New book looks at events leading to Kent State shootings
Feb. 15 2017
“Four dead in Ohio.” Those four words, from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young’s hastily recorded protest song “Ohio,” were haunting in their simplicity
Peppermint Creek’s ‘Heathers’ delivers laughs with dark humor
Feb. 15 2017
“Heathers: The Musical” is a dark — more like black — satire. If you haven’t seen the ‘80s cult film on which it’s based, you’ve now been warned. That said,...
Feb. 15 2017
After sitting vacant for nearly a year and a half, a prime downtown Lansing nightclub location will reopen next week as a hookah lounge. On Wednesday, owner/operator Adam Murshed will host a grand opening...
Comedian Jono Zalay talks neuroscience, comedy and giving cocaine to rats
Feb. 14 2017
Lots of people who hold two titles at once, it’s nothing new. You can be a mother and a CEO, a teacher and a soccer coach, the list goes on and on. But how about a comedian scientist?
Eric Bayley runs down his favorite movies from last year
Feb. 13 2017
Contrary to a misconception that cropped up in 2016, movies are not dead. The year was a great year for cinema. There are always truly great films being made, just not always in Hollywood. And t
‘The Founder’ serves up a film that’s heavy on facts, light on intrigue
Feb. 10 2017
“The Founder” isn’t necessarily a bad movie, but there’s no real reason it needed to be a movie. Nothing about the film’s presentation, the way it delivers its story, justifies...
City of Lansing announces investment in arts
Feb. 8 2017
Courtesy imageA rendering of last year's Arts Impact Project, which will be completed by artist Ivan Iler this summer. WEDNESDAY, Feb. 8 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero, along with representative
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 1.44.48 PM
Feb. 8 2017
From romantic dinners and dances to drag performers and Dungeons & Dragons, Greater Lansing has a wide variety of Valentine’s Day activities to choose from
Feb. 8 2017
Lansing’s own Dead Hour Noise and the Jackpine Snag perform Friday at the Avenue Café; Hastings-based progressive-thrash band 6 Prong Paw opens the show. Dead Hour Noise, a metal/punk/grind...
MSU’s “Blood at the Root” pulses with vital questions
Feb. 8 2017
There are no easy answers in “Blood at the Root,” but there are a lot of good questions. Written by Dominique Morisseau and directed by guest director Steve H. Broadnax III, the Michigan State...
Twin Peaks’ Cadien Lake James talks Coachella, life on the road and future goals
Feb. 8 2017
For most of our readers, the name Twin Peaks brings to mind Mark Frost and David Lynch’s 1990s TV drama. But for a growing number of indie rock fans, the name is associated with a Chica- go-based...
Feb. 8 2017
For those looking for something more creative than flowers and chocolates on Valentine’s Day, Broadway actors Jarrod Spector and Kelli Bartlett offer a romantic homage to celebrity couples. Their...
‘A Painted Window’ peers into the life of a fallen woman
Feb. 8 2017
The elders among us may remember a closing line from the classic noir TV show, “The Naked City”: “There are 8 million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them.” The...
Sharon Isbin joins Lansing Symphony for a night of Latin American music
Feb. 8 2017
As a child, Sharon Isbin wanted to be a scientist. She shot bottle rockets 1,500 feet across her backyard and built cloud chambers that detect subatomic particles
New poetry collection explores growing up in Metro Detroit
Feb. 8 2017
Jim Daniels is back on familiar turf with “Rowing Inland,” a new collection of poetry based on his experiences growing up in Metro Detroit
Fundraiser helps Kristine Thatcher cover Medicare ‘donut hole’ gap
Feb. 8 2017
Medicare’s “donut hole” is an oddly playful name for a serious situation. Former BoarsHead Theatre artistic director Kristine Thatcher, in an extended battle with ovarian cancer, has...
Catching up with Steppin' In It three years after the Green Door
Feb. 8 2017
Just over three years ago, Jan. 20, 2014, Steppin’ In It took the stage at the Green Door for the last time, ending a decade-plus run of Monday night gigs at the east side blues bar
The Crafted Bean / Golden Harvest
Feb. 8 2017
“I’ve got entrepreneurial disease — my brain never stops working,” Hartig deadpanned. “People have been using grass-fed butter in coffee for a little while now, but I saw...
African Children’s Choir shares messages of need and optimism
Feb. 3 2017
Yes, in Africa there is despair, poverty, civil war and kleptocracy, but there are reasons for hope as well. That’s the message of the African Children’s Choir, which uses music to show people...
MSUFCU exhibit features artists from 19 area high schools
Feb. 2 2017
MSU Federal Credit Union’s latest project is putting a spotlight on young talent. This year’s MSU Federal Credit Union Student Art Exhibit features art from 19 Mid-Michigan high schools