The highlights (and the highfalutin) from last weekend's festival
Aug. 25 2010
The annual Renegade Theatre Festival in Old Town provided a showcase for several new works. City Pulse critics were on-hand to cover last weekend's readings and performances
Renegade Theatre Festival fills Old Town with comedy and drama
Aug. 18 2010
This weekend, the Renegade Theatre Festival will cram dozens of local theater groups and independents into legit venues and odd corners of Lansing’s oldest district to fuel a Big Bang of dramatic...
Aug. 18 2010
Sandra Seaton recalls once seeing a film about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall that celebrated his achievements while ignoring everything else.“The other attorneys (in the film) had personal...
Local organization gets hairy for charity
Aug. 18 2010
“Originally, there were five of us, most being recent Michigan State University grads,” John Buckler said. “One guy had decided to go as Fidel Castro for Halloween and grew a large beard,...
Brackx talks smack
Aug. 18 2010
Local punk scene veteran Chaz Brackx (formerly of The Chirps) filmed a promotional video for a Chaz Brackx & the Tight Teens show at Mac’s Bar; it stirred up some controversy among Lansing musicians...
Not Wanton Any & Lens Crafty
Aug. 18 2010
Q: I started seeing this amazing guy, but had to initiate most of the making out. He soon dumped me, saying he has little experience and was freakingout. (He’s 40, and has only had three girlfriends.)...
Expect positivity — not profanity — at Flow Fest
Aug. 18 2010
The Henderson family doesn’t believe all rap music is a negative influence. In fact, to their Media Messengers Evangelistic Association, it’s quite the opposite.The group will host its Flow...
Riverwalk freshens up a 300-year-old fantasy
Aug. 13 2010
"There is so much energy going into their performance. For people familiar with Riverwalk , it’s worth it to come out to ‘Sleeping Beauty’ just to see these fresh faces. It’s an...
Love is truly a battlefield in hilarious
Aug. 13 2010
We live in a world of pop-culture references, some old, some new. Check your Twitter feed: You’re as likely to find comments about a 1980s band or a 1990s TV series as you are discussions about the...
Julia Roberts suffers in style in glossy
Aug. 13 2010
Who is the real star of “Eat Pray Love,” adapted from Elizabeth Gilbert’s spectacularly successful memoir about finding yourself through the magic of Italian cuisine, Indian gurus and...
Looking for guitar-strumming protest singers? They’re not at the Great Lakes Folk Festival. But if you want Detroit blues, Celtic classics and a salute to the green movement, look no further
Aug. 11 2010
“Actually, we exclude that kind of music,” said Lora Helou, the festival’s marketing and communications director. “That is something you might see at the Newport Folk Festival....
When it comes to getting the story in Lansing, our man Larry is always on a roll
Aug. 11 2010
Some people will see this story and think to themselves, “Slow news week.” Maybe, but I’ve wanted to say this for a while.I love being a bicycle reporter in Lansing
Exhibit celebrates comics made in Michigan
Aug. 11 2010
If you still reside in this state, chances are you have a healthy sense of humor (or maybe an unhealthy capacity for escapism)
’Scott Pilgrim’ stars drew on real life while creating roles
Aug. 11 2010
As she maneuvered her way through a full day of interviews in a suite at Detroit’s MGM Grand hotel/casino with a bottle of water and a cup of tea close at hand, Winstead didn’t look like she...
Mother Goose moves in at Family Theater
Aug. 11 2010
“‘Once Upon a Shoe’ is a good play for our younger actors,” said director and theater manager Bill Gordon. “We normally get a lot of younger people so the show’s ensemble...
Metal health check-up
Aug. 11 2010
For those who didn’t score tickets to this year’s Ozzfest, Mac’s Bar will have a sample of the head-banging greatness on Wednesday, Aug. 18 when Goatwhore takes a day off from its tour...
Surviving a tough year inspired Katrina Kittle to think about animals
Aug. 11 2010
Those experiences all come together in Kittle’s new book, “The Blessing of the Animals,” which explores loss, divorce and the institution of marriage. Kittle says she is a favorite of...
Want Salt and Pepper Spray With That? & A Blast From The Pest
Aug. 11 2010
Q: The girl of my dreams works at a restaurant I eat at almost every day. When she started six months ago, I began sitting in her section. I’ve never had feelings this strong. I can’t even...
ePifanyNow event is designed to do some good
Aug. 6 2010
When Bob Hoffman was cut off by another driver in traffic two years ago, his first reaction wasn’t to flick her off. (Well, maybe it was just for a second.) But mostly, he felt an urge to make her...
Community Dance Project brings together professionals, students and energetic amateurs
Aug. 4 2010
“There’s an intrinsic impulse in every human to move to music, but you don’t always give yourself permission,” Newman said. “I want people in the audience to look at the dancers...

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