Splendid 'Shoes' finds humor — and horror —in the Old West
Feb. 8 2012
The stakes are higher and the situation more dire in Williamston Theatre’s world premiere of Joseph Zettelmaier’s “Dead Man’s Shoes.” By placing his character’s lives...
LCC musical examines the many facets of love
Feb. 8 2012
The show unfolds in a series of comic vignettes. “Every (actor) plays a different character every time, so that´s what makes it interesting,” said director Connie Curran. “It´s...
Despite a few star players, Holt-Dimondale's ‘Company’ doesn't work
Feb. 8 2012
Why would that be when you’re dealing with the work of a dominant artistic force like Sondheim and a potentially exciting (if somewhat dated) show like “Company?” And also, how can that...
Staged reading revisits sexual awakenings
Feb. 8 2012
Writer-producer Ken Davenport (“Altar Boyz”) read some of the stories, and thought they would make an interesting play. He compiled material from the website for the off-Broadway production...
Lolita Hernandez writes about living and working in the Rust Belt
Feb. 8 2012
If the Rust Belt had a capital city, it would be Detroit, where people have been making cars for more than 100 years. That may sound like a Clint Eastwood Super Bowl half-time ad, but Lolita Hernandez,...
Some unenchanted evenings & once you go Lewis Black…
Feb. 8 2012
My boyfriend lacks romantic ambition. In our two years together, we’ve never gone out to dinner someplace I can wear a dress and heels, and he never brings me flowers or does anything for our anniversary...
Feb. 8 2012
Zydecrunch plays a melting pot of American music, fusing New Orleans R&B, Cajun, country two-steps and waltzes, Creole struts and blues-inspired rock‘n’roll. On Thursday, the band releases...
Feb. 8 2012
On a sunny afternoon in mid-March, with snow melting all around, I biked past my little inamorata’s house, giving the usual sideways-eye when she appeared at the gate and beckoned me into the backyard....
The search continues for first-class dining in Lansing
Feb. 2 2012
Many of us seem to have an assembly-line mentality when it comes to dining out, and perhaps that’s understandable in a car town: We want to eat cheap, fast and in vast quantities. Maybe it’s...
'Addams Family' haunts the Wharton Center
Feb. 2 2012
It´s yet another adaptation of the Charles Addams cartoons, this time for the Broadway stage. But this show is hardly a reanimated sellout. It is mostly funny and highly entertaining for its target...
Mid Michigan Family Theatre offers 23 one-acts over two weekends
Feb. 2 2012
Thursday, Feb. 2 — Short shows about dreams, eating disorders, recycling, adoption and other issues will be presented during the Mid Michigan Family Theatre’s Actors Showcase Feb. 10-12 and...
Vine and Brew
Feb. 1 2012
The latest liquor store in the area is more than just a convenience store. Local craft beers, Michigan-grown foods, international wines and more are available at Vine & Brew in Okemos
Everyone gets a chance to be part of the chorus in annual Singing Festival
Feb. 1 2012
Each year the Ten Pound Fiddle hosts the Mid-Winter Singing Festival, along with help from “song leaders,” who keep things moving from the stage. All skill levels are welcome to show up, grab...
Leslie Hull bids farewell to MSU by taking on Bertolt Brecht's 'Mother'
Feb. 1 2012
The Michigan State University Theatre production of Bertolt Brecht’s “Mother Courage and Her Children” utilizes the same English translation by Tony Kushner (“Angels in America”)...
Cronenberg tackles 'Dangerous' material with style
Feb. 1 2012
Jung´s patient will become his secret lover, which jeopardizes his personal and professional relationship with his mentor, Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). But when Freud and Spielrein finally meet,...
Romance is a laughing matter in 'vaudeville' show
Feb. 1 2012
From the props to the physical farce, the show is a throwback to traditional vaudeville styles, spiced up with modern-day sexual politics
Chad DeKatch heads up the ensemble cast of Sondheim's 'Company'
Feb. 1 2012
When the lights come up on the Holt Dimondale Community Players’ production of “Company,” it will be the realization of a dream for its star, Chad DeKatch
A true story inspired Joseph Zettelmaier´s Western
Feb. 1 2012
In 1881, outlaw George Parrott was hanged for the murder of two law enforcement officers in Wyoming. After his death, Drs. Thomas Maghee and John Eugene Osborne took Parrot’s body to study his "criminal...
Purple Rose Theatre drama is a solid triumph
Feb. 1 2012
It takes a singer with a great voice to bring out the complexities of a well-composed opera. Likewise, it takes an actor with great range to project the nuances of a well-written script
Feb. 1 2012
Absolute Gallery "The World of Mike," a showcase of artwork of artist Mike Scieszka. Reception: Noon-5 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5. Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. 1632...