March 24 2010
March 26Suheir Hammad, 9 p.m. Abbot Café, first floor, Abbot Hall, MSUAltan, Celtic music, 7:30 p.m. Charlotte Performing Arts Center, 378 State St. $29-$36.“Night of...
March 23 2010
When you travel as much as I do, it’s not surprising that,occasionally, a piece of luggage fails to arrive when it is supposed to.Inthirty years of travel writing, my checked in bag has failed to...
Technical problems don't rattle rockers as they vie for an Ionia Free Fair slot
March 23 2010
The Battle of Bands preliminaries were held March 20 at Riedy’s White Rose Café in downtown Charlotte; the winning group goes on to compete at the Battle of Bands this summer at the Ionia...
Director Claire Denis reveals the complex ties between four people in "35 Shots of Rum"
March 18 2010
It takes “35 Shots of Rum” for Lionel (Alex Descas) to mark a truly special occasion, and he doesn’t take that ritual lightly. There don’t seem to be many important moments in Lionel’s...
The produce market features ethnic groceries from India, the Middle East and Mexico
March 18 2010
Co-owners Kevin Watersian and Rushit Bhimani opened on Monday, March 15 with a limited selection of dry goods, but the store will be fully stocked with produce by Thursday
Jonathan Larson's Pulitzer winner addresses issues faced by Everett High School teens, says director
March 18 2010
Lansing's Everett High School has become the only school in Michigan’s lower peninsula to perform Jonathan Larson's controversial rock opera, “Rent,” which tackles such topics as sexual...
Author Dave Eggers visits East Lansing Aug. 29
March 17 2010
The City of East Lansing and Michigan State University have selected Dave Eggers’ 2009 novel “Zeitoun” as the 2010 One Book, One Community novel. Set in New Orleans immediately after...
Ella Joyce speaks for Rosa Parks in ’Rose’
March 17 2010
“It’s the part I was born to play,” Joyce said. “I have actually felt her spirit right down inside of me on stage.” spur a court challenge to discrimina- Best known for her...
L.A. Quartet finds strength in numbers
March 17 2010
With arrangers like Kanengiser in the group, the entire universe of music is theirs to pillage, with one restriction: no electronics. In addition, all of the quartet’s material old, new, borrowed...
Death is only the beginning of the story in a Niffenegger novel
March 17 2010
Niffenegger and her writing are known for unusual goings on. Take her first book, “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” which put an unusual twist on H.G. Welles’ literary trope of time-travel....
It’s ’80s redux: Remakes pour into cineplexes
March 17 2010
“I would love to see some new ideas come out of the big studios the remake thing is killing me,” one Facebook follower complained. “I think they have remade every cult horror movie and...
’Opal’s Husband’ is predictable farce
March 17 2010
The Starlight Dinner Theater is virtually immune to theater criticism for the same reason as summer blockbusters: It has a built-in audience. Their latest production, “Opal’s Husband,”...
Gallery opens in new location
March 17 2010
“There’s always buzz with any kind of change,” Dufelmeier said, and Mackerel Sky was no exception. “Excitement was generated with coming to see the new place.”
March 17 2010
’Cheatin’,’April’ among this week’s theater openings
March 17 2010
He’s actually demanding that the bride rebook the church, the caterer, the florist, and the hall, and tell hundreds of her guests to change their plans
March 17 2010
On Tuesday morning, Kevin Waldman’s biggest headache was protecting big shots like architect Zaha Hadid, billionaire tycoon Eli Broad, Michigan State University president Lou Anna Simon and Gov....
Local musicians and DJs unite for a wide-ranging fundraising event
March 16 2010
“Sounds of Relief” will be heard all through the Old Town Temple Building in Lansing with a wide range of music from rock to hip-hop to electronic in an event to benefit relief efforts in Haiti....
Gary Mullen will rock you in a tribute to the late Freddie Mercury
March 15 2010
Not everyone sounds like Queen's Freddie Mercury — and, of those that do, only Gary Mullen has managed to make a career of it."One Night of Queen," coming to the Wharton Center on Monday, March 22,...
Thinking about seeing "Remember Me"? Forget it
March 12 2010
“Remember Me” is a tearjerker that won’t make you cry. It will, however, make you groan and squirm and possibly snore as it painstakingly details the lackluster love story of a bitter...
Melissa Inky Kim emerges victorious in Cocktail Wars
March 11 2010
Kim appropriately named her winning concoction the “Hell Cat.” The rim was covered in blue raspberry sugar and Melissa "Inky" Kim of The Chrome Cat won the top prize in Cocktail Wars, a six-weeklong...

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