June 1 2011
It’s the season of the sun and the moon. A time for bluegrass and Common Ground. A time for jazz, folk, vintage vehicles, free theater and a dash of Caribbean spice. Get ready for summer, Lansing-style....
Photographer Suellen Hozman’s ’Flesh Tones’ challenges the power of first impressions
June 1 2011
Photography by Suellen Hozman Reception Noon-5 p.m. Sunday, June 5, at Absolute Gallery, 307 E. Grand River Ave., Lansing; exhibit continues through June 30. Regular gallery hours are 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday;...
Author Steve Hamilton restarts the series with ’Misery Bay,’ which hits stores Tuesday
June 1 2011
But most fans of Hamilton don’t care about awards. They read him because of his Alex McKnight series, which is primarily set in what Hamilton calls “one of the loneliest places on earth,”...
’Great Big Bar Show’ relaunches venerable Augusta summer theater
June 1 2011
Hans Friedrichs spent three seasons at the Barn Theatre in Augusta as an Equity Membership Candidate. Then he took more than 20 years off.He’s back this summer as the director of “The Great...
Director hopes ’Musical Comedy Murders’ slays Riverwalk audiences
June 1 2011
At first glance, it may seem that director Lisa Sodman Elzinga has murder on the brain. She is, after all, behind Riverwalk Theatre’s “Musical Comedy Murders of 1940,” which opens Thursday....
The art of maintaining a little mystery in marketing
June 1 2011
We live in an era when too many movie trailers and commercials give away far too much including all the best jokes, all the biggest shocks and sometimes even the ending of the film. If you talk to marketing...
June 1 2011
Absolute Gallery “Flesh Tones,” a celebration of flesh colors and flesh decorations. Personal stories accompany each photograph. Reception: Noon-5 p.m. June 5. Hours: 11 a.m.-7 p.m. Tuesday-Friday,...
When you wish upon a Ringo Starr & Aisle be embarrassing you
June 1 2011
While it must seem like aliens came down and swapped out your brain for Mrs. Cleaver’s, it’s possible that the culprit is the release, during sex, of oxytocin, a hormone nicknamed “the...
June 1 2011
All proceeds go to “Landon’s Fund.” The late Andrew Carpenter was born in Charlotte, and still has family in the Lansing area. His cousins Shawn Semen and Mark Semen (of the now-defunct...
Kresge Art Museums collection will not have a permanent home at the Broad Art Museum
May 26 2011
In a grouping of diverse cultural rock stars, a seventh-century pope (Gregory I), a 14th-century Spanish bishop and a wooden Yoruba warrior from west Africa hold a time-traveling, cross-cultural summit...
Here are the contenders for this year’s Pulsar Awards, honoring the best in local theater
May 25 2011
Erin Buitendorp, Mary Cusack, Tom and Kathy Helma, Paul Wozniak and Ute Von Der Heyden are six of Lansing’s busiest people. Month after month, they haunt local theaters, seeing all the best and all...
Stormfield Theatre’s appealing ’Answers’ presents Ann Landers’ world in a different light
May 25 2011
“The more things change, the more they stay the same” is one of those truisms that is not always true. And it’s probably something that Eppie Lederer said at some time in the 47 years...
Founder of Peppermint Creek Theatre is now on staff at the Arts Council
May 25 2011
"With Chad’s experience working through the Old Town Commercial Association, as well as his involvement in the community and especially his background in the arts and his enthusiasm for Lansing,...
The season of sequels starts with a double shot
May 25 2011
Not every mosquito bites and not every second or third installment of a series does either. Remember "The Godfather, Part II" and "Toy Story 2"? Sure, you may say, but what about "Transformers 2: Revenge...
Strong acting can’t sustain a murky script in Williamston drama
May 25 2011
Reading the description of Williamston Theatre’s latest production “Eleemoynary” before heading to the theater, you might wonder if the play will leave you bawling over unresolved mommy...
East Lansing author and professor Thomas Foster’s “Twenty-Five Books That Shaped America” will be criticized as much for what’s in it as for what he left out — and that suits him fine.
May 25 2011
The book’s subtitle: “How White Whales, Green Lights and Restless Spirits Forged Our National Identity” gives hints about a few of the titles. (Just how many books are there about white...
May 25 2011
Bordering on super-group status, the band features members of pop masterminds The Copyrights, as well as Rivethead, Houseboat and Gateway District. Dear Landlord’s brand of pop-punk is packed with...
May 18 2011
The program, started in 2005, is building up a track record of success. Two of last year’s emerging artists Becca Schlaff (see related story) and Katie Chichester launched successful art festival...
Emerging Artist embraces digital photography
May 18 2011
“With digital cameras, you take a picture and show it to your friends,” Kahlon said. “‘Oh, you were so funny when you were doing that.’ That was about two seconds ago!”...
Music coordinator marks her 25th festival
May 18 2011
The festival has a national reach, but it’s also a prime venue for local talent. Some of Degen’s most memorable moments were performances by local favorites like the Chenille Sisters, Three...