May 12 2010
This guy takes the “Dear Occupant” approach to love: Instead of “It had to be you,” it had to be somebody, and you’re standing right there and have yet to call the cops on...
Riverwalk hits home run with a night of sketches
May 12 2010
There are 30 words in just the titles alone of the eight pieces that make up this delightful confection of laughs and snorts, beginning with “Wedding Duet,” a two-person compendium of all the...
The fate of the shuttered BoarsHead Theatre may be decided next week
May 5 2010
The building that once housed BoarsHead Theater is scheduled to be turned into a parking lot. Former BoarsHead artistic director Kristine Thatcher has already launched a new professional theater company...
Summer Circle plans gala to celebrate 50th anniversary
May 5 2010
It was almost 40 years ago, but Ken Beachler still remembers the taste of bug spray as he nuzzled his co-star’s neck. He was starring in “Crawling Arnold,” as part of the Summer Circle...
What’s in a name? Depends whom you talk to
May 5 2010
The Wild Beaver Saloon, the fourth franchise in a mini-chain, opened its doors last Friday at 205 S. Washington Square. With Seymour the beaver as the mascot and an all-female waitstaff dubbed “The...
Cheap Girls hit Mac’s
May 5 2010
For those who prefer glow-sticks and turntables over guitars, Lansing is also set on weekly, live electronic music. Mac’s Bar hosts Neon Tuesday every week. The area’s best DJs spin the latest...
Babies: Cute is the universal language
May 5 2010
It’s not uncommon to hear a movie described as “cute.” Often, that’s not a compliment. But if there’s any film that truly deserves to be described with that particular adjective,...
For James McClurken, uncovering history can change present-day laws
May 5 2010
Lansing author and ethnohistorian James M. McClurken has spent his entire professional life helping Indian tribes col the the concludes Treaties, not author ethnohistorian entirelect on that debt by researching...
May 5 2010
Forget the old “anything worth having is worth waiting for.” You’re a woman in a hurry. Anything worth having is worth cornering like a trapped animal. Unfortunately, guythink doesn’t...
Common Ground books Lambert and Orianthi
May 5 2010
"American Idol" season eight runner-up Adam Lambert, whose eye-opening performance on last November's American Music Awards titillated some viewers and traumatized others, has been added to the lineup...
Down in the Valley
April 29 2010
A recent letter on film critic Roger Ebert’s website asked Ebert if he knew when he was scripting it that “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls” was an exploitation film. Ebert’s answer...
Israeli singer Noa brings message of peace
April 28 2010
Palestinian-Israeli singer Miri Awad, to the friendship and coexistence,” she said. Wharton Center Wednesday. The lyrics to “There Must Be Another It sometimes seems as if Israelis and Way”...
Conquerers II, hosts of Lansing’s first Autorama, are ready to roll again
April 28 2010
On the day the show was supposed to open, the civic center’s general manager and the Lansing police chief showed up to shut it down. When the Conquerors signed the contract with the civic center...
Chopin, Beethoven finish symphony season
April 28 2010
Before Beethoven, most symphonies were glorified dance cards ah, here’s the minuet, my dear. After Beethoven, those little dance movements ballooned into the Seven Ages of Man. Beethoven’s...
Awkward acting hobbles provocative premise
April 28 2010
Are the East Coast liberals really any more open-minded than the Midwest conservatives? The late playwright Wendy Wasserstein did not seem to think so. In her play "Third," currently being performed at...
High-strung rock with hooks
April 28 2010
It’s just me doing almost everything, but I can’t play drums so Scott Bozack, who also recorded it, played drums. Isaac VanderSchuur (The Hat Madder) played some guitar on it and my friend...
April 28 2010
Oh, what a terrible thing, promoting “American standards of beauty.” Footbinding? Clitoridectomy? Naw, plucking tiny hairs above a woman’s lip. Quick! Somebody start an international...
Despite gorgeous singing, ’Pacific’ doesn’t hold water
April 28 2010
Um, no thanks. “South Pacific”s" most recognizable number, “Some Enchanted Evening,” is trotted out three full times, and the far more rousing “Bali Ha’i” at least...
Politics become personal in Dave Dempsey’s novel
April 28 2010
His first journey into fiction, however, borrows deeply from his love of the environment and is aptly called “Superior Shores: A Novel of Conservation
April 28 2010
New Exhibits Haze Art Gallery Featuring unique jewelery by Middy Church & Sandi Leister and a photo exhibit by Janice Gross. Reception: 1 – 4 p.m. May 2. Hours: 10 a.m.-7 p.m. T – S,...