Visiting workshops transform military uniforms into paper
March 21 2012
Lips zipped, jaw clenched, uniform in the attic — that’s still the way many veterans deal with their time in the military. Their stoicism suits civilians who’d rather not think about...
Meet the two Felicias: the fiery 1950s heroine of 'Memphis' and the actress who plays her
March 21 2012
When she was cast in "Memphis," the Tony-winning musical about the dawn of rock 'n' roll and the Civil Rights movement, Felicia Boswell insists she didn’t have to do much in the way of research....
Adventurous director Deborah Keller heads up a crackling production
March 21 2012
Brick is a study in conflict, as he fights his wife, his father, and his own demons. He is deeply mired in guilt after the death of his best friend, and attempts to drown out the world by hiding in his...
Theater of War takes long view of war trauma
March 21 2012
The opening moments of "Ajax" ring eerily familiar after U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales' alleged murder of 16 civilians in Afghanistan last week. In the age of laser-guided missiles and MRAPs, a 5th-century...
Admirable intentions lead to sadly awkward results in a slow-moving comedy
March 21 2012
For one thing, it’s their first show in the Curry Street Theatre, LCP’s new home at 6025 Curry Lane in Lansing. Second, it’s the show that might have turned around their slipping reputation...
'Marsha,' Starlight Dinner Theatre’s frantic parody of mysteries, could have used some script slashing
March 21 2012
Although Starlight Dinner Theatre serves their meal before the performance, sitting through the murder mystery parody "Let's Murder Marsha" feels like enjoying a delicious multi-course meal with excessively...
Much-anticipated movie is already selling out shows
March 21 2012
The long-awaited film debuts in theaters nationwide on Friday, and box office anticipation has immediately conjured up comparisons to the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" franchises. Local IMAX shows are...
Riverwalk Theatre revs up a gem with 'New Car'
March 21 2012
The play derives its name from one of the opening lines of dialogue: "When women say they want a new car, they want a new life," delivered by the “middle-aged” protagonist Becky — full...
To compete for acts with other cities, promoters say, concerts should be part of proposed Kewadin Lansing
March 21 2012
With the prospect of such a casino in Lansing working its way through the legislative process, could it also set the stage for a mid-size entertainment venue downtown? For those steadfastly opposed to...
March 21 2012
"Next Fall" revolves around a same-sex couple, Adam and Luke. Luke, played by Russ Jameson, believes in God while Adam, played by Jonas Greenberg, is an atheist. When an accident occurs, Adam seeks support...
Bodies at rust & beer your soul
March 21 2012
Q: I’m a recently divorced 40-something woman, now dating again, and I’m wondering what the guidelines are on how long to wait to have sex. I’m not interested in casual sex, but I have...
March 21 2012
On Friday at The Loft, expect a jam-packed show with four separate tours sharing one bill. The all-ages show includes A Loss For Words, The Sheds, The Menzingers, Make Do and Mend, Code Orange Kids, Captain...
Great Clips
March 14 2012
Michigan State University students have a new spot for haircuts in between class. Great Clips’ new location at 205 M.A.C. Avenue had a soft opening two weeks ago and has its grand opening Saturday
This season’s high school musicals include ‘Hairspray,’ ‘9 to 5,’ ‘Chicago’ — and ‘The Phantom of the Opera’
March 14 2012
To some, the term "high school musical' calls to mind visions of Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. To others, it means wake-me-when-it’s-over productions of "H.M.S. Pinafore" or "Peter...
MSU concert tries to define the meaning of 'home'
March 14 2012
The concert also examines comfort levels. “For example, in my piece there are two couples: One couple is two males and one couple is two females,” Barr said. “What does that do to people,...
The humor is hard-hitting in Gleeson's 'Guard'
March 14 2012
"The Guard" teams dumpling-faced, plain-talking small-town police sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) with the considerably more polished and professional Wendell Everett (Don Cheadle), an FBI agent...
Symphony unleashes two juggernauts and a fawn
March 14 2012
Saturday’s Lansing Symphony concert featured the most highly anticipated orchestra-and-soloist tandem of the 2011-´12 season, French pianist Philippe Bianconi’s energetic go at Johannes...
Grammy winner Isbin picks up on 'Passion'
March 14 2012
That confidence is a testament to her steadfast skills with the nylon strings and her poised on-stage coolness. At the November 2009 show, Isbin performed just feet away from the First Family and did what...
'Checking Out' checks in at LCP
March 14 2012
The Lansing Civic Players production unfolds inside The Lonely Pelican, located in fictitious Pepsicola, Fla., where manager George (Rick Wendorf) and his daughter, Karin (Brittney Benjamin), have to face...
Violinist makes his own 'transitional journey'
March 14 2012
He now plays, what he calls, "a transformational journey through digital violin." It’s a field that relies heavily on improvisation, digital-effects processors and looping pedals, creating an experimental...