Okemos musician wins Lansing Concert Band competition
April 6 2011
Alto saxophonist Jordan Lulloff says he doesn’t mind a little musical back-up.“I’ve always liked playing, and I love performing,” Lulloff said. “I especially like performing...
A second harvest of ’Grapes of Wrath’
April 6 2011
Since its publication in 1939, John Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath” has moved generations with its depiction of the struggles faced by Americans during the Great Depression
'Sons of Stone' is the band's auspicious debut release
April 6 2011
People’s Temple: ’Sons of Stone’ release show with Jason Alarm and The Dolphins 5 p.m. Saturday, April 9 Mac’s Bar 2700 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing All ages $6 (517) 484-6795
'Mad Men' in limbo? Here are some alternatives
April 6 2011
You’ve heard the news: AMC’s “Mad Men” is on hiatus until sometime next year. No more flashbacks to the days of Mother’s Little Helpers and Daddy’s After- Work/Pre-Dinner...
April is the time to cherish; Poetry — let it never perish!
April 6 2011
Allen Ginsberg would be howling over poetry’s evolution from coffee houses and the dank corridors of ivy-covered halls to highway billboards proclaiming “I geek poetry.” He would also...
April 6 2011
This Friday the band’s “Dirge Across America Tour” will stop at Mac’s Bar. In April 2010 after the re-release of “Abuse,” Wormrot’s debut album on Earache Records,...
MSU Opera Theatre takes on Ricky Ian Gordon’s fierce ‘Grapes of Wrath’
March 30 2011
Sing a song of hope, love and family. Is it the great American song yet? Try a song of unemployment and foreclosures, union busting and immigrant bashing, alcohol and suicide. Need more? Sing of vigilantes...
Smart script, superb cast make Peppermint Creek’s offbeat comedy a gem
March 30 2011
Peppermint Creek Theatre Co. has done it again fulfilled its stated mission of entertaining while raising awareness and encouraging dialogue
Antiquarian Book & Paper Show has something for you
March 30 2011
Book dealers are coming from all over Michigan, as well as from Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Minnesota. But that’s not all: Book binder Jon Buller, manager of the custom binding division...
Sterling stars make 1950s comedy-drama connect
March 30 2011
Pithy bowling metaphors scarcely describe the Williamston Theatre’s "While We Were Bowling."
MSU Jazz Vocal Ensemble assembles for the last time
March 30 2011
As part of a university-wide 20 percent slash of programs across many departments, the School of Music’s 7-year-old vocal jazz program has been dropped. The program’s founder, MSU vocal jazz...
Timely themes are buried inside a confused script
March 30 2011
Producing quality theater is always a challenge. Academic theater programs have the added challenge of finding a script that meets certain learning outcomes. The play must also be an ensemble piece that...
March 30 2011
The band plays the Landshark Friday. Sharing the bill are Audrey (Muskegon), Good Weather For Airstrikes (Howell), Bloomill (Mt. Pleasant). Elliot Street Lunatic will record its sophomore album in California...
A success is announced: Murder is fast-paced and enjoyably played
March 29 2011
A success is announced: ’Murder’ is fast-paced and enjoyably played
March 24 2011
Twice a year, book and paper enthusiasts of all kinds come together in Lansing to search through books, postcards, magazines, posters and more. If it’s on paper you’re likely to find it at...
After their son’s suicide, Kevin and Tammy Epling decided to share his story
March 24 2011
Maybe Kevin and his wife, Tammy, would have had someone to reach out to when their 14-year-old son came home from the last day of eighth grade and told them he had been attacked by East Lansing High School...
Lansing’s Melissa White tops varied LSO program
March 24 2011
For Melissa White, headlining Saturday’s Lansing Symphony concert doesn’t mean hotel food and hangers you can’t pull off the rack. Born and raised in Lansing, the peripatetic violinist...
’Exit Through the Gift Shop’ examines an ’art terrorist’ and his oddball admirer
March 24 2011
The term "street art" might have once triggered images of trains covered in psychedelic graffiti or slogans like "Thuggin’ ’Til The Casket Drops" spray-painted across an old fence. The Oscar-nominated...
Echoes of Pink Floyd finds the ’Dark Side’ of a classic fantasy
March 24 2011
“It’s an escape from reality for people to see ‘Wizard of Oz’ set to ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ with lasers. It’s a surreal experience,” said Tom Beller, bassist...
Indeed, according to an eye-opening new book from a British historian
March 24 2011
"Mask," the current exhibit at the MSU Museum, stands as proof. Some of the several hundred masks on display are scary, but none is scarier than the robed and hooded mannequin of a KKK member Maybe it...