Ballet Folklorico comes to the Wharton Center
March 3 2010
According to Salvadore Lopez Lopez, the grandson of Ballet Folklorico de Mexico founder Amalia Hernandez, it was a trip through her homeland that inspired Hernandez to create her company. Lopez describes...
Purple Rose hits new heights with glorious 'Gravity'
Feb. 25 2010
Through the mist, a woman walks through an arch, steps out from background shadows and onto the stage, and lifts her skirt, appearing to levitate. Is it intentional? The play is “Gravity”...
Ice wines may be pricey, but they're a sweet treat
Feb. 24 2010
It’s that time of year when the snow and frigid cold bring joy to the hearts of certain vintners in Germany, Michigan, New York, the Niagara escarpment region of southern Ontario, and British Columbia’s...
9-year-old trumpet player headlines Red Cedar Festival
Feb. 24 2010
Ask Geoffrey Gallante what he wants to be when he grows up and you’ll hear him count, in a whisper, from 9 to 18. Then he’ll aptly remind you he is only 9 years old, which leaves him nine more...
Michelle’s Studio of Dance offers original Oz fantasy
Feb. 24 2010
Laura Swanson is going green literally for her upcoming performance as Elphaba in “Oz,” the display of singing, dancing and acting being put on by Michelle’s Studio of Dance and Performing...
Addy Awards honor top ads
Feb. 24 2010
The agencies listed with the American Advertising Federation, which sponsors the awards, are divided up by state into districts: Michigan is in District 6, along with Indiana and Illinois. Within each...
Neo-romantic indie-folk
Feb. 24 2010
“It’s hard for me to leave Lansing where I had so much, where I could work with all the venues and artists,” he said. “Every folk musician in Michigan I knew. Those are the kids...
After a few bounces, LSO sends Mozart soaring into the sky
Feb. 24 2010
The Lansing Symphony has climbed crags, ridden rapids and moved mountains of major repertoire under maestro Timothy Muffitt, but Saturday night they faced a truly daunting task: lifting a beautiful, balanced...
Stroke of bad luck brought epiphany for neuroscientist
Feb. 24 2010
“As soon as I sat up, I had a pulsating feeling behind my left eye,” Taylor said in a brief phone interview minutes before she was scheduled to get on a plane to her home in Bloomington, Ind....
Feb. 24 2010
at 40-plus. At 42, this woman’s lucky if she gets pregnant at all, and she’s stuck with a guy who wants to "wait." If they want kids, they can’t wait a single day. A female friend, faced...
Strong acting ignites drama
Feb. 24 2010
It is an ambitious goal to stage an intense work like David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” with a cast of college students. Yet it works, thanks to the combination of the intimacy of Lansing...
Witty ’Power Plays’ observes several odd relationships
Feb. 24 2010
Those few enlightened individuals who have never experienced the need to control others, to exert or assert themselves in an unseemly manner in order to be heard, will probably not be able to relate very...
’Club’ finds lighter side of growing old
Feb. 24 2010
A comedy about staying alive after death, Ivan Menchell’s “The Cemetery Club” applies the sitcom formula to the latter stages of life. While Menchell focuses on three widows from New...
Kim Harrison puts Magic on the page
Feb. 24 2010
Author Kim Harrison, who grew up in Northern Michigan, describes herself as a “geeky girl with my nose in a book.” However, the books she read were not your typical young adult books. Harrison,...
Feb. 24 2010
During a school trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Percy discovers that he is the demi-god son of Poseidon (Kevin McKidd). It seems that the Lord of the Seas had a fling with Percy’s mortal...
Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island" is stunningly stylish, but it's tripped up by its own trickery
Feb. 19 2010
“Seen any walking nightmares lately, marshal?” a woman asks deputy marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) late in director Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island." She’s a psychiatrist,...