Arts Council pays forward donation of mini-library from former MSU prof
Dec. 17 2014
Festivus isn’t the only December holiday “Seinfeld” gave us. In the 1995 episode “The Label Maker,” the all-too-common practice of giving someone a present that some one else...
Wharton welcomes ‘Annie’ back for trip down memory lane
Dec. 17 2014
“Annie” is back, and it’s more than just overplayed hits. Part musical fantasy time capsule, part political commentary, the 37-year-old show feels strangely relevant in a post-recession...
In the (Saint) Nick of Time, Pt. 1
Dec. 11 2014
Thursday, Dec. 11 — Happy Holidays, fellow readers! You know the end of the year is nearly upon us when I start in on my favorite reads roundup. I'm taking a slightly different approach this time,...
local entrepreneurs make art out of old record albums
Dec. 10 2014
Who knows why interest in vinyl records is waxing these days. Perhaps it’s the soothing crackles and pops of a needle sneaking through the grooves, or maybe it’s just nostalgia for dust jackets...
How to help new parents make the holidays special
Dec. 10 2014
After a particularly long, cold winter like Lansing had last year, baby rates tend to spike the following year. Funny how nature works. That means a whole generation of ice storm babies are getting ready...
cross some gifts off your list with locally made goods
Dec. 10 2014
If you’re looking to keep your holiday dollars local, consider one of these gifts
Food, volunteered time are also good gifts this holiday season
Dec. 10 2014
Whatever you call it — tzedakah, zakat, alms, shabdosh, charity — this is the time of the year when people in mid-Michigan start to think about giving their time, money or food items to nonprofit...
New Saper exhibit threatens to peel the skin off the real world
Dec. 10 2014
While browsing the eclectic works along the walls of East Lansing’s Saper Galleries, it’s easy to feel like you’ve tumbled down one hell of a cultural rabbit hole. The pieces come from...
Williamston Theatre delivers near perfect holiday show
Dec. 10 2014
The antique furniture and appliances, non- English words in spoken English, the guilt, and the stubbornness should all be familiar to anyone who grew up in a working class, ethnicreligious home. Playwright...
The voice of the Detroit Tigers reflects on 20 years in the big leagues
Dec. 10 2014
In 1995, Mario Impemba had been calling play-by-play in minor league baseball for eight years and he was wondering how much longer he could last. Then he got a call from the Angels — that would be...
Tuesday, Dec. 16
Dec. 10 2014
The 19th national tour for “Annie” makes its way to East Lansing next week, 37 years out from its debut on Broadway in 1977. Its origins go back further still if you consider the beloved Depressionera...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
Dec. 10 2014
10th Annual Punks Vs. Pokes, Friday, Dec. 12 With a promise of “tuneful twang, thunderous punk and everything in between,” each year Punks Vs. Pokes hosts a dueling roster of punk rock...
Dec. 10 2014
While yoga, spinning and boot camp classes will soon be filled to capacity by New Year’s resolution makers, local women have a new option that is bound to be a conversation starter: Pole dancing....
Bernero opposes bill to let bars stay open to 4 a.m.
Dec. 5 2014
FRIDAY, Dec. 5 — Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero is against allowing bars to stay open an extra two hours until 4 a.m., as a bill working its way through the state Legislature would permit
Capital City Film Festival receives $10,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant
Dec. 4 2014
Thursday, Dec. 4 — The Capital City Film Festival landed some capital cash Tuesday. A $10,000 grant from National Endowment for the Arts was given to the Lansing-based media showcase under the Challenge...
Trombonist Robin Eubanks barnstorms for a week with MSU’s Jazz Orchestra
Dec. 3 2014
Robin Eubanks is one of the top trombonist-composer-arrangers in jazz, but “genius” talk isn’t his style. The latest international jazz star to take part in MSU’s Jazz Studies residency...
Auction features vintage marketing pieces, personal correspondences
Dec. 3 2014
Now that the ephemeral gewgaws of Black Friday are in the recycling bin, Craig Whitford, a local numismatic and philatelic auctioneer, is giving collectors a chance to purchase what he calls “historic...
Arts Council honors four leaders of local culture at annual awards presentation
Dec. 3 2014
The Arts Council of Greater Lansing honored four key contributors to the mid- Michigan arts and culture scene at the 35th Annual Holiday Glitter gala Tuesday night. The Applause Awards were given in three...
Aspiring comic artists and graphic novelists showcase this semester’s work
Dec. 3 2014
Just as the Justice League recruits rising talents who fight for the forces of good, so shall the world of graphic novels and visual storytelling greet its newest champions at East Lansing’s Hollow...
Michael Keaton soars in the gravity-, genre-defying ‘Birdman’
Dec. 3 2014
The sooner you see “Birdman” the better. Like the latest episode of “South Park” or “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” it is utterly of the moment and its urgency, its...

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