Kellie's Consignments / Gigi's Cupcakes / Wayback Burgers / Whole Foods
March 2 2016
“Thanks to our more than 10,000 consigners and loyal customers, we have outgrown our current location,” said owner Kellie Murphy in an email release
Feb. 26 2016
FRIDAY, FEB. 26 — Islamophobia is a hot-button issue in the U.S. right now, with presidential contenders seriously discussing bans on Muslim non-citizens from entering the country. Last week, a grou
Military themes get the spotlight in local productions
Feb. 24 2016
Even while the Iraq wars are barely in our rearview mirror and our military is still stationed in an unstable Afghanistan, this year’s crop of political candidates are rattling sabers at ISIS and...
MSU production suffers from lack of context, poor acoustics
Feb. 24 2016
The chilly winds of March arrived early this year, and I fought them as I scurried across the street into MSU’s Auditorium building Friday night. I scooted through a labyrinth of unmarked tunnels,...
LCC goes steampunk in ‘The Threepenny Opera’
Feb. 24 2016
The singers inside Lansing Community College’s Dart Auditorium Friday night blew the roof off the place. I don’t mean that metaphorically
Feb. 24 2016
Also hitting the stage are Grand Rapids-based indie folk outfit the Crane Wives and Chicago-based ambient-indie rockers Steve Leaf & the Ex- Pats. Making its Lansing debut at the show is Public Access,...
On visit to the Broad, artist Andrew Sendor explains half of everything
Feb. 24 2016
There are many carefully forged links in the 39-year-old New York artist’s work, but the chain drops straight into a well of mystery. Sendor spoke extensively about his meticulous methods on a visit...
Author Tim Dorsey finds inspiration in Florida’s weirdness
Feb. 24 2016
When City Pulse caught up with author Tim Dorsey by phone last week, he was on the book promotion circuit in Florida. The author, who was trying to get to a bookstore on Sanibel Island, was caught in...
February 26-27
Feb. 24 2016
Attention aspiring songwriters: The Ten Pound Fiddle kicks off the first ever Red Cedar Songwriting Festival this weekend. It hopes the two-day event will be an annual fixture in the Ten Pound Fiddle...
Local author charges bias in Michigan Notable Books choices
Feb. 24 2016
“No book with major LGBT content has ever been among the books annually celebrated and publicized statewide,” Raphael wrote on his blog, which is hosted by the Huffington Post. “That...
Capital Vine / Tin Can East Lansing
Feb. 24 2016
The taps are part of an innovative preservation and dispensing system that injects nitrogen into the bottle as wine is removed to keep it from oxidizing and changing flavor. It allows Capital Vine to give...
Museum Drive Arts Impact Project accepting artist proposals
Feb. 23 2016
TUESDAY, Feb. 24 — Downtown Lansing’s Cultural District is looking to spruce up its Michigan Avenue entrance — and it’s looking to Michigan artists for ideas.The Arts Council of...
Review: Paula Poundstone works the crowd in Wharton Center performance
Feb. 19 2016
FRIDAY, Feb. 19 — When Paula Poundstone took the stage at the Wharton Center last night, she didn’t waste any time getting to the day’s hottest political topic.“So the pope thinks...
Kickshaw Theatre continues inaugural season with ‘Electric Baby’
Feb. 17 2016
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 17 — Imagine a jigsaw puzzle set in front of you, but all the pieces are upside down. You turn them over one piece at a time, slowly figuring out what the complete picture is.That’
February 19-28
Feb. 17 2016
Macheath, the original Mack the Knife, sneaks ‘round the corner into Dart Auditorium this week as Lansing Community College’s Theatre Program presents “The Threepenny Opera.”
Feb. 17 2016
Fans of Lansing-based power-pop band Cheap Girls can check out a stripped-down version of the group Friday when lead vocalist/guitarist Ian Graham performs a solo acoustic set at Mac’s Bar. Openers...
Dancer Savion Glover and drummer Jack DeJohnette tap out a cosmic message
Feb. 17 2016
Tap dancer Savion Glover and drummer Jack DeJohnette will have an intense conversation Friday at the Wharton Center
Local author discusses new book, renewed public interest in true crime
Feb. 17 2016
If there’s one thing author Steve Miller has avoided over the past two decades, it’s working a mind-numbing, run-of-the-mill day job
Classic play lands again at Riverwalk Theatre
Feb. 17 2016
Some say love is lovelier the second time around. But does a theatrical production of Ken Kesey’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” still sizzle as hot the second time around?
Greenwave Dispensary/Capital Vine/Bangkok House
Feb. 17 2016
After the 2011 Metro Lansing medical marijuana dispensary bubble and its subsequent pop, local cannabis provision centers have mostly flown under the radar. They’ve also been mostly relegated to...

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