Miley Cyrus: Still a girl, not yet an actress in her dramatic debut 'The Last Song'
March 31 2010
Miley Cyrus fans, don’t say you weren’t warned. Remember how “The Hannah Montana Movie” took a serious turn in the last half-hour, with Miley suffering an identity crisis? Consider...
Partnerships, singers dominate Wharton’s upcoming season
March 31 2010
The Wharton Center for the Performing Arts has to live up to the big “s” on its new glass faade, but it’s not easy. Even the biggest classical, jazz, world and dance acts are usually...
Lil’ Darlins show pays tribute to days gone by
March 31 2010
Organizers Ben and Katie Corr are humble but passionate about their current project: to bring a modern-day vaudeville show to the Lansing area. The April 2 show at the Hannah Community Center is the third...
Poet Thomas Lynch tries his hand at fiction
March 31 2010
His newest collection of fiction is a departure from his previous books which were collections of essays and poetry. And, although Lynch is currently working on a longer piece of fiction, he said if he...
A survey of Lansing's musical landscape
March 31 2010
Since forming in 2006, the jeanjacket-clad band has received a burst of online buzz after the release of “I.C.B.M.,” its 2007 debut 7-inch on Bermuda Mohawk Productions (BMP) and “Wardrive,”...
Visiting guitarist a quiet treasure
March 31 2010
Stowell is striking before he plays a note. He holds the guitar at a loving 75-degree angle, like a baby, or a dance partner. It makes the listener feel a bit like a voyeur, but that’s how he gets...
It’s Halloween hysteria in Williamston comedy based on radio mix-up
March 31 2010
Recipient of the 2009 Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award, “It Came from Mars” is a world premiere collaboration between Williamston Theatre and Ann Arbor’s Performance Network....
March 31 2010
I’ve been seeing this guy for over two years. Although we spend lots of time together, we don’t have a committed relationship. We’ve been off and on throughout this entire two-year “complexship,”...
Kaleidoscope Books & Collectibles
March 31 2010
Jeffrey Pickell of Kaleidoscope Books & Collectibles describes his Ann Arbor store as “eclectic” and he is bringing stock which reflects that description to the Michigan Antiquarian Book and...
Violinist Schmidt connects with LSO in rare communion
March 31 2010
The vehicle for this rare communion was American Samuel Barber’s 1939 Violin Concerto. It’s music from a time of hope and dread much like ours. Barber’s mix of unabashed yearning and...
Adaptation of John Irving’s novel not for the faint-hearted — or the closed-minded
March 31 2010
There is a chillingly ice-cold clinical feel to the lighting and set for Lansing Community College’s spring offering, “The Cider House Rules, Part One: Here in St Cloud”. Gauzy 21-foot-tall...
Cyrus is still a girl, not yet an actress in ’The Last Song’
March 31 2010
Remember how “The Hannah Montana Movie” took a serious turn in the last halfhour, with Miley suffering an identity crisis? Consider that a warm-up for “The Last Song,” in which...
'Talking With' marred by uneven performances
March 31 2010
Monologues — like stories — require different skills from an actor than standard stage dialogue. "Talking With," by the pseudonymous Jane Martin, is at times a struggle for the actors of Icarus...
MSU conference seeks to dispel myth surrounding Muslims’ connection to violence, terrorism
March 29 2010
There’s no question Muslims deal with a fair amount of stigma in the United States. Negative images in the media, combined with the instilled fear of terrorism, have left Americans wondering whom...
Keeler taps into Water
March 28 2010
In 2008, after graduating from Columbia College in Chicago with a music composition degree, Keeler’s sound began to morph into a polished blend of Sam Cooke-style soul and Tom Waits, while still...
2010-11 Broadway season also includes "Shrek the Musical," "9 to 5"
March 28 2010
It’s fresh, and yet it’s also familiar — that’s what you might think when you see the Wharton Center’s Broadway line-up for 2010-11
March 27 2010
Complete listings for the season
MSU opera has high Juliettitude, low Romeosity
March 27 2010
An insidious thought came to me during MSU Opera Theatre’s energetic “Miami Vice” remake of Charles Gounod’s 1867 Shakespearean opera “Romeo et Juliette.” I could flee...
The humor of "Greenberg" is acidic — and unexpectedly touching, too
March 26 2010
“Are you going to let me in?” That’s what Florence (Greta Gerwig) murmurs as she navigates the traffic on a busy Los Angeles street. She might ask the same question of the title character...
A beautifully animated, often funny adventure touches on some serious topics
March 26 2010
“Our parents’ war is about to become ours,” a young girl tells her friend in a new film. “Figure out what side you’re on.” All around them they see destruction and chaos,...