Hollywood gets summer-schooled
Aug. 4 2010
“The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” burned brightly: It may yet reach $300 million. But the much-hyped, all-action, no-brains “A-Team” failed to get a passing grade from moviegoers; it’s...
For Stanley Jordan, making music just comes naturally
Aug. 4 2010
Jordan isn’t turning his back on razzledazzle. “State of Nature” closes with a joyful, Grammy-nominated stomp through Joe Jackson’s “Steppin’ Out.” As headliner...
Aug. 4 2010
You might not think “improvisation” and “dentistry” would go together. In fact, you might dread the slightest possibility. But you are not Andrew Kratzat
Aug. 4 2010
If there’s one character Charles identifies with, it’s Papa Bois, the serene protector of the woods. “He’s known to have a bullhorn,” Charles said. “That image of him...
Aug. 4 2010
The file of jazz goodies in Gardner’s head isn’t slim, but two of jazz’s most rhythm-a-licious hits are on top: pianist Ahmad Jamal’s deep bumpgroove on “Poinciana”...
The Larva of the Party & Toon Deaf
Aug. 4 2010
Q: I love to dress up and go socialize with people. My boyfriend, however, can only smile friendly and chitchat for about 20 minutes before he seats himself in some corner and starts reading the host’s...
Dancer Carol Bentley shares Broadway basics with Lansing students
Aug. 4 2010
When Carol Bentley arrived in New York, eager to start a Broadway career, she had the memories of a theater-filled childhood in East Lansing to guide her. She remembers “A Chorus Line” and...
July 30 2010
The 1998 French film “Le Diner de Cons (The Dinner of Fools)” was a modest farce about high-rolling Parisian Pierre Brochant (Thierry Lhermitte) trying to take advantage of dorky Francois Pignon...
The Deluxe Inn once put the ‘ho’ in ‘hotel.’ Can the site now put the ‘hot’ in ‘hotspot’? The revitalization begins this weekend — with the help of a few graffiti artists
July 28 2010
The Deluxe, at I-496 and Washington Street, could use a bit of touching up; to quote the old TLC song, it’s “damn unpretty.” Hundreds of windows are boarded up to discourage vandals....
Bouncing with Bob Log
July 28 2010
Playing quick Delta blues is only half the story for Bob Log III, a Tucson, Arizona-based one-man band. His finger-picking, slide guitar style may be his signature sound, but he is also known for his wild...
Bryan Gruley returns to his Michigan roots in ’The Hanging Tree’
July 28 2010
Gruley’s second book, “The Hanging Tree,” is a masterpiece of detective fiction, with the right amount of blind alleys that leave the outcome always in doubt. The author, who is the Chicago...
Kids tell their stories through snapshots
July 28 2010
Photos from youth in the Literacy Through Photography program, along with shots from the organization’s Children With Incarcerated Parents program, will be shown at Old Town’s Creole Gallery...
July 28 2010
North Foyer Gallery at East Lansing Public Library
A boogieman haunts the bayou backwaters in fun frightfest ’Wiley’
July 28 2010
Rounding out the cast is Garrett Clinard as Wiley’s trusty hound Dog, as well as a chorus of trees, vines, prickly bushes and many other malleable conjurations made of Jan Anderson, Carol Ferris,...
Box office opens Monday for eClub members
July 28 2010
Shows included in the pre-sale include “Aesop Bops” (Sept. 26); Tierney Sutton Band (Oct. 1); Detroit Symphony with Sarah Chang (Oct. 7); Pat M e t h e n y ’ s O r c h e s t r i o n tour...
July 28 2010
newlyweds but dated for three years. She’s always been truthful and forthright, so I was dumbfounded that she kept this from me. She claims they’re “just friends,” insists the past...
Capitol performers take a stand against violence
July 22 2010
If anyone wonders whether there’s any young talent left in the state of Michigan, New Citizens Press publisher and former Lansing City Council candidate Rina Risper has an answer: a big, resounding...
Angelina gets a high-impact workout as a spy on the run in ‘Salt’
July 22 2010
If you’ve never understood the appeal of Angelina Jolie, “Salt” may be required viewing. It’s a vehicle designed to show off its star in all her glory, and director Philip Noyce...
Williamston Theatre cooks up summer fun with a zany musical
July 21 2010
“Five Course Love” may be light fare from a dramatic standpoint, but it is certainly a tasty and satisfying dish worth trying. A musical that fits cozily on the Williamston Theatre stage, “Five...
Veteran musicians pool their talents
July 21 2010
McCoy, Ross and Howard have 100 years of music experience among them. Their self-titled, self-released debut album is a collection of the 13 best tracks they came up with in their basement rehearsals....