive into cross-currents of racism, hope, self-destruction...
Family Theatre cast strikes back against bullies through drama
Feb. 9 2011
Gordon, director of the Mid Michigan Family Theatre, has created the play “Bully- Be-Gone: Tactics and Strategies to Reduce Bullying in Schools.” Produced with the Lansing Everett Visual and...
Williamston Theatre’s outstanding ’Oedipus’ demands to be seen
Feb. 9 2011
Perfectly supporting the production’s guiding principle of storytelling is the rearranged seating of the already intimate Williamston space to create a theater-inthe-round. This allows the actors...

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