Fussy neighbors, scorched tables: Welcome to Scrapfest
June 30 2010
Some random bit of wisdom says to “do something every day that scares you.” For two weeks, I did that consistently as a member of a team competing in Old Town Scrapfest 2010. The event, a fund-raiser...
Smooch Project catches kisses on-camera
June 30 2010
While studying Buddhism in Minnesota, Bonnie Fournier came across a concept that immediately clicked. Mudita, or joy, can be interpreted as the enjoyment one gets merely from witnessing someone else’s...
Spend the summer with Michigan authors
June 30 2010
And as you linger over a cold glass filled with amber liquid, read “Last Call,” the history of Prohibition in this country. The author, Dan Okrent, is a University of Michigan grad and has...
June 30 2010
The series, sponsored by WMMQ-FM, continues with Jimmy Thackery on July 8; Big Bill and the Blues Ambassadors and Homemade Jamz on July 22; Stan Budzynski and the Third Degree and Sonny Moorman on July...
June 30 2010
Many people think the fact that their pants are vibrating gives them a pass to put the person they’re with on face-to-face “ignore.” People with manners consider how their companion might...
’Airbender’ stars keep it in the family
June 30 2010
Sometimes, it takes a tag team to promote a movie properly. So Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz have been hitting the road together to promote “The Last Airbender,” director M. Night Shyamalan’s...
Amateur broadcasters have a Field Day
June 25 2010
“But during all of these crises that have hit the nation and the world, they have been e x t r e m e l y useful. Many times, amateur radio is the only thing that operates temporarily during a crisis....
Land of Nod promises a 'grassroots music and arts festival unlike any other'
June 25 2010
As the young Rothbury Festival takes 2010 off, and early Common Ground announcements point to another sweaty week of big-name summer fare, Michigan music fans seem faced with another year of more (or even...
Summer Circle production full of fun physicality and imagination
June 25 2010
Playtime with children can often be a surreal experience while their imaginations are still free and untethered by the constraints of growing older. Thus is MSU Summer Circle’s current interpretation...
Can Knight rescue Cruise and Diaz?
June 24 2010
In 2001, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz played friends with benefits in director Cameron Crowe’s surrealistic psychodrama “Vanilla Sky.” At the time, both stars were riding high: Cruise...
Local filmmakers host fund-raiser for latest project
June 23 2010
Another feature film is coming down the pike for Last Laugh Productions — and the filmmakers want your help to pull it off. On June 26, Last Laugh will holding a fund-raiser for the production of...
Artist Craig Mitchell Smith opens his doors for the Gardens Galore tour — one last time
June 23 2010
On this Wednesday afternoon, he’s in the process of finishing up some of his exquisite glassworks, which will be seen at both an upcoming exhibition at Michigan State University and in his own home...
Mary Job conjures up a different Wonderland
June 23 2010
Let’s be honest. Growing up, "Alice in Wonderland" probably scared us as much as it entertained us, particularly if you were raised on the 1951 Disney film. And now that Tim Burton has given his...
Vampires still claim many young readers, but ’Games’ are gaining
June 23 2010
Is our lust for everything vampire sated, waiting for the spike, as popular media have suggested? Or is it just sleeping, ready to reawaken with a new passion when “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,”...
Spellbinding shocker is vicious, frightening and even touching
June 23 2010
Every year on his birthday, Swedish industrialist Henrik Vanger receives a package containing framed flowers. The gifts come from all over the world, but Vanger isn’t delighted: He suspects they...
Piano-playing singer performs July 17
June 23 2010
Other newly added names to the festival line-up include pop-jazz saxophonist Mindi Abair and guitarist Peter White (also dated for July 17) and reggaerock performer Trevor Hall (July 14). Hardrockers Cavo...
June 23 2010
It’s the season of the sun and the moon. A time for bluegrass and Common Ground. A time for jazz, folk, vintage vehicles, free theater and a dash of Caribbean spice. Get ready for summer, Lansing-style....
SINcere about hip hop
June 23 2010
SINcere will also host the 4th annual 517 Summer Jam, a Mic Club concert on Friday, July 2, at Mac’s Bar. Aside from it being the release party for “Private Conversations Out Loud,” a...
Series delivers jazz to east side
June 23 2010
Last month, when the Allen Neighborhood Center’s young volunteers put the JAM grant together, Whitaker was a supporter and behindthe-scenes adviser. The Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural...
Southern hospitality turns to hostility in ’The Foreigner’
June 23 2010
"The Foreigner" follows a pathologically shy Englishman visiting a rural hunting lodge in Georgia. To avoid speaking to people, he pretends not to understand English. By remaining silent on the sidelines,...