Two programs feature groups of varying sizes and music of all styles
July 20 2011
Melissa Lilje, artistic director of the CDP, says its 17 dances are set to a variety of tunes, including contemporary classical music, country, and hip hop. The dances are divided into two shows: Program...
How women are remaking Lansing’s oldest district
July 20 2011
Antiques and boutiques, yoga and flowers, hair and more hair. Stores with names like Love, Betti, October Moon, Grace and Polka Dots Bead-A-Full Boutique. Attorneys, non-profits and design firms bring...
Splendid acting and wonderful script make this comedy a must-see
July 20 2011
When next-door neighbor, Dr. Benjamin “Doc” Boggs (“Bless my soul, I’ve got me some genuine Yankees for neighbors!”) invites Rob to join him in a Civil War re- enactment,...
Bob Baldori found the keys to a rocking documentary
July 20 2011
No one can accuse Baldori of playing it safe on his first directorial project. “Boogie Stomp” ambitiously weaves together three plotlines: Baldori’s working relation ship and friendship...
July 20 2011
The CD release party takes place at Saturday at the Creole Gallery and features performances by vocalist Rockelle Whitaker, the folk reggae band Billiards Music; Peter, Paul and Cat; solo guitarist Elden...
MSU alum cooks up a fine courtroom drama
July 20 2011
East Lansing author R. Charles McLravy knows exactly how many yellow legal pads it will take him to write his next mystery. Writing in longhand might be a lost art, but McLravy figures he filled about...
July 20 2011
Opening the show are The Fencemen (featuring members of Small Brown Bike and Ettison Clio), along with locals Frank and Earnest, plus Aspiga from New Jersey. Narc Out the Reds also recently pressed up...
MSU prof David Stowe plugs into Christian pop
July 13 2011
In the 1970s, Jesus made his own big move into the secular world, backed by infectious tunes, electric guitars and drum kits. My new friend across the street, George, couldn’t stop talking about...
Star John Lepard talks about Williamston’s latest world premiere
July 13 2011
A culture clash becomes a comic civil war in Williamston Theatre’s “And the Creek Don’t Rise.” Penned by frequent Williamston collaborator Joseph Zettelmaier, “Creek”...
Duke Tumatoe remains true to his bluesy roots
July 13 2011
“I take inspiration from a lot of the stuff I grew up listening to: I grew on the south side of Chicago in the ’50s and ’60s I was exposed to it as a kid,” Tumatoe said. “They...
MSU student launches a new theater company, with help from a website
July 13 2011
“I heard the musical for the first time about three years ago on a CD, and I fell in love with it right away,” he said. “I said to myself, ‘One day I want to direct that.’...
Closing the curtain on a decade of Pottermania
July 13 2011
Closing the curtain on a decade of Pottermania
A psychotic killer stalks the streets of Ann Arbor in ‘Very Bad Men’
July 13 2011
In his second book, “Very Bad Men,” Dolan continues to write about the “mean” streets of Ann Arbor, but expands his mystery playground to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. (The...
July 13 2011
There is no cover charge for co-op residents and they can bring a “ 1” guest. Also, residents and their 1 guest will have a “line by-pass” as well, so no waiting in line outside...
The country star talks death panels, war, Obama, health care — everything but music
July 7 2011
“We haven’t finished a war in 50 years or longer,” he said. “Not since the second World War have we finished something we started. We have all of these rules and regulations. Instead...
A message movie thats also a monster movie
July 7 2011
To connoisseurs of world cinema, the Criterion Collection has long been a treasure trove. The high-quality line of DVDs includes titles from Ingmar Bergman, Louis Malle, Roman Polanski, Charlie Chaplin,...
Pretty Things Peep Show is a one-way ticket to ‘Broadville’
July 6 2011
“It’s a new genre the kids are calling ‘Broadville,’” Go-Go Amy said. “It’s like vaudeville, but all done by hot broads. It’s a very lady-centric show. There’s...
East Lansing Farmer’s Market starts its third year Sunday
July 6 2011
Included in the vendor ranks are Clearview Orchards, The Country Mill, El Azteco, Fresh Lake Whitefish Co., Gibbs Berry Farm, Greenbrush Farms Dolce Vita Goat Dairy, Hang’s Farm, Nibble, Nightengale...
Composer Chad Rehmann has been selected to participate in film scoring workshop in L.A.
July 6 2011
The event features Richard Bellis, an ASCAP board director and film scorer who composed the Emmy-winning score for the TV miniseries “It,” adapted from the Stephen King novel
Kristina Riggle’s latest novel examines a family in crisis from multiple viewpoints
July 6 2011
Author Kristina Riggle is something of a literary ventriloquist. In her most recent book, “Things We Didn’t Say,” Riggle tells a story from the point of view of six protagonists as they...