New dance center features everything from ballroom to hip-hop
Sept. 1 2010
But when she had her second child, her dancing needs changed. She wanted to find a dance studio that would be conducive to a hectic mother’s schedule, yet still challenged her as a dancer. After...
Rivals and departures & Canine and a half weeks
Sept. 1 2010
I’ve been dating a guy I really like for a month. He’s been in a long-distance relationship with a woman since last spring. They spend a week together every couple of months, and were off and...
Henry Butler conjures up piano thunder at MSU Wednesday
Aug. 31 2010
The cyclonic keyboard force of New Orleans piano legend Henry Butler could crack the Pasant Theater stage all by itself. But the structural concrete underneath may also buckle when Butler jams with Michigan...
Eric Jerome Dickey is excited about his latest book — but not about how its being promoted
Aug. 27 2010
Author Eric Jerome Dickey begs you not to judge his new book, “Tempted By Trouble,” by its cover.The dust jacket of his newest book shows an attractive young woman in a seductive pose —...
Mason festival features jazz, rock, Latin and blues
Aug. 27 2010
The weather forecast says Saturday will be sunny; the music forecast says Mason will be sun-dried
Stars in your eyes
Aug. 25 2010
“Hubble captured images so complex we can actually travel through them,” DiCaprio notes, and travel through them we do. In a breathtakingly beautiful sequence, the camera effortlessly sails...
Emma Thompson returns in a suitably zany adventure
Aug. 25 2010
The question: When will Emma Thompson get around to making a sequel to “Nanny McPhee”? The answer: When pigs fly.But, as Eleanor of Aquitaine promised in “The Lion in Winter,” there...
So-so 'Switch' puts Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman in a truly sticky situation
Aug. 25 2010
It’s about time a film addressed a pressing problem that has been the secret shame of millions, a condition politicians never dare to address, a situation even the mouthiest TV pundits refuse to...
Aug. 25 2010
Last year, retired Michigan State University cinematographer and editor Bob Crawford rode in the annual Dick Allen Lansing to Mackinaw bicycle tour, known as the DALMAC. The 300 mile-plus trip, spread...
LCC’s Caribbean Festival turns Lansing into Port-au-Prince for a day
Aug. 25 2010
With the biggest and most diverse music lineup yet and a sprawling marketplace and food bazaar, the 16th annual Caribbean Festival is expected to draw tens of thousands of people to the campus of Lansing...
Aug. 25 2010
On an early August evening, a sinuous sitar melody drifted over the tandoori and samosas at Mumbai Indian Restaurant. You could almost smell the incense. And they call this Jazz Thursday? Ah, but this...
Noah meets Santa (sort of) in an art show at Basement 414
Aug. 25 2010
Basement 414 is perhaps Lansing’s least-known but most characteristic art space. The entrance is tricky to find, accessible only from the alley behind the Nuthouse Bar.This repurposed warehouse,...
Coming soon to a backyard theater near you
Aug. 25 2010
Matthew Jason would like to invite you to explore what he calls the “chicken underground.”No, our feathered friends have not formed a resistance movement to protect their precious eggs from...
This year's crop of Stages of the Law shows are announced
Aug. 25 2010
This year’s Stages of the Law Theatre Festival, sponsored by the Thomas M. Cooley Law School, will feature a quintet of plays dealing with legal issues
New book captures music legends during two Ann Arbor festivals
Aug. 25 2010
With an erudite and knowledgeable essay by music historian and archivist Michael Erlewine wrapped around stunning, never-before-seen black-and-white photographs by Stanley Livingston of virtually every...
Bye now! (pay later) & Mouth trap
Aug. 25 2010
was boarding a plane to attend her best friend’s wedding. I thought it would be good for her to be with friends after hearing the news, but it ruined her weekend. She pretty much thinks I’m...
The highlights (and the highfalutin) from last weekend's festival
Aug. 25 2010
The annual Renegade Theatre Festival in Old Town provided a showcase for several new works. City Pulse critics were on-hand to cover last weekend's readings and performances
Renegade Theatre Festival fills Old Town with comedy and drama
Aug. 18 2010
This weekend, the Renegade Theatre Festival will cram dozens of local theater groups and independents into legit venues and odd corners of Lansing’s oldest district to fuel a Big Bang of dramatic...
Aug. 18 2010
Sandra Seaton recalls once seeing a film about Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall that celebrated his achievements while ignoring everything else.“The other attorneys (in the film) had personal...
Local organization gets hairy for charity
Aug. 18 2010
“Originally, there were five of us, most being recent Michigan State University grads,” John Buckler said. “One guy had decided to go as Fidel Castro for Halloween and grew a large beard,...