David Maraniss deals with tough questioners at author event
Nov. 18 2015
The late Rodney Dangerfield once quipped, “I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out
Mark Elliot Wilson brings diverse experience to Broadway role
Nov. 11 2015
Mark Elliot Wilson plays the role of Baby’s father, Dr. Jake Houseman, in this touring production. An accomplished television and film actor, Wilson’s acting credits include several episodes...
Marvels’ ‘Drudge Attire’ embraces messiness
Nov. 11 2015
While the indie rock outfit Marvels didn’t start in the capital city, the band has certainly blossomed since moving to Lansing almost two years ago
‘Material Effects’ takes a close look at the things around us
Nov. 11 2015
If things are meant to be used and thrown away, why do they keep coming back?
High art takes a flying wedge into Spartan Stadium
Nov. 11 2015
Halftime will unfold serenely at Saturday’s MSU vs. University of Maryland football game — at first. A lone cellist will waft a tender Chinese melody over the Spartan Stadium turf. A delicate...
Oddball, awesome music energizes all-American night at the LSO
Nov. 11 2015
Lansing Symphony Orchestra concerts routinely exude power, nobility and lyricism. Eccentricity? Not so much. Weirdness? Hardly ever
Nov. 11 2015
East Lansing-based singer/songwriter Stefanie Haapala headlines Friday at Mac’s Bar, openers are Michigander, Peter J. Hochstedler and Signature Mistakes. Haapala, an MSU student, began writing indiefolk...
‘Dirty Dancing’ delivers in Broadway adaptation
Nov. 11 2015
Broadway productions often get a bad rap for adapting popular stories from the silver screen to the stage. Dramas and comedies are transformed into glitzy musicals that only vaguely resemble their source...
‘Ghost: The Musical’ doesn’t resurrect the movie’s magic
Nov. 11 2015
A fantastic musical has songs that you want to learn, characters you keep thinking about long after the curtain falls and a magic that can transform a worldview. But when a musical fails, it usually...
Small-town charm falls flat in ‘The View From Here’
Nov. 11 2015
Set somewhere in the mid-‘80s in smalltown Kentucky, Fern (Rachel Mender), a 30-year-old with self-diagnosed agoraphobia, runs a daycare for babies
‘Nuncrackers’ brings early Christmas fun
Nov. 11 2015
Starlight Dinner Theatre knows its target audience, and director Jane Zussman knows how to please them. Its production of “Nuncrackers: The Nunsense Christmas Musical” is a perfect example...
‘The Colleen Bawn’ brings Celtic charm to LCC stage
Nov. 11 2015
Aye! Begorra! In Lansing Community College’s latest theater production, faculty member Andy Callis deftly directs a talented team of artisans and actors them through a rousing resurrection of the...
Public art is popping up all over Lansing — but where is it coming from?
Nov. 11 2015
Lansing’s relationship with public art can be best summarized in Facebook terms: It’s complicated
Nov. 11 2015
East Lansing’s Women in the Arts Festival turns 30 this year, and it's inviting the community to help them celebrate
‘Skin Music’ shows Hinrichsen’s poetic versatility
Nov. 11 2015
The poem “Dialysis” describes his mother’s dialysis treatment with both lyricism and scientific precision. This comes easily for Hinrichsen, who spent the first 10 years of his writing...
Access Art offers low-cost arts opportunities for youth
Nov. 6 2015
High school and middle school students in the greater Lansing area with interest in writing, music and the arts are in for a treat courtesy of the Lansing Symphony Orchestra
Comedian brings tour to MSU
Nov. 5 2015
THURSDAY, Nov. 5 — Comedian Kevin Hart has added an East Lansing stop to his What Now? comedy tour
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns.
Nov. 4 2015
The MA (Michigan Avenue) Tower, a historic but run-down railroad building in Lansing’s Old Town, is looking for a new home. The Lansing Model Railroad Club, a nonprofit formed in 1953 to preserve...
‘Telling: Lansing’ brings veterans’ stories to the stage
Nov. 4 2015
If your only impression of the military is from Hollywood films or video games, Peppermint Creek Theater Co., in partnership with the nationally recognized Telling Project, is hoping to change that
Four-headed saxophone blob oozes into symphony concert
Nov. 4 2015
True to the spirit of Halloween, the soloist in the next Lansing Symphony Orchestra concert was painstakingly assembled from its constituent parts in the dark, saliva-spattered laboratory of MSU saxophone...

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