Strong cast and direction make musical drama sing
April 21 2010
The mournful lyric “How do you figure a last year on Earth?” from the ensemble number “Seasons of Love" addresses a central existential question. The surprising answer is that “Rent”...
Bringing down the Hausu
April 21 2010
There are many strange and puzzling films you may encounter over the course of your lifetime. But I feel reasonably safe in saying that no matter where you may travel in this world, you will never find...
April 21 2010
Ignore your friends and family, who won’t be the ones sleeping with your girlfriend (well, presumably). It’s anything but shallow to make sure a woman has the looks you need to be hot for her
Raw Hamburger
April 21 2010
Neil Hamburger is known for his dry, oddball stand-up comedy that often makes celebrities the butt of his punchline. His following has been growing since the release of his debut album, “America’s...
Alice Cooper, Sammy Hagar, Jimmy Cliff playing Common Ground
April 21 2010
Cooper burst onto the rock landscape in the 1970s with his ghoulish stage shows and radio-friendly hits, such as “Eighteen,” “School’s Out,” “No More Mr. Nice Guy,”...
April 14 2010
Coffee shop:Gone WiredRunners-up: Soupspoon Cafe, Espresso Royale and Decker's Spread out over two levels, Gone Wired manages to feel both intimate and spacious, depending on where you sit. Coffee is...
April 14 2010
Antique shop:Mega MallRunners-up: Little Red School House, Wooden Skate Art Gallery:Creole GalleryRunners-up: Mackerel Sky, Kresge Museum On the “Antiques Road Show,” they call it “provenance.”...
April 14 2010
Appetizers Houlihan’s Runners-up: Tavern on the Square and Beggar’s Banquet The Houlihan’s chain location inside the Lansing Mall wasvoted Best Appetizers, after winning last year...
Pianist brings a swirl of styles to Creole Gallery
April 14 2010
Haas’s searching, swinging jazz, swirled with ethnic spice and classical grandeur, is meant to shatter musical walls. Haas gave the Creole Gallery three of its most memorable nights of the last decade....
Director Scott Burkell draws on his friendship with Jonathan Larson in shaping the show’s MSU production
April 14 2010
Scott Burkell met the late Jonathan Larson at the Barn Theatre in Augusta in the summer of 1980. Over the course of the season, Burkell, Larson and fellow Equity membership candidate Marin Mazzie then...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
April 14 2010
This year features a new batch of exclusive, collectible vinyl from Wilco, The Velvet Underground, John Lennon, Them Crooked Vultures, Soundgarden, TV On The Radio, Pavement, Beastie Boys, Coheed Cambria,...
‘Rocket’ puts classic rock into a symphonic setting
April 14 2010
After a long career as a guitarist, music producer and music director, Brennan began looking for ways to combine rock and symphonic music. His first project was a show built around the music of Elton John...
Ric Payne and Will Howe unleash The Wild Beaver on downtown Lansing
April 14 2010
In the next week or so, The Wild Beaver Saloon, the fourth franchise in a minichain, will open on the 200 block of S. Washington Square in downtown Lansing. With a name primed for double-entendres and...
April 14 2010
Stormfield Theatre presents three staged readings of the world premiere comedy "A Matter of Interpretation" this weekend. Michael Joseph Mitchell, Cheryl Ross Mitchell, Daryl Thompson, Bill Henson and...
For Bonnie Jo Campbell, writing about Michigan brought national acclaim
April 14 2010
Portage author Bonnie Jo Campbell has been doing the whole “trains and boats and planes” routine since her book “American Salvage” (Wayne State University Press) was named as a...
Enter a hole of noise
April 8 2010
Since the Lansing-based band released its first DIY album in 2005, McCord, along with Nicholas Richard (bass/vocals) and Hattie Danby (drums/vocals), have been sharing songwriting duties and exploring...
April 7 2010
Blues band Root Doctor Runners-up: Steppin’ In It and Frog & the Beeftones Combing traditional blues with classic soul, Root Doctorhas been entertaining Lansing for nearly 20 years....
April 7 2010
Newspaper Lansing State Journal Runners-up: City Pulse and “this category is unkind” Fine. But this does not overshadow the LSJ’s 2008 win forbest newspaper Web site...
April 7 2010
Alternative health:Better Health StoreRunners-up: Foods for Living, Creative Wellness Auto care:Lisky'sRunners-up: Spartan Car Care, University Foregin Auto Bank/credit union:MSUFCURunners-up: NuUnion,...
New Chamber series wraps up first season
April 7 2010
As principal stick man for the Lansing Symphony, Sherman is a conspicuous presence look for the silver glint and heaving shoulders but the subject of this encounter was Absolute Music, the star-studded...