Aug. 9 2018
Then she rediscovered a short story she had written earlier, featuring a vampire protagonist in a world where everyone knows vampires exist. Her successful series was born, but she said it would be six...
Aug. 11
Aug. 9 2018
The goal this year, Denny said, is to “come back bigger and better,” with improved lighting and sound and more amenities. Wine tasting from Traverse Wine Coast and Lansing Brewing Co. beers...
Aug. 9 2018
Daniel’s words in this opening number are crisp. Wanda (Rachel Mender) delivers them furiously, while her sister Norma (Kat Cooper) busily makes dozens of peanut butter balls for Father Harvey’s...
Aug. 8 2018
Twenty-eight different creative Lansing minds are melding to foster advancement of the arts in Lansing. Foreshadowed by Mayor Schor’s first State of the City address, the Mayor’s Arts and Culture...
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Aug. 8 2018
FINKEL, or by the band’s own stylization F I N K E L, played its first gig at Mac’s Bar. In those days, the group was called Less Is More, and its big accomplishment was a mashup track with...
Aug. 7 2018
Mayor Andy Schor kicked off the Imagine the Avenue pilot event on the 2000 block from Fairview to Clemens, as a means to test out the future of Michigan Avenue as a commercial corridor
Aug. 6 2018
Bathtubs careened through Bath’s Main Street at 26 miles per hour at Bath Days 2018. A rookie in a former champion bathtub machine took the crown this year for the Bath Township Fire Department,...
Aug. 3 2018
Lansing zookeepers are inviting people to hit the lanes to raise funds for black rhino conservation
Aug. 2 2018
With Lansing’s own Taylor Taylor playing jazz in the wind, and ScrapFest 2018’s top prize-winner “The Butterfly Effect” clinking along with its silver butterflies at the new Hope...
Aug. 2 2018
Aries (March 21-April 19) Palestinian American writer Susan Abulhawa writes that in the Arab world, to say a mere "thank you" is regarded as spiritless and ungenerous. The point of communicating gratitude...
Aug. 2 2018
That’s how “Dancing Ladies” was born. “That one as a photograph didn’t look that interesting, but I sketched out what the image looked like,” Blanchard said. “After...
Aug. 2 2018
Lansing JazzFest, now in its 24th year, is about 10 festivals wrapped into one: a showcase for a great American art form, a celebration of Old Town’s vibrancy and growth, a chance to run into people...
Aug. 2 2018
Ford Theatre Reunion returns to mid-Michigan for a headlining show Aug. 8 at Mac’s Bar. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the forever-touring group of road warriors, formed in 2008, has kept busy playing...
Aug. 2 2018
The 1969 draft lottery seemed like a good idea to level the playing field for young men facing the draft. In a single night, all males, ages 19-26; born between 1944 and 1950, would receive a supposedly...
Aug. 6-11
Aug. 2 2018
The city hopes to get 400 responses from Lansing citizens, in order to catalogue their thoughts on the potential new layout, which will see the road cut down to three lanes in order to make way for an...
Aug. 2 2018
With a soft opening in mid-August, and a grand opening slated for Sept. 13, Cask and Co. will introduce a completely redesigned establishment with a new granite bar, reclaimed wooden tables, upcycled light...
Aug. 2 2018
Per Downtown Lansing Inc.’s request for proposals, the parking ramp at 219 N. Grand Ave. is slated to have the wallscape of its elevator shaft become a public art installation — the chosen...
Aug. 1 2018
In celebration of SilverFest 2018, and its 25th anniversary, Lansing nonprofit Cinnaire has created Hope Park in the center of REO Town
Aug. 1 2018
Okemos’ Ashen Hills group is part of a bigger network of LARPers called Amtgard, an organization formed in 1983 with more than 300 chapters in the U.S. and Canada
July 31 2018
Though they won’t last in a museum, this art is safe for consumption. Using microfoam milk as a paintbrush, and a bed of espresso as its canvas, the first Barista Throwdown in REO Town saw Traves...