'Burlesque' has become a box office surprise
Dec. 13 2010
It’s not particularly shocking to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1” and Disney’s “Tangled” slugging it out for the dominant position atop the box office...
Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp can't make 'Tourist' worth the price of a ticket
Dec. 10 2010
In “The Tourist,” Angelina Jolie is a woman of many faces — many of them familiar. Sashaying through the streets of Paris in a cream-colored dress and opera gloves, she’s Audrey...
Wanderer's Teahouse attracts a diverse crew of performers
Dec. 9 2010
Thursday, Nov. 4, 8:05 p.m.: Wanderer’s Teahouse & Café on Grand River Ave. is packed. About 50 people sit in their chairs, chatting away, many sipping on the small ceramic cups of hot aromatic...
Wentworth Park clock is making music after a lengthy silence
Dec. 9 2010
Music is in the air. At least it is near Wentworth Park in downtown Lansing. Across from the Radisson, on the corner of Michigan and Grand, sits a 31-foot steam-powered clock, which — for the past...
Williamston Theatre receives grant for special matinees
Dec. 9 2010
Oedipus may have some trouble with his eyes, but local high school students will have an easier time seeing him this February at Williamston Theatre: The theater just received a grant from the Verizon...
1824 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing M-Sat Noon to 7 p.m. (517) 648-3011
Dec. 8 2010
The Cheese strain, a well-known sativa, was the only one offered at $19 per gram. It was definitely worth it. The heavy cheese odor shifted to a more fuel-ish smell when broken down. With dense, sparkling...
Kristine Thatcher gets good news: Her company can stay at Frandor address
Dec. 8 2010
In the midst of the holiday season, the Stormfield Theatre has found a permanent home.What was originally thought to be a temporary arrangement at 201 Morgan Lane, in the Frandor Shopping Center, has officially...
FBC owner Rosemont departs after 33 years
Dec. 8 2010
“He’s working here every day next week, then he’s getting in his car and driving to Santa Fe,” Bernath said. “After being with a guy for 33 years it was like a long marriage....
Dec. 8 2010
“We have all kinds of media represented and of all price ranges," says Catherine Babcock, the Gallery’s executive director. "The lowest-priced item is $3. Everything we have is made in Michigan....
A group of seniors gets stage fright in ’Nutcracker’s Nuts’
Dec. 8 2010
Sometimes what seems like a bright idea can lead to some dark consequences. That’s the lesson learned by a group of ambitious senior citizens in “The Nutcracker’s Nuts,” the Riverwalk...
Dec. 8 2010
"With ’A Place Called Christmas,’ we had a good turnout for auditions," Gordon said. "So, rather than double casting (having different actors play a role at certain performances), we went for...
Starlight Dinner Theatre packs plenty of humor into 'Christmas' farce
Dec. 8 2010
It’s Christmas time in Tuna, Texas, and its citizens as played by Jason Carlen and Michael Hays have returned to display their humiliations and humor onstage at the Starlight Dinner Theatre
Annual Applause Award, Business Arts Award were presented Tuesday
Dec. 8 2010
The Arts Council of Greater Lansing is honoring those that have most contributed to Lansing’s arts scene.The honors consist of two awards, based on nominations from the public. The Applause Award...
Paleo, Small Houses among artists on new CD
Dec. 8 2010
“In The Orchard Of Osiris,” a new compilation of mostly Michigan artists, wasn’t thrown together on a whim.The 15 tracks were seamlessly woven together by musician and graphic artist...
Lev Raphael boxes up his archives for delivery to MSU’s library
Dec. 8 2010
Raphael has had a long and varied career in writing, publishing his first story inRedbook Magazine in 1979. He is especially recognized for his writing, both fiction and non-fiction, from the perspective...
Concert hits extreme highs and lows
Dec. 8 2010
The Lansing Symphony and massed choral legions from Michigan State University and the Choral Union moved a mountain Saturday with a noble reading of Ernst Bloch’s “Avodath Hakodesh,”...
Dec. 8 2010
Catch the band live at The Cheap Girls Holiday Show, set for Friday, Dec. 17 at Mac’s Bar. The night is a showcase of local acts from different genres. Opening the show are the delicate folk sounds...
You tech my breath away & Deleting him on
Dec. 8 2010
Q: I’ve had some good experiences with online dating, but I just can’t get over this feeling that it just isn’t natural or sexy.—Clicking For Love
Lansing students get lessons in creating ceramics -- and healthy diets
Dec. 8 2010
Reach Studio Art Center specializes in art education in an after school setting for students, says executive director Alice Brinkman.“The emphasis came from the Greater Lansing Potter Skills, which...
Music distributor hosts final open house Saturday
Dec. 3 2010
On Saturday, Goldenrod marks this changing of the times with its final annual open house. The event includes the auctioning of Goldenrod memorabilia, a “buy five CDs, get one free” sale, $2...