The 13th annual East Lansing Film Festival opens tonight with ’I Am Love’
Oct. 20 2010
It’s an impressive assortment of features, documentaries, shorts and Michigan-made productions assembled by ELFF exceutive director Susan Woods. If it seems like it’s been a long time between...
Heather Sellers kept a secret for decades: She couldn’t recognize anyone she knew
Oct. 20 2010
Heather Sellers whose memoir, “You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know,” comes out this week is not a friend of Facebook. It’s not that Sellers isn’t social. She loves going to...
The Meatmen are back, playing to longtime fans and recent converts
Oct. 20 2010
Tongue planted firmly in cheek, Tesco Vee, the Lansing band’s legendary mastermind and vocalist, broke into the hardcore punk scene in 1979. That’s when he co-founded the Touch and Go fanzine...
Laura Allen savors the flavors of ’Cherry’
Oct. 20 2010
If education is power, Laura Allen must be a woman to reckon with.The actress graduated from Wellesley College in 1996, then returned to the campus to play a co-ed in Julia Roberts’ 2003 drama “Mona...
Oct. 20 2010
Meluch has long been fascinated by natural sounds and the textures of decay. He began playing piano before his feet could reach the pedals. He is a veteran drummer of a half-dozen bands and an avid collector...
Vim fashion and health magazine launches at MSU
Oct. 20 2010
Vim, a new fashion and health magazine made its way to the Michigan State University campus this week. The magazine will be published quarterly, with spotlights on seasonal fashion trends and designs....
For some Lansing fans, the singer-songwriter never goes out of style
Oct. 20 2010
The first time Chris Faulkner heard The Byrds’ version of “Mr. Tambourine Man,” it needed to be louder.“Still to this day, I clearly see my hand reaching out to that old radio dial...
When plush comes to shove & Legume squad
Oct. 20 2010
Q: I fear I’ve already turned off the new guy I’m dating because of a ritual I can’t seem to give up. I sleep with a stuffed bunny. I’m in my mid-30s, but I’ve had it since...
'Never Let Me Go' is a provocative, chilling heartbreaker
Oct. 16 2010
(Friday, Oct. 15) Kathy, Tommy and Ruth grew up within the confines of Hailsham, a secluded private academy in the English countryside. They weren't typical British schoolchildren, however
New East Lansing teahouse opens Friday
Oct. 15 2010
(Wednesday, Oct. 13) You won’t need to strap on hiking boots and climb a couple miles up a mountain or slash your way through rainforest to find the Wanderer's Teahouse and Café in East Lansing....
Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman take their best shots in 'Red'
Oct. 15 2010
(Friday, Oct. 15) Perhaps it’s oversimplifying things to say “Red” is the movie “Knight and Day” wanted to be. But it sure feels that way
Composer Ricardo Lorenz and violist Roberto Diaz salute the late Victor Jara
Oct. 15 2010
(Friday, Oct. 15) “He’s kinda like the Bob Dylan of the Hispanic world,” says Ricardo Lorenz, Michigan State University associate professor of composition. He is talking about the late...
Fenner Nature Center hosts Apple Butter Festival
Oct. 14 2010
(Thursday, Oct. 14) "Why do we need so many kinds of apples? Because there are so many folks. It provides more contact with life, and leads away from uniformity and monotony." – Liberty Hyde Baily....
Guitar virtuoso Pat Metheny extends his reach
Oct. 13 2010
There’s a good reason Pat Metheny will lug hundreds of pounds of acoustic instruments and state-of-the-art gadgetry to MSU’s Wharton Center Friday. He’s going back to the basics. Metheny,...
New galleries pop up in an unexpected place
Oct. 13 2010
“I couldn’t be happier about it.” Owner Rick Anselmo’s eponymously gallery (in the former Gap store) shows works from well-known artists all over the world; Smith’s will display...
New book pays tribute to the women who brightened up the night
Oct. 13 2010
The author said she was inspired by an article on a female lighthouse keeper in Michigan History magazine. Majher said she filed the idea away, and when she became the assistant director of the Michigan...
Graffiti goes up for bids at REO Town fund-raiser
Oct. 13 2010
On Oct. 20, graffiti art from the nowdemolished motel go on display and up for bids at Art Alley. The artworks are the final remnants of the Inn’s last days, when graffiti artists from around the...
Oct. 13 2010
“It’s a warm space,” Greenhoe said. “The scale is very human.” Tucked into the sprawl of East Lansing at the northeast corner of Saginaw Street and Abbot Road, this masterpiece...
Cirque de la Symphonie serves up flying bodies and soaring music
Oct. 13 2010
It sounds like a three-ring circus, but Allen stressed that the show doesn’t call for more than two artists to be on stage at a time. “They’re not there to be a distraction from the orchestra,...
Stormfield Theatre scores with ’Friends’
Oct. 13 2010
Dan (John Lepard), an award-winning humanitarian of the year, is caught cheating at a poker game by his brother-in-law, Will (Bill Bannon). Soon Will is seeing vice in everything Dan does, and he tries...