Aug. 18 2011
As an alternative to the Board of Water and Light’s proposed new $1 billion coal plant, James Clift of the Michigan Environmental Council presents “Plan B,” a mix of natural gas and renewables
Aug. 18 2011
“Urrrgghhaalarrggg.” That’s the noise my brain would make inside my fat head as the City Council meeting reached hour No. 3 and one of them was - again - droning on about some inane issue...
Aug. 18 2011
Just a few nights ago, unable to sleep after midnight, I tuned into a rerun of A Few Good Men
Aug. 18 2011
What is the greatest contribution that City Pulse makes to local theater? Someone in local theater management would probably answer: previews of upcoming shows
Aug. 18 2011
Congratulations to the Lansing City Pulse on celebrating their 10th anniversary!
Aug. 18 2011
“Carpenters, plumbers, police officers, firefighters, autoworkers, retirees, teachers, college students, high school studentshave all congregated at the center of Michigan state government to say...
Aug. 18 2011
Since the City Pulse's first publication was released 10 years ago, I have become an avid fan, eagerly awaiting the publication of each issue!
Old Town turns into a miniature Broadway once more during the fourth annual Renegade Theatre Festival
Aug. 17 2011
Working under the loosely encompassing mission statement of providing “as much theater as possible in a short amount of time” for free, Badgero says Renegade answered a persistent question...
Ken Burns and Ken Beachler both get some attention during WKAR’s annual Fall Preview
Aug. 17 2011
WKAR will honor a local arts advocate and provide a look at its future programming during its third annual Fall Preview on Aug. 24
Clearing up fuzzy memories of ‘Conan the Barbarian’
Aug. 17 2011
My memories of the 1982 “Conan” were fuzzy, so I took a look at it last weekend. When I say “fuzzy,” I mean literally fuzzy: The only times I had ever tried to watch the movie came...
Piece treaty & Sex and the cellar
Aug. 17 2011
They’d gone from being a couple who didn’t have much sex to a nearly sexless one. You seemed to suggest that the guy bargain for sex from his wife: “Talk about how much sex you’d...
Aug. 17 2011
This Friday features a performance by local bluegrassfolkies Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys, playing Americana tunes with a vocal style that sometimes reflects old-school jazz vocalists. There is free...
Aug. 11 2011
He is a seventh-generation slack-key guitar player and lives in Maui on his family farm, which focuses on organic sustainable farming methods. The farm produces papayas, taro, sweet potatoes, bananas and...
Author Jim C. Hines gives modern makeovers to fairy tale favorites
Aug. 10 2011
“For a while, our house was overrun with princesses: princess movies, princess dolls, princess pajamas, princess toothbrushes, and so on,” explained Hines, 37, of Holt. “Some of the movies...
The battle of the sexes leads to bruising comedy in Riverwalk production
Aug. 10 2011
The Woman says, "I want to talk to you about life. It’s just too difficult to be alive, isn’t it, and try to function?” Later on, we hear: “Have you all wondered why sexual intercourse...
Old Town’s Chicago Deli has plenty of atmosphere — but seems to be running short on everything else
Aug. 10 2011
And it’s quirky, with headshots of Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley and other celebrities in high school graduation-style frames on the wall. (I get the Oprah/Chicago connection, and...
Former Fix vocalist turns to true-crime chronicles
Aug. 10 2011
“Girl, Wanted” chronicles Pender’s manipulative ways: The prosecutor in the case called her “the female Charles Manson.” Pender managed to stay on the run for months, thanks...
REO Town gallery/performance space celebrates its first birthday and makes plans for the future
Aug. 10 2011
Art Alley’s biggest accomplishment in this first year, however, has been the ambitious project known as MI-ArtShare, a project designed to help the arts flourish in Michigan and to help artists...
Hold me, tightwad & Too mosh for information
Aug. 10 2011
What kind of disturbed cheapskate tells his girlfriend she’s lucky he didn’t charge her for rent, gas, and electric on all those nights she didn’t drag herself out of his bed and drive...
Aug. 10 2011
Performers include Frank and Earnest, The Plurals, The Playback and the punk sounds of Fisherking. While it’s distributed throughout the United States and 20 other countries, Razorcake often covers...