Sept. 15 2010
What if thy built a condo on the plot of land where the magical town of Brigadoon appears from the mist for only one day every 100 years? Would the villagers wake up to urban sprawl? Thankfully, in a sense,...
’Zeitoun’ couple comes to troubled East Lansing
Sept. 15 2010
“Zeitoun” follows the nightmarish experience of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, a Syrian- American, who stayed in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Abdul, as he is called by friends and neighbors,...
Film’s 50th anniversary stirs Roman thoughts
Sept. 15 2010
Hail, Spartacus! No, that can’t be right. Spartacus was a humble slave who broke out of gladiator school, gathered a slave army and fought the fat cats of imperial Rome. He wore burlap, probably...
Sept. 15 2010
If there is anything consistent about Lansing rock shows, it’s their eclectic bills, with bands of various genres sharing the stage at the same show. Below are a few shows that mix and match sounds...
Sept. 15 2010
The hard times of the past will shed light on today’s economic woes when MSU presents Arthur Miller’s panoramic, little-known saga, “The American Clock.”A huge ensemble of 30 students...
Sept. 15 2010
September’s exhibit at the Grove Gallery Co-op of East Lansing showcases two local artists who use unique techniques and materials taken from nature. Deborah Cholewicki works with fibrous, natural...
Wuss it something I said? & Pair pressure
Sept. 15 2010
Q: I’m 23, and not unsuccessful with women, just in finding one who wants to stick with me. I approach women two ways: hook up, then part company, or, if I have strong feelings, I work the gentleman...
'Brigadoon' brings musical magic to Holt
Sept. 8 2010
“Brigadoon” is the story of a Scottish village that emerges from a magical mist for one day every hundred years. When two American villagers stumble upon the village on that magical day, their...
Sept. 8 2010
When Stormfield Theatre artistic director Kristine Thatcher returns from her summer job at Wisconsin’s Dorr County Playhouse, she’ll have a new theater waiting for her
A pair of potent performances bolster a provocative drama at Capital TheatreWorks
Sept. 8 2010
“Dying City” is the story of three deeply damaged people and the wounds they inflict upon each other. Kelly, played with guarded brittleness by Kayla DeWitt, is a widowed therapist who wiles...
Lansing Symphony starts 2010-11 season with lead-off triple
Sept. 8 2010
Ell made it sound even easier than that. “We just have to rely on all our previous concerto experiences and add some chamber music to it,” she said. “We’ve all played with orchestras...
Husband and wife form Gifts or Creatures
Sept. 8 2010
For years, Brandon Foote had been known as a collaborator, a singer, songwriter and an accomplished mandolin player, having spent time playing with the nowdefunct bluegrass group Hot-Toe-Mitty, and being...
Lansing Art Gallery director finds a new home for selected pieces from in-state artists
Sept. 8 2010
Naturally, artist Mark E. Mehaffey has several of his paintings displayed around the house. One of the pieces was in Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize competition last year; another painting, he liked but it...
Petaling as fast as he can & Giving him the dry heave-ho
Sept. 8 2010
Q: I met my dream girl in my poker group in grad school. I recently moved far away to start my own company, but I plan to move back in about six months, once it’s up and running. I just learned on...
Sept. 8 2010
This week is stocked with shows from a number of Lansing-area venues. From Mac’s Bar and The Loft, to a recently opened coffee shop in Okemos, live music from many genres are scattered across the...
Charlotte Deardorff, LCC’s costume queen, retires after 22 years
Sept. 1 2010
Charlotte Deardorff’s eyeballs have been red since the Reagan administration.Prized in local theater circles for her unerring sense of color and attention to detail, Deardorff, 60, will retire this...
Truly hair-raising
Sept. 1 2010
The emergence of independent record labels in the 1980s was a pivotal moment for under-the-radar music. When influential labels like Sub Pop, Dischord, Touch and Go, Bomp! and K Records began pressing...
American original New Orleans’ Henry Butler hurls piano thunder with MSU Professors of Jazz
Sept. 1 2010
If the piano is the queen of instruments, Butler, 61, carries the crown proudly. His specialty is a grand, inclusive synthesis of jazz, boogie, gospel, RB, pop and even the art song tradition of Franz...
Double trouble Life gets complicated in drama ’Dying City’
Sept. 1 2010
It was supposed to be a peaceful evening for psychologist Kelly: She just wanted to watch “Law and Order.” But the young widow is about to get some unexpected company: her late husband Craig’s...
Annual film festival has everything from Knightley to Newton-John
Sept. 1 2010
Approximately 300 movies will be screened Sept. 9 to Sept. 19, and the variety is truly staggering, from the premieres of directors Clint Eastwood’s supernatural shocker “Hereafter” and...