With choices galore, Zoup! aims to please downtown diners
Jan. 19 2011
Catch Zoup! at the right time during a lunch rush and you’ll have no problem understanding all those exclamation points, as soupistas shout for steaming pots from the kitchen and a bustling crowd...
Revised and restructured show returns to Wharton Center
Jan. 18 2011
Expect something new when “Stomp” returns to the Wharton Center Friday. Two new full-scale routines are part of the show, as well as updated and restructured sections. But the percussion pageant...
John Lepard guest stars in Tuesday's 'Detroit 187'
Jan. 17 2011
Don't be surprised if you see a familiar face on "Detroit 187" Tuesday night. John Lepard, Williamston Theatre's artistic director (and frequently a performer there as well), is one of the guest stars...
'Green Hornet' tries so hard, it becomes a trying experience
Jan. 13 2011
Much more of a Seth Rogen showcase than it is a costumed crime fighter flick or a Michel Gondry ("Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind") film, "The Green Hornet" transports the masked avenger from 1930s...
Three guys from Dewitt launched a music channel to showcase noteworthy local performers
Jan. 12 2011
With a few digital cameras and computer programs, LansingMusic.tv founders Sean Bradley, Casey Cavanaugh and Austin Howard produce interviews and shoot live performances by local musicians from every genre....
MSU professor helps reggae legend Isaacs get a last Grammy nod
Jan. 12 2011
Right to the end, Isaac Kalumbu called Gregory Isaacs “Mr. Isaacs.”Growing up in Zimbabwe, Kalumbu never imagined he would meet his musical idol, dubbed “ruler of reggae” by The...
Silence says it all in 'Mademoiselle Chambon'
Jan. 12 2011
Although “Mademoiselle Chambon” begins with a family discussing the mysteries of grammar, language is almost beside the point in director Stéphane Brizé’s tale of temptation...
’Nuns,’ ’Maine’ take the stage
Jan. 12 2011
The nuns depicted by playwright Vicki Quade may not sing or dance, a la “Sister Act” and they certainly don’t fly like Sally Field did on 1960s TV screens
Kondonassis, LSO mix show and substance
Jan. 12 2011
Over the past five years, Muffitt has excelled at keeping butts in seats while stretching the brains above them. With each subscription concert, he has found a way to expand Lansing’s classical music...
A National Book Award finally puts Gordon in the winner’s circle
Jan. 12 2011
Racing slang comes naturally after reading Jaimy Gordon’s extraordinary National Book Award-winning novel “Lord of Misrule,” about a down-on-its-luck racetrack and its denizens. When...
Extremely old spice & Getting to null her better
Jan. 12 2011
Where you went wrong is in not shutting the guy down right away. You don’t make a date with a guy to tell him you don’t want to date him. You especially don’t when the guy starts hitting...
Jan. 12 2011
Blues guitarist extraordinaire Bobby Murray played guitar for Etta James for 25 years and recorded with B.B. King and T-Bone Walker. On Friday, the Bobby Murray Band performs at Leroy’s Classic Bar...
Granny Bee’s features many Southern classics, from gumbo to po’ boys
Jan. 12 2011
So with relatives from the likes of Yazoo City and Baton Rogue and Shreveport, La., McWright has developed a menu that intermixes regional styles of authentic Southern recipes that any Cajun or Creole-phile...
Two Sunday concerts honor Martin Luther King's legacy
Jan. 12 2011
Three Michigan State University jazz groups will celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. in “Jazz: Spirituals, Prayers and Protests.” The concert — to be performed twice on Sunday...
Creating Michigan Culinary Destinations conference happens Jan. 10
Jan. 6 2011
(Thursday, Jan. 6) On Jan. 10, a diverse range of businesses will celebrate Michigan’s culinary assets and share ideas to promote culinary tourism at East Lansing’s Kellogg Center
Several local actors are worth spotlighting
Jan. 5 2011
The Lansing theater scene is blessed to have so many gifted actors appearing on professional, collegiate and community stages. From breakout to breakthrough performances, these actors provided some of...
Record labels, venues keep on rockin’
Jan. 5 2011
Ramseur Records (which has also released Avett Brothers records), and continued a rigorous tour schedule. The band’s latest album, “Deadfalls and Nightmalls,” was released July 20. As...
Picture is looking clearer for Lansings artists
Jan. 5 2011
The Grand Rapids area can boast the world’s largest art competition, ArtPrize. Easy for them they have sponsors with deep pockets, something the Lansing area lacks. But what Lansing-area arts organizations...
Cooking up changes and serving up variety
Jan. 5 2011
First, the moving. In January, after contentious barbs slung back and forth between vendors and developers, nostalgic citizens intent on preserving history and city managers eyeing energy costs, the new...
Pilates teacher offers talks, demonstrations
Jan. 5 2011
Copiaco - Barberio teaches classical Pilates at Old Town in Lansing and has scheduled lectures and demonstrations Saturday and next Wednesday and Thursday. She said the biggest benefit of Pilates is that...

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