Concert hits extreme highs and lows
Dec. 8 2010
The Lansing Symphony and massed choral legions from Michigan State University and the Choral Union moved a mountain Saturday with a noble reading of Ernst Bloch’s “Avodath Hakodesh,”...
Dec. 8 2010
Catch the band live at The Cheap Girls Holiday Show, set for Friday, Dec. 17 at Mac’s Bar. The night is a showcase of local acts from different genres. Opening the show are the delicate folk sounds...
You tech my breath away & Deleting him on
Dec. 8 2010
Q: I’ve had some good experiences with online dating, but I just can’t get over this feeling that it just isn’t natural or sexy.—Clicking For Love
Lansing students get lessons in creating ceramics -- and healthy diets
Dec. 8 2010
Reach Studio Art Center specializes in art education in an after school setting for students, says executive director Alice Brinkman.“The emphasis came from the Greater Lansing Potter Skills, which...
Music distributor hosts final open house Saturday
Dec. 3 2010
On Saturday, Goldenrod marks this changing of the times with its final annual open house. The event includes the auctioning of Goldenrod memorabilia, a “buy five CDs, get one free” sale, $2...
Medical emergency forces band to scrap tour
Dec. 3 2010
(Friday, Dec. 3) Sad news from Small Things Productions: The Girlyman concert scheduled for Dec. 12 at Creole Gallery has been canceled. Girlyman member Doris Muramatsu has been diagnosed with chronic...
James Taylor and Ben Taylor come to Wharton Center March 9
Dec. 3 2010
(Friday, Dec. 3) — It's a family affair at the Wharton Center March 9, when father and son James Taylor and Ben Taylor team up for a night of music. It's the first time the two have toured together....
Greater Lansing Gay Men's Chorus and Sistrum present holiday concert
Dec. 2 2010
The Greater Lansing Gay Men's Chorus and Sistrum, the Lansing Women's Chorus, join forces for "I Believe," a holiday concert, at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday at Dart Auditorium
Woldumar Nature Center offers tours — and a visit with Santa
Dec. 2 2010
One of the main attractions at Woldumar Nature Center is a hand-crafted log cabin built in the 1860s and brought to Lansing in 1890. On Saturday, Dec. 4, the Nature Center will give visitors a tour of...
Dec. 1 2010
Michigan Women’s Historical Center and Hall of Fame
LSO guest plays ‘conduit between man and God’
Dec. 1 2010
Backed by the symphony, the Choral Union and Michigan State University Chorale, Small will climb the crags of the Old Testament to assume the cantorlike solo role in “Avodath Hakodesh,” an...
Chanticleer sings in the season at Wharton
Dec. 1 2010
“In some communities their education funding is cut or they don’t have access to arts education in the schools and we try to come fill a void or be inspirational in that way,” he said....
Tribute albums kowtow to KISS and Devo
Dec. 1 2010
9 p.m. Friday, Dec. 3 Oade’s Hidden Camel, 1210 S. Washington Ave., Lansing $5, 21 and over Reds, Calliope, Cavalcade, Gates of Steel, The Plurals, BerT, Frank and Earnest, Lord Vapid, Hat Madder,...
Expert comic timing keeps Williamston’s ’Greater Tuna’ fresh
Dec. 1 2010
While it isn’t the greatest show Williamston Theatre has done, “Greater Tuna” is a purty dang good distraction from holiday stress. Director Tony Caselli cast well with Williamston veterans...
Dec. 1 2010
GDP has been busy in the last year. He released two albums, toured multiple times across the map, and played shows with hip-hop legends the Wu-Tang Clan. GDP’s “Useless Eaters” is slated...
Forget 'Shrek': Musical 'Puss' has a style all its own
Dec. 1 2010
Pre-dating the Dreamworks films by almost 10 years, Bill Helder and Jane Zussman’s mirthful meta-musical "Puss in Boots" bears little resemblance to the "Shrek" epics. No computer-generated characters...
'Ice Road' star slides into the book world
Dec. 1 2010
Alex Debogorski, author of “King of the Road” and star of the History Channel’s “Ice Road Truckers,” hopes to ward off an icy reception while promoting his new book.Debogorski...
The boors and the bees
Dec. 1 2010
Q: In your response to the woman with the publicly gropey boyfriend, you deemed French kissing at a workplace event inappropriate PDA. How about French kissing one's girlfriend during a performance of...
Disney puts a sweet spin on Rapunzel in engaging 'Tangled'
Nov. 24 2010
The character of Rapunzel is much better known than her story is, which gives Team Disney a certain amount of license to sweeten up her saga in "Tangled," a buoyant, often uproarious musical comedy that...
Riverwalk lets the cat out of the bag in ’Puss in Boots’
Nov. 24 2010
When the youngest son of a miller (Danny Bethea) receives a cat (played by Donna Green) for his inheritance, he has no idea how cunning the feline is. Puss’ ingenuity helps her to gain money, clout...