MSU musical has technological magic, but is sorely lacking in charm
Feb. 24 2011
While scenic designer G. Max Maxin has thrown tons of technological video graphic wizardry at the audience in the Michigan State University Theatre production — a spectacular unfolding of everything...
Beckett to Baum: Everybody needs something
Feb. 23 2011
Beckett’s absurdist comedy opened in 1957 and has been analyzed and debated ever since. Lansing Community College’s production features Mary Wardell as Nell, Jonas Greenberg as Nagg, Michael...
Coal-fired MSU moves toward energy transition
Feb. 23 2011
Holding hand-made valentines with slogans like “clean energy = true love,” a series of student speakers pushed MSU’s “Be Spartan Green” slogan up against the reality of its...
The singer brings together musicians from around the world in her band
Feb. 23 2011
Having spent most of her life in Jerusalem, singer Yasmin Levy was introduced to a hotbed of cultures, many of which find ways into her style of international music
Double concerto was inspired by Washington Irving
Feb. 23 2011
Master orchestrator and arranger (and Michigan State University alum) William Brohn has crafted many award-winning sonic canvases, from Broadway’s "Miss Saigon," "Wicked" and "Ragtime" (for which...
Chrome Cat and Spiral dress up their shows
Feb. 23 2011
There have been two significant changes since my last address. The first one is that the Chrome Cat in Old Town has settled on Wednesdays for its drag night. The bar began a Tuesday drag show around the...
Riverwalk’s ’Hairspray’ is a stylish sensation
Feb. 23 2011
From cult B-movie to Broadway hit, the aerosol-inspired “Hairspray” is setting the Riverwalk Theatre stage ablaze. Written and composed by Mark O’Donnell and Thomas Meehan, this pro-justice...
LCC cast scores with solid production of tricky 'Endgame'
Feb. 23 2011
Set in a post-apocalyptic world, the play is an intimate look at the dynamics of four people who wile away the dismal days in the isolation of what was once a grand estate. These were people of privilege,...
Band finds room to grow with 'Trouble House'
Feb. 23 2011
Joshua Barton had a huge revelation back in 1999 after stumbling upon a record by Spiritualized, an English neopsychedelia band. Further digging led him to Spacemen 3 albums, and a crop of other loud,...
Alvin Ailey dancers revive 1960 masterpiece
Feb. 23 2011
The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is advertising this as the 50th anniversary of the dance, which the troupe will perform at Wharton Center Tuesday and which remains a signature piece in the company’s...
Feb. 23 2011
Munro Leaf created the iconic character, a gentle, loving bull that prefers smelling flowers to facing bullfighters in the ring in the 1936 book, “The Story of Ferdinand.” Walt Disney Studios...
Life has been a wild ride for a ’Winnebago Man’
Feb. 23 2011
Many of those caustic clips turn up throughout documentarian Ben Steinbauer’s “Winnebago Man,” an attempt to chart the curious course of Rebney’s life from a career as a TV news...
Participants share stories and experiences in a writing workshop at the Womens Center
Feb. 23 2011
The women of the Embodying Our Words workshop sat down for their last dinner together, enjoying truffle macaroni. They danced to Julie London, while laughing with each other. They had been together for...
Ingrate Expectations and Say Cheesy
Feb. 23 2011
Q: I fear my husband has some disability in regard to apologizing. Monday was his birthday. I had a terrible cold, but put myself on enough meds to cook him a wonderful meal and dessert. I felt too sick...
Feb. 23 2011
One of those acts, Mr. Denton on Doomsday has been gigging around Lansing for years playing their brand of experimental indie metal. The band’s sound could be compared to Incubus and System of a...
Touring musical will now open May 12
Feb. 18 2011
"Chicago" is still on its way to the Wharton Center — it's just arriving a bit later than expected
Feb. 17 2011
Atomic Tom is a Brooklyn-based band that created a buzz on YouTube after they performed their single "Take Me Out" live using four iPhones on a New York City subway. The fictional premise of the video...
The director of education and community engagement has been at the LSO for three and a half years
Feb. 17 2011
After three and a half years, Catherine Guarino, Lansing Symphony Orchestra’s director of education and community engagement, will step down next Wednesday
Feb. 16 2011
Of 13 people surveyed on the street last week, six support the proposed 4-mill property tax increase solely or along with some cuts to services, five wanted to see cuts only and two are still on the fence....
For ’Hairspray’ director Chad DeKatch, the 1960s musical is no period piece
Feb. 16 2011
And he admits he’s been a bit jealous: "In the first dance rehearsals, I got up there and did the dances with them, because working with Karyn (Perry, the show’s choreographer) is so much fun