Paul Geremia has the right stuff to sing the blues
Oct. 7 2010
(Thursday, Oct. 7) Serendipitous. That is how Paul Geremia would describe his journey into the world of folk and blues music
Three buddies do some chatting and cheating in Stormfield Theatres drama Among Friends
Oct. 6 2010
Off to the side, Kristine Thatcher watches them closely. If their conversation sounds familiar to her, it should: She wrote it
Wharton marketing director headed for job in Phoenix
Oct. 6 2010
The Lansing native and Michigan State University graduate is headed to Phoenix to be the director of marketing and commu nications at Arizona State University’s version of Wharton, Gammage, which...
Strike may or may not affect Wharton concert
Oct. 6 2010
According to the DSO website (, "all concerts remain scheduled as planned." But ticketholders for the Chang/DSO concert might want to check the DSO’s concert hotline (313-576-5123)...
Shakespeare gets short shrift at LCC
Oct. 6 2010
Lansing Community College’s production of “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)” is nothing if not a crowd-pleaser. The play breaks the fourth wall and actively involves...
Wiiliamston's 'Door' is well worth opening
Oct. 6 2010
Williamston Theatre’s “Blue Door” is an intensely quiet and deeply moving play, one that stills and startles the audience into an unexpected opportunity for personal reflection and self...
’Fortinbras’ puts ham back into ’Hamlet’
Oct. 6 2010
Whether you are in or out of the Shakespeare camp, "Fortinbras" simply requires a love of "camp." Currently running at Riverwalk Theatre’s Blackbox Stage, Lee Blessing’s bawdy, crowd-pleasing...
Oct. 6 2010
Who says rap metal died along with Limp Bizkit? This Friday, Universal recording artist Rich Nix is set to throw down his hybrid of metal, electronic and rap at The Loft. Nix is a 24-year old Canadian...
Refunds will be offered
Oct. 6 2010
Wharton Center’s Thursday, Oct. 7 performance by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra with violinist Sarah Chang and the preceding Preview Dinner have both been canceled. The Detroit Symphony Orchestra...
Putting the spark plugs in the relationship & Sloshed in translation
Oct. 6 2010
Q: Five years ago, My Love and I shared our first kiss. Since then, we’ve been seeing each other three times a week for an hour. We spend this hour in his truck being intimate. We love each other....
Photographer Mikayla Spyker is only 10 years old, but shes already competing against professionals
Oct. 5 2010
She was recommended for the competition by her instructor, Jeana-Dee Allen. “She’s the most dedicated student,” Allen said. “She’s come to every single class, and she wants...
Event raises awareness of breast cancer
Oct. 5 2010
"It's a Breast Thing," held each October, focuses on breast cancer awareness and treatment through a host of activities. But the main event must be the bra decorating contest
Gurt, Lansing Symphony roll out Russian revelry
Oct. 5 2010
The Russians have a proverb: The only tool you really need is an ax. Michael Gurt, a brilliant pianist with a bearish frame, untucked shirt and savage glee in his eyes, kicked through classical decorum...
Sarah Chang continues a lifelong journey at Wharton
Oct. 5 2010
To get into Sarah Chang, you have to get over Sarah Chang. It seems she has. Chang, 29, can’t believe her 20th anniversary disc is due next year. “That’s kind of shocking, actually,”...
The misunderstood message movie
Oct. 1 2010
It must have seemed like a great idea to all concerned back in 1981. Paramount Pictures wanted a “’Jaws’ with paws” horror film; teen star Kristy McNichol was looking for a project...
Noomi Rapace sizzles while Playing With Fire
Oct. 1 2010
At the end of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” the brilliant computer hacker Lisbeth Salander seemed to be on her way to a life of luxury. Alas, the tables are turning as “The Girl...
Oct. 1 2010
It’s not from a lack of coffee and it’s certainly not boredom. It’s the punishing schedule he’s set up for himself, which starts with a 2:15 a.m. wake-up call for his job as the...
Social Network: A slap in the Facebook
Oct. 1 2010
Zuckerberg is the mastermind behind Facebook and the subject of director David Fincher’s outstanding “The Social Network” (opening nationwide on Friday). The movie asks if Zuckerberg...
When the vampire next door says ‘Let Me In,’ do it
Oct. 1 2010
Abby is one of those friends your parents warned you about. Sure, she looks nice enough — but there’s something, well, strange about her. She’s the new girl in town who doesn’t...
Long-shelved 'Case 39' inspires chuckles, not chills
Oct. 1 2010
(FRIDAY - Oct. 1) Maybe there's a sliver of truth in all those "Oscar curse" theories after all. Six years ago, Renee Zellweger took home a best supporting actress Academy Award for "Cold Mountain," in...