Aug. 10 2016
Best known for his distinct rapid-fire lyrical delivery, Twista has been a force in the hip-hop world since guesting on Do or Die’s 1996 hit single “Po Pimp.” But it was his breakout...
Aug. 10 2016
Art takes a variety of forms, from literature to sculpture to painting — or even hair. Lansing gets a chance to check out the latest in hair styling Sunday when the Capitol City Biggest Hair...
Memoir details the lives of Lansing’s famous quadruplets
Aug. 10 2016
At the height of the Great Depression, Lansing residents were looking for something to cheer for, something to make them smile and take their minds off the dreary circumstances
Ozone's Brewhouse / Laurel Salon
Aug. 10 2016
This weekend, Kyle Malone will endure a grueling half- Ironman triathalon, consisting of a 1.2-mile swim in Lake Michigan, a nearly 60-mile bike race through the hills of Southwest Michigan and a 13-mile...
Local chiropractor retires, returns to music
Aug. 9 2016
TUESDAY, August 9 — Dr. Walter Kittle, known to other musicians as “Dr. Bass” was just 5 when his love for music started. But his journey to playing music full time has taken decades....
Impression 5 exhibit explores kinetic energy
Aug. 8 2016
MONDAY, August 8 — Children usually get yelled at for throwing things indoors. But Impression 5 Science Center’s latest exhibit, Throwing Things, invites kids to do just that. “This...
Aug. 5 2016
“Café Society” does nothing if not prove how capable and entertaining a filmmaker Woody Allen is … or was … or can be. If this film was made in his 1970s or ’80s...
Local group participates in global breastfeeding event
Aug. 4 2016
THURSDAY, August 4 — A group of breastfeeding mothers will gather Saturday, contributing to an attempt to set a world record for global synchronized breastfeeding. The Big Latch On, which meets
Aug. 3 2016
Arts Night Out, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing’s traveling monthly art event, pops up this month in one of Greater Lansing’s up-and-coming commercial corridors. REO Town, named for auto...
Aug. 3 2016
“You have two festivals, both well attended,” she marveled. “There’s been a resurgence. One of the nicest, hippest things to happen in Lansing was to have Rodney (Whitaker) as the...
Broad Museum’s ‘Sloth Pieta’ meets live sloth
Aug. 3 2016
Poco, a two-toed tree sloth, has traveled all over Michigan, doing educational programs at schools and zoos for 26 years. But he’s never been to an art museum
‘Missing Pieces’ digs up character’s marital secrets
Aug. 3 2016
In the book’s opening pages, Jack gets a middle-of-the-night phone call from his uncle, Hal. Jack learns that his aunt, Julia, has been hospitalized and is in critical condition, and Hal urges him...
Aug. 3 2016
This weekend, Elliot Street Lunatic performs its two full-length records in their entirety at the Robin Theatre in REO Town. Friday, the spacey indie-rock band plays its 2009 “Stories From the Void”...
Photographer Jena McShane gets her kicks chasing tornados and rock stars
Aug. 3 2016
Most days, the subjects in front of Jena McShane’s camera are what you would expect for a professional photographer — newborn babies, blushing brides, beloved pets and the like. But for the...
Wolfe Meats / MSU Aesthetic & Laser Treatment Center
Aug. 3 2016
Not content to own and operate two of the highest rated restaurants in the region —namely Soup Spoon Café near downtown Lansing and Gracie’s Place in Williamston — restaurateur...
Indie music festival kicks off Saturday in St. Johns
Aug. 2 2016
TUESDAY, August 2 — Festival season is in full swing in Greater Lansing, with JazzFest taking over Old Town this weekend and the Great Lakes Folk Festival preparing to invade East Lansing the follow
Lansing power station misses chance to appear in ‘Transformers’ movie
July 29 2016
FRIDAY, July 29 — Just month’s after East Lansing’s Broad Art Museum made its silver screen debut in “Batman v Superman,” another iconic Greater Lansing narrowly missed an...
Ivan Iler selected to create interactive entryway
July 29 2016
FRIDAY, July 29 — Last week, REO Town’s REACH Studio Art Center announced Ivan Iler as the artist who will create a 70-foot sculpture/entryway as part of the studio’s “SenseFence”...
July 27 2016
The Lansing City Market serves up a double shot of live music this week, with local jazz outfit Medium Rare and Detroit blues singer Thornetta Davis appearing at the Grand Concert Series
Mid-century fad comes back into fashion in Lansing
July 27 2016
Sooner or later, everything comes around again — around and around and around and around. Are you dizzy yet? Hula hooping, a teenage fad dating back to the 1950s, is coming back, in juiced-up...

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