Editor Gerald Boyd broke down barriers, until scandal ended his career
March 10 2010
Stone was recently on the Michigan State University campus as part of the School of Journalism’s centennial celebration and to promote Boyd’s book, “My Times In Black and White,”...
Director Tim Burton adds his own flavor to a visually stunning revamp
March 10 2010
And what a trippy trip it is, in 3D no less. All the beloved characters from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic books, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking...
Show spotlights artwork of autistic students
March 10 2010
The show isn’t all rainbows. At Sunday’s reception, Ben Davis, a sophomore at Charlotte High School, stood proudly next to a display case of insectoid horrors made of ceramic, clay, wire and...
March 10 2010
Because I give advice for the real world, I told this woman the truth: Male sexuality is highly visual, and male lust usually has a weight limit. At a certain point, “more of me to love” becomes...
Lansing native Hughes gets Oscar attention - finally
March 10 2010
"I think that the best way to judge movies is, like, 10 years after they’re released," Damon told the Los Angeles Times. "I think they should actually do the awards that way. I think they should...
East Lansing art gallery settles in at new location Friday
March 10 2010
Mackerel Sky's grand re-opening in its new location at 211 M.A.C. Ave. is going to happen a couple days later than originally planned
Chordsmen present a song-filled salute to New York City
March 9 2010
The Capital City Chordsmen will bring the sights and sounds of New York City to Wharton Center with their annual barbershop show on Saturday, March 13. “New York, NY – Thanks for the Memories”...
Expect some close races in Sunday night's Academy Awards
March 5 2010
Forget Christmas: For filmmakers, the most wonderful time of the year is Oscar season, a time when they do everything they can (and sometimes more than they’re allowed to) in order to take home one...
An elaborate 1933 adaptation is full of vintage stars and vivid images
March 4 2010
Search the title “Alice in Wonderland” at the Internet Movie Database, and you’ll find more than two dozen film and TV adaptations of Lewis Carroll’s freaky fantasy, ranging from...
’The Body’ brings surprising insights to choreographers
March 3 2010
We often take our bodies for granted. Breathing, walking, getting us through our daily life goes unappreciated. We watch the Olympics and envy the impressive athleticism of the athletes who are the best...
May concert may inspire dancing in the streets
March 3 2010
Every year Old Town is host to JazzFest and BluesFest, each of which draws over 15,000 people to the streets of Lansing. Now there’s a new, funkier event on the block. Mi-Funk, a one-day concert,...
March 3 2010
North Foyer Gallery at East Lansing Public Library
HerStories series recognizes unsung heroines and stories
March 3 2010
Now, Law Burns is one of the authors, storytellers and poets who will help pass the torch to other women yearning to tell their own stories and the stories of others
Many contenders vie for best picture at this year’s Oscars, but not all are worthy
March 3 2010
For the 2010 Academy Awards, the Motion Picture Academy decided to put 10 candidates in the running for best picture.Was it because 2009 brought us so many outstanding films that the usual five slots wouldn’t...
Ballet Folklorico comes to the Wharton Center
March 3 2010
According to Salvadore Lopez Lopez, the grandson of Ballet Folklorico de Mexico founder Amalia Hernandez, it was a trip through her homeland that inspired Hernandez to create her company. Lopez describes...
Purple Rose hits new heights with glorious 'Gravity'
Feb. 25 2010
Through the mist, a woman walks through an arch, steps out from background shadows and onto the stage, and lifts her skirt, appearing to levitate. Is it intentional? The play is “Gravity”...
Ice wines may be pricey, but they're a sweet treat
Feb. 24 2010
It’s that time of year when the snow and frigid cold bring joy to the hearts of certain vintners in Germany, Michigan, New York, the Niagara escarpment region of southern Ontario, and British Columbia’s...
9-year-old trumpet player headlines Red Cedar Festival
Feb. 24 2010
Ask Geoffrey Gallante what he wants to be when he grows up and you’ll hear him count, in a whisper, from 9 to 18. Then he’ll aptly remind you he is only 9 years old, which leaves him nine more...
Michelle’s Studio of Dance offers original Oz fantasy
Feb. 24 2010
Laura Swanson is going green literally for her upcoming performance as Elphaba in “Oz,” the display of singing, dancing and acting being put on by Michelle’s Studio of Dance and Performing...
Addy Awards honor top ads
Feb. 24 2010
The agencies listed with the American Advertising Federation, which sponsors the awards, are divided up by state into districts: Michigan is in District 6, along with Indiana and Illinois. Within each...

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