African Children’s Choir shares messages of need and optimism
Feb. 3 2017
Yes, in Africa there is despair, poverty, civil war and kleptocracy, but there are reasons for hope as well. That’s the message of the African Children’s Choir, which uses music to show people...
MSUFCU exhibit features artists from 19 area high schools
Feb. 2 2017
MSU Federal Credit Union’s latest project is putting a spotlight on young talent. This year’s MSU Federal Credit Union Student Art Exhibit features art from 19 Mid-Michigan high schools
Feb. 1 2017
Clarinetist Anat Cohen brings humanist vision to MSU residency
Feb. 1 2017
There is no one in jazz, or in all of music, quite like Israeli-born clarinetist Anat Cohen
Feb. 1 2017
The newest addition to Lansing’s music and entertainment scene, UrbanBeat Event Center, hosts Planet D Nonet, aka PD9, one of Detroit’s top little big bands. Co-founded by bandleader RJ Spangler...
Feb. 1 2017
Comedy fans in Lansing have two opportunities to have a good laugh and support good causes Friday night
BoarsHead Theatre co-founder John Peakes dead at 83
Feb. 1 2017
“What Lansing meant to him is less important in my mind than what he meant to Lansing,” said his son, Ian Peakes, in a message to City Pulse. “He loved it there and made it an artistic...
Poet Cindy Hunter Morgan explores Great Lakes shipwrecks
Feb. 1 2017
MSU Professor and poet Cindy Hunter Morgan’s latest poetry collection is a transformative look at the shipwrecks that dot the Great Lakes. “Harborless,” which comprises 40 poems, is partly...
Schavey Road Pub / Sarnie Shope / Ruckus Ramen / Blaze Pizza
Feb. 1 2017
“Our DeWitt customers are definitely (more subdued) than the crowds we see at our other locations,” said Dave Sell, vice president of 414 Entertainment, the Tin Can’s parent company....
Meghan Martin bw
Meghan Martin joins Arts Council of Greater Lansing
Jan. 27 2017
FRIDAY, Jan. 27 — The Arts Council of Greater Lansing yesterday announced Meghan Martin as its new program manager. Martin“As a former drama kid with a love for design, I really con
City of Charlotte unveils new public sculpture
Jan. 27 2017
FRIDAY, Jan. 27 — The City of Charlotte unveiled “Charlotte Rising,” a new sculpture funded by a Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) and PNC Foundation Public Art for Communities...
john peakes
BoarsHead Theatre co-founder John Peakes dead at 83
Jan. 26 2017
THURSDAY, Jan. 26 — Longtime Lansing actor John Peakes died this morning at 83, City Pulse has learned. Peakes had been suffering from chronic heart problems and other medical conditions. “He’s
Ingham County program seeks applicants for urban farming internship
Jan. 26 2017
The Lansing Urban Farm Project is seeking potential urban farmers for its apprenticeship program, which runs from early May through early October. “This apprenticeship program is uniq
Haslett actress earns award for audiobook recording
Jan. 25 2017
It took 640 minutes, almost 11 hours, for Lauren Ezzo to record her parts for the audiobook version of Sarah Combs’ “The Light Fantastic.” It is one of several books she has recorded...
Comedian Shane Mauss explores the benefits of psychedelic drugs
Jan. 25 2017
Shane Mauss wants to talk to you about LCD, mushrooms and ecstasy. Well, that’s not entirely true. He wants to talk about the brain. But he knows drugs will pull an audience
Jan. 25 2017
New York-based playwright Christy Hall said she sees it as her responsibility to write compelling roles for women of all ages. “A Painted Window” is centered on two estranged sisters who struggle...
The jazz album that took two hours and 91 years to record
Jan. 25 2017
Last month, George Howard went into the recording studio for the first time in his life. So what? A lot of saxophone players make a lot of records — maybe too many. Why care about this one?
Librarian, storyteller Lezlee Worthington retires from East Lansing Public Library
Jan. 25 2017
On a recent Sunday at the East Lansing Public Library, a seemingly endless stream of patrons poured through the doors to say goodbye to retiring librarian Lezlee Worthington who, in her 25 years at the...
LAMBS’ GATE ANTIQUES / THE LIFE THAT’S LIVED THERE VINTAGELamb's Gate Antiques / The Life That's Lived There Vintage Market Place MARKET PLACE
Jan. 25 2017
For about two months, Jill Rinner had a “nagging feeling” to go see her old colleague, Carol Lamb, owner/operator of Lambs’ Gate Antiques in Old Town. The two women met in the early...
Jan. 18 2017
Ford Theatre Reunion returns to Mid-Michigan for a headlining show Saturday at the Fledge in Grand Ledge. Based in Lexington, Ky., the forever-touring group of road warriors, formed in 2008, is known for...