’Exit Through the Gift Shop’ examines an ’art terrorist’ and his oddball admirer
March 24 2011
The term "street art" might have once triggered images of trains covered in psychedelic graffiti or slogans like "Thuggin’ ’Til The Casket Drops" spray-painted across an old fence. The Oscar-nominated...
Echoes of Pink Floyd finds the ’Dark Side’ of a classic fantasy
March 24 2011
“It’s an escape from reality for people to see ‘Wizard of Oz’ set to ‘Dark Side of the Moon,’ with lasers. It’s a surreal experience,” said Tom Beller, bassist...
Indeed, according to an eye-opening new book from a British historian
March 24 2011
"Mask," the current exhibit at the MSU Museum, stands as proof. Some of the several hundred masks on display are scary, but none is scarier than the robed and hooded mannequin of a KKK member Maybe it...
March 24 2011
Melvin McGlauphlin (Joseph Albright) has sent his kids to Russian language classes as part of his “worst-case scenario” preparation. His wife, Frances (Suzi Regan), seems like the duchess of...
Cultural shocks, modern distractions
March 24 2011
Written by Tony-Award winner David Edgar, “Pentecost” looks at the frenzy following the discovery of a fresco in an abandoned Eastern- European Church
March 24 2011
The Alternative Press called one of his folk/country inspired albums, “the disc Ryan Adams keeps threatening to make but never quite delivers.” Sharing the bill is his tourmate Matt Pond, a...
’Culture ambassador’ from Benin shares his art
March 16 2011
Born in the West African republic of Benin, Pierre Adjibogoun learned wood carving at age 8 from his father. As an adult, he has made it his career.Adjibogoun’s work — from wood sculptures...
On stage this weekend: Golden Tickets, gold records — and black eyes
March 16 2011
You don’t need a golden ticket and you certainly don’t need to be an Oompa Loompa to sample the many flavors of the strange and musical world of Willy Wonka. East Lansing High School offers...
Like its teenage heroine, Stormfield’s dark comedy is still finding its way
March 16 2011
A daughter who is dying quickly, a mother who is dying slowly, a father who is killing himself, and a baby to be born in the midst of it all: It sounds dark and it is but David Lindsay-Abaire’s...
MSU festival highlights the international appeal of chamber music
March 16 2011
Students in the Michigan State University College of Music will get a chance to see how their instruments are played in other countries when the 11th annual Cello Plus Chamber Music Festival comes to East...
You’ll get a kick out of these Szechuan sensations
March 16 2011
On one hand, there’s pig blood curd, pork intestine, or stir fried kidney; on the other, General Tso’s chicken, sweet and sour shrimp or beef with broccoli. While most Midwestern diners pull...
March 16 2011
Tables featuring wines from the Toro, Rias Baixes and Priorato regions of Spain will encourage learning about these high quality but lesser known (in this country) wines
Sci-fi schlock fights a losing ’Battle’ with reality
March 16 2011
Last weekend, you could turn on any TV or access any Internet news site and see horrifying footage of Japanese cities crumbling or being pummeled by massive waves. Or you could go to the movies and watch...
March 16 2011
But the most attractive part of Absolute Music is the chance to get close and personal with an A-Team of Michigan State University and Lansing Symphony musicians, including pianists Deborah Moriarty and...
Annual ’Rally of Writers’ features an array of Michigan authors
March 16 2011
“Can you believe it?” she said. The conference, in its 24th year, features more than a dozen writers, including National Book Award finalist Bonnie Jo Campbell of Portage. Campbell was a finalist...
March 16 2011
Metro Bowl is back with ‘Friday Night Blues’ From the 1960s through the 1980s, Metro Bowl was a Lansing hotspot for not only bowling and drinks but also live music. In the past three years...
Lansing native delves into experimental music with Loop Goat project
March 15 2011
A “loop” is a short section of sound that’s repeated continuously, creating an entirely new track. It’s something Jessica Arnold fully embraces with her solo project Loop Goat
March 9 2011
On a recent Wednesday evening, the man who just completed the feature film “Lucky” knocks on wood without irony as he discusses his filmmaking experiences. Anyone who knows anything about making...
Globetrotting St. John’s Chorus makes a stop in Lansing during national spring tour
March 9 2011
When the 46-voice St. John’s University Men’s Chorus rattles the apses and naves of Lansing’s First Presbyterian Church Saturday, local music lovers will have a chance to witness one...
March 9 2011
Two Brooklyn-based bands, Rex Complex and Railbird, joined forces and independently booked a United States tour, which stops at Mac’s Bar Friday. Opening the show are local rockers Narc Out the Reds...