Mystery sells tickets for Vacant Lansing event
Jan. 18 2012
What you´re getting for your money is anyone´s guess. Vacant´s violet-colored logo of a blindfolded tiger is cryptic. Even the address of the event is a mystery: The site says it will...
The Sisters shine in ´Backstage Pass´ spotlight
Jan. 18 2012
The three members, led by the talented and hilarious Grace Morand, alternate between heartfelt ballads and more comedic fare. Quirky tunes like “Regretting What I Said” and “NaCl”...
Author Jim Daniels' job is telling the stories of other people's jobs
Jan. 18 2012
It’s tough being Jim Daniels. He’s often confused with another Daniels: Jeff, the actor and filmmaker who writes scatological comedies involving flatulence. Jim Daniels’ writing can be...
Witchful thinking & Baby, I need your oven
Jan. 18 2012
A “love” like hers sends chills down a man’s spine — that is, when the man happens to have one. Did you forget yours at the airport? Maybe leave it at a hotel? Although your wife...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Jan. 18 2012
Back in September, Root Doctor released “Joy,” a new album of soulful blues tunes. For area blues lovers who haven’t heard any of the new tunes yet, the band plays Friday at the Green...
There’s good rockin' tonight: 'Million Dollar Quartet' rattles the Wharton Center rafters
Jan. 11 2012
True story: in early December 1956, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, and Jerry Lee Lewis were all summoned to the Sun Records recording studio in Memphis by Sun founder Sam Phillips, the man who...
Steppin' In It members step into a side project
Jan. 11 2012
A new side project, the Starlight Six, which features members of Steppin’ In It, focuses less on technical skills and more on stripped-down songwriting. Steppin’ In It members Dominic John...
Riverwalk's 'Rosencrantz' shakes up Shakespeare
Jan. 11 2012
In Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” the characters of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are just bit players, roaming the edge of the story, never really getting their moment in the spotlight
Jan. 11 2012
Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins aren´t the only legendary singers taking over local stages this week. At 8 p.m. Saturday, Williamston Theatre hosts “An Evening with Hank Williams...
The typically superb Streep galvanizes 'The Iron Lady'
Jan. 11 2012
Streep’s performance is, like most of her work, splendidly textured and multi-dimensional. When Streep is truly in her groove, she completely disappears into her character., and that´s what...
LSO delivers sweet Saint-Saens, bipolar Beethoven
Jan. 11 2012
If we had known we’d be banging our heads into the wall with Beethoven by night’s end, we may not have embarked on the journey with such good cheer, but maestro Timothy Muffitt has a knack...
Ryan and Mandy Starski didn’t listen to the naysayers — and they’re glad
Jan. 11 2012
The couple met at Michigan State University and dated for three whole days before agreeing to get married, Mandy Starski said. Four months later, the couple held a small ceremony at a local church for...
A little advice from one bride-to-be to another
Jan. 11 2012
Growing up, I never realized how many decisions had to go into planning a wedding (as I am doing). From color combinations to cake cutting fees to gown fittings, there seems to be a never-ending list of...
Becker’s Bridal in Fowler has been making wedding dreams come true for more than 75 years
Jan. 11 2012
All those dresses can be a bit unsettling — "a white blindness nightmare" is what Alyssa Becker, the daughter's owner, sometimes calls it — but "dream" is an apt description, since the dreams...
The late activist's life is remembered in a series of events at Capital Area District Library
Jan. 11 2012
When Lansing resident Doug Warren was making the case in front of Lansing City Council last year for renaming Main Street in honor of Malcolm X, he said that if there was a Mount Rushmore for African-Americans,...
I smell a rut & on crowd nine
Jan. 11 2012
Everybody wants to believe their love will last, but when a guy’s marrying Wife Number Five, some honesty in vow-making seems called for — for example, “Till mild boredom do us part.”...
Jan. 11 2012
Chris Bathgate’s melancholy indie-folk has earned him a loyal following in the Midwest and beyond. On Thursday, he plays Mac’s Bar; openers include Small Houses, Pioneer and Kevin Killen. His...
Here’s one ‘Trespass’ you shouldn’t forgive
Jan. 9 2012
“Would you shut up?” one of the villains barks in “Trespass.” “You’re taking all the air out of the room air that other people could do good things with!” If...
Screenwriter John Orloff never gave up on his dream project; now, it’s opening nationwide
Jan. 9 2012
"Growing up, if you wanted to be part of the conversation, you had to be talking movies," he said, with a smile, during a visit to Ann Arbor last month
Nothing is as it seems in first-rate ’Descendants’
Jan. 9 2012
Given his circumstances that may be one of the easier decisions Matt will have to make. His sportsloving daredevil of a wife, Elizabeth, is on life-support after a boating accident, and the prognosis is...