’Scott Pilgrim’ stars drew on real life while creating roles
Aug. 11 2010
As she maneuvered her way through a full day of interviews in a suite at Detroit’s MGM Grand hotel/casino with a bottle of water and a cup of tea close at hand, Winstead didn’t look like she...
Mother Goose moves in at Family Theater
Aug. 11 2010
“‘Once Upon a Shoe’ is a good play for our younger actors,” said director and theater manager Bill Gordon. “We normally get a lot of younger people so the show’s ensemble...
Metal health check-up
Aug. 11 2010
For those who didn’t score tickets to this year’s Ozzfest, Mac’s Bar will have a sample of the head-banging greatness on Wednesday, Aug. 18 when Goatwhore takes a day off from its tour...
Surviving a tough year inspired Katrina Kittle to think about animals
Aug. 11 2010
Those experiences all come together in Kittle’s new book, “The Blessing of the Animals,” which explores loss, divorce and the institution of marriage. Kittle says she is a favorite of...
Want Salt and Pepper Spray With That? & A Blast From The Pest
Aug. 11 2010
Q: The girl of my dreams works at a restaurant I eat at almost every day. When she started six months ago, I began sitting in her section. I’ve never had feelings this strong. I can’t even...
ePifanyNow event is designed to do some good
Aug. 6 2010
When Bob Hoffman was cut off by another driver in traffic two years ago, his first reaction wasn’t to flick her off. (Well, maybe it was just for a second.) But mostly, he felt an urge to make her...
Community Dance Project brings together professionals, students and energetic amateurs
Aug. 4 2010
“There’s an intrinsic impulse in every human to move to music, but you don’t always give yourself permission,” Newman said. “I want people in the audience to look at the dancers...
Kelley Armstong casts a supernatural spell in a new mystery featuring a detective witch
Aug. 4 2010
“Growing up, horror was something for guys,” she said. “I read Dean Koontz, Peter Straub, Stephen King.’’
Country star plays Sept. 11 concert
Aug. 4 2010
“We wanted to do more to involve the community, and the typical gala the way a lot of nonprofits do them is a black-tie, high-priced, high-end social event for businesspeople who want to network,”...
Capitol TheaterWorks revives radio drama in 'Variety Show'
Aug. 4 2010
One of the greatest strengths of Capital TheaterWorks is that its summer season is housed in the Ledges Playhouse. Those who know its history of ghosts and raccoons may disagree, but the fantastically...
Outdoor 'Othello' works effectively
Aug. 4 2010
“Bare bones” blatantly describes the design elements of Shakespeare on the Grand’s "Othello" in its current form
Hollywood gets summer-schooled
Aug. 4 2010
“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” burned brightly: It may yet reach $300 million. But the much-hyped, all-action, no-brains “A-Team” failed to get a passing grade from moviegoers; it’s...
For Stanley Jordan, making music just comes naturally
Aug. 4 2010
Jordan isn’t turning his back on razzledazzle. “State of Nature” closes with a joyful, Grammy-nominated stomp through Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out.” As headliner...
Aug. 4 2010
You might not think “improvisation” and “dentistry” would go together. In fact, you might dread the slightest possibility. But you are not Andrew Kratzat
Aug. 4 2010
If there’s one character Charles identifies with, it’s Papa Bois, the serene protector of the woods. “He’s known to have a bullhorn,” Charles said. “That image of him...
Aug. 4 2010
The file of jazz goodies in Gardner’s head isn’t slim, but two of jazz’s most rhythm-a-licious hits are on top: pianist Ahmad Jamal’s deep bumpgroove on “Poinciana”...
The Larva of the Party & Toon Deaf
Aug. 4 2010
Q: I love to dress up and go socialize with people. My boyfriend, however, can only smile friendly and chitchat for about 20 minutes before he seats himself in some corner and starts reading the host’s...
Dancer Carol Bentley shares Broadway basics with Lansing students
Aug. 4 2010
When Carol Bentley arrived in New York, eager to start a Broadway career, she had the memories of a theater-filled childhood in East Lansing to guide her. She remembers “A Chorus Line” and...
July 30 2010
The 1998 French film “Le Diner de Cons (The Dinner of Fools)” was a modest farce about high-rolling Parisian Pierre Brochant (Thierry Lhermitte) trying to take advantage of dorky Francois Pignon...
The Deluxe Inn once put the ‘ho’ in ‘hotel.’ Can the site now put the ‘hot’ in ‘hotspot’? The revitalization begins this weekend — with the help of a few graffiti artists
July 28 2010
The Deluxe, at I-496 and Washington Street, could use a bit of touching up; to quote the old TLC song, it’s “damn unpretty.” Hundreds of windows are boarded up to discourage vandals....

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