Feb. 9 2011
In the Acting Company and the Guthrie Theater’s co-production of "Romeo," Alejandro Rodriguez and Kaliswa Brewster play the lovers, under the direction of Penny Metropulos. The action has been to...
Annual fund-raiser lends a hand — or paw — to man’s best friend
Feb. 9 2011
The second annual Best Friends Fest comes to the Old Town nightclub to raise money for the Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter’s animal cruelty unit. Shelter director Jamie McAloon said the...
’Blue Denim’: 16 and pregnant, circa 1959
Feb. 9 2011
These days, if you’re an unmarried teen expecting a baby, you might be in negotiations with MTV to star in the next season of “16 and Pregnant.” But half a century ago, girls who “got...
Queasy credit & Queer and present danger
Feb. 9 2011
Unfortunately, one man’s el-cheapo ski jacket is one woman’s quilted nylon warning sign. The way you see it, it’s not like you did a P. Diddy and splurged on some one-of-a-kind parka...
'Shrek: The Musical' is a delightful adaptation of the beloved animated film
Feb. 9 2011
“Shrek: The Musical,” the stage adaptation of the first chapter in the juggernaut computer-animated franchise, jumps into real space satisfyingly and believably, exploding with towering musical...
Laughably ludicrous
Feb. 6 2011
Everyone can use a few good laughs in January, and "The Roommate" delivers plenty -- although that was probably not director Christian E. Christiansen's intent. An inept attempt to mix thrills with PG-13-style...
'Secret Life of Toads' looks at junior high social life
Feb. 4 2011
In “The Secret Lives of Toads”, much of the plot involves the strife between various cliques of middle school kids and the characters, like real kids, can be pretty mean to each other
Surprisingly witty and complex 'Rabbit Hole' is a triumph for Nicole Kidman and John Cameron Mitchell
Feb. 3 2011
Considering how many plays are turned into movies -- and vice versa -- it might seem like the process is relatively simple. But look again at how many pieces that worked wonderfully on the stage have fallen...
Mid-Michigan chapter of American Institute of Architects salutes 25 of Lansing's most notable structures, including a few surprises
Feb. 2 2011
Tim Mrozowski, a professor in the Michigan State University School of Design, Planning and Construction and president of the mid-Michigan chapter of AIA, said Lansing has “outstanding examples that...
Alan Mingo Jr. follows in Eddie Murphys famous hoofprints as Donkey in Shrek: The Musical
Feb. 2 2011
“I don’t do impersonations, and that was a struggle at first,” Mingo said. For millions of moviegoers, Donkey will always be associated with Eddie Murphy, who voiced the character in...
Audience participation is key at Mid-Winter Singing Festival
Feb. 2 2011
Another community sing known as Michigania! closes out Saturday. Six Michigan singers will lead the crowd in songs from the 1920s to the 1990s, and Rachel Alexander, the founder of Lansing’s womens’...
Feb. 2 2011
"Ordinary Days" by Adam Gwon is a sentimental, often funny Off-Broadway script that wears its influences on its sleeve. Gwon’s music begs comparisons to Jonathan Larson ("Rent") and Stephen Sondheim...
New visions of classic tragedies
Feb. 2 2011
Director Tony Caselli knows that “Oedipus” may be a hard sell to mainstream audiences. After all, most people only know Sophocles’ classic tale for its most sensational element: the title...
Overlooked by Oscar, but worth looking into
Feb. 2 2011
There are only so many slots available in each Academy Awards category, which means there will always be worthy performances and notable films that will go unrecognized. Several of them have just been...
gallery walk & other exhibitions
Feb. 2 2011
New Exhibits By The Riverside Gallery Featuring famous raku pieces, sculptures, and mono type paintings by Honora Bird. Jewelry designs by Jewel ARTifacts and Simarhra. Reception: 1-4 p.m. Feb....
When she wasnt working at the best legal job in America, Allison Leotta was writing a sexy thriller
Feb. 2 2011
Leotta credits much of her success to her time at MSU, where she majored in international studies in James Madison College. “It was exactly the right place at the right time. At James Madison, there...
Speed hating & Blocked swan
Feb. 2 2011
Your problem isn’t who you date but who you are: a girl who needs love way too much to be in a position to land any. You can really, really want love, and be really, really sick of putting a bowtie...
Feb. 2 2011
In the 1950s, he formed the Bluenotes with pianist Joe Weaver, which led to gigs with John Lee Hooker, Big Joe Turner, Ruth Brown and Eddie Burns. He also played in the house band for Detroit’s Fortune...
Sir Pizza fund-raiser benefits Guatemalans
Feb. 2 2011
Super Bowl Sunday will offer a chance for local residents to help provide health care in Guatemala
It's the metal band's second in two years
Feb. 2 2011
Last Saturday night, the Blackened Moon Concert Hall was filled with smoke, booze and local Lansing metal bands, as Occasus held its CD release party. “The metal scene tries to help each other out,”...