Artist builds virtual gallery out of life and death
Nov. 10 2010
If you like lots of tomato, garlic and onion in your art, Kim Kauffman’s “Investigations” series, now on view at Mackerel Sky in East Lansing, might be just the spread for you. However,...
’Music History’ examines romance in the era of the Civil Rights fight
Nov. 10 2010
Sandra Seaton would like to put a different spin on the way the African- American experience is generally presented on stage.Seaton’s "Music History" is a drama with a few musical touches, reflecting...
Strong acting illuminates shattering 1950s drama
Nov. 10 2010
Those who watched TV in the 1950s memorized the phrase, “There are 8 million stories in ‘The Naked City’ this is just one of them ... .” While far more eloquent than any of the...
Expert cast brings ’Morning Glory’ to full bloom
Nov. 10 2010
In writer-director James L. Brooks’ classic 1987 comedy-drama “Broadcast News,” dynamic, idealistic producer Jane Craig (Holly Hunter) spent much of her time fretting about the rise of...
Nov. 10 2010
American roots music is often thought of as having a strictly traditional vibe. Sunday at Mac’s Bar, four acts will showcase examples of edgy, on-the-fringe roots music. Rachel Brooke will perform...
A superhero spoof - and so much more
Nov. 6 2010
True, that long-delayed “Spider-Man” musical may never make it to Broadway and the hyped-to-the-heavens “Watchmen” was something of a box office underachiever. But otherwise, superhero...
The set is perhaps the biggest star of 'Mary Poppins'
Nov. 4 2010
It was many hard hours and long nights in the making, but the set for the Wharton Center’s "Mary Poppins" is ready for the spotlight
Couples collide in savagely funny Purple Rose comedy
Nov. 4 2010
They were the best of friends; they were the worst of friends. Writer Jeff Daniels has a knack for creating complex characterizations of couples experiencing the challenges of interpersonal intimacy. In...
It’s Debussy night at Absolute Music
Nov. 3 2010
Velvet-voiced actor/director Ken Beachler and perfectionist piano man Sergei Kvitko have a strangely compelling musical partnership.Suave cop, intense cop? Honey and salt?Their chemistry is hard to pin...
’View From the Bridge’ looks at possessive passion
Nov. 3 2010
Set in a 1950s Italian-American neighborhood in New York, near the Brooklyn Bridge, Miller’s play tells of Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman raising his teenage niece, Catherine. Eddie’s jealousy...
Nov. 3 2010
New Exhibits Absolute Gallery “Wonderful Watercolor Wonderland.” Visions of Michigan depicted in watercolor by Betty Bea Washburn. Reception: 1-5 p.m. Nov. 7. Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday 11...
Bayanihan dances into Wharton Center
Nov. 3 2010
Not only was the company the first Filipino group to perform on Broadway, and the first non American dance company to grace the stage of New York’s Lincoln Center, it was also the first cultural...
Scalding ’reasons’ tackles verbal violence
Nov. 3 2010
The play opens with a fight in progress between a couple, Steph (Chelsea Witgen) and Greg (J.C. Kibbey). The more aggressive of the two, Steph unleashes an obscenity-laden tirade, a verbal assault that...
Race for Academy Awards begins now!
Nov. 3 2010
The calendar may say November to you and I, but to film publicists, studio executives, moviemakers and actors it might as well say “Oscar Season, Part One.” Already, the drums are starting...
Deborah Diesen reels in a ’Pout-Pout Fish’ sequel
Nov. 3 2010
“Dan Hanna wanted to include art from the deepest part of the ocean in the first book,” she said. Hanna and Diesen had never met before the first book was published, but at a joint appearance...
Nov. 3 2010
My Other Friend, a Brooklyn-based indie band, is headlining a rock show this Sunday. Fans of Arcade Fire and A Brief Smile may want to check this female-fronted band out. Opening the show are two local...
Settle sore & Lack of space, the final frontier
Nov. 3 2010
Q: I’m a 23-year-old law student with a boyfriend who attends grad school 16 hours away. We’re both swamped at school, so we visit once a month. I've only been with one other guy, but I hate...
All-of-us Express brings 'Time Machine' to the stage
Nov. 3 2010
(Wednesday, Nov. 3) All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre revs up H.G. Wells' "The Time Machine" with a cast of 48 young actors this weekend
Quintet of artists collaborates on new space
Nov. 3 2010
A new art studio opening in Lansing seeks to offer hands-on art experience in addition to the classic gallery stylings. The new studio, Gallery 1212, is set to open Sunday, Nov. 7
Hilary Swank fights for justice in bittersweet 'Conviction'
Oct. 29 2010
“Conviction” is the story of a man behind bars and a woman in a prison of her own creation. They’re siblings. Based on a true story — that was still unfolding while the movie was...