Local rapper Mikeyy Austin releases debut mixtape
July 7 2016
Imagine it’s noon on a weekday. Lunch hour. Finding a parking spot in downtown Lansing is nearly impossible. In the rush, people from all walks of life briefly emerge from their workplaces to hurrie
July 6 2016
Most artists try to tell their own story with their work. Local artist Zahrah Resh prefers to flip the script
July 6 2016
For the first time since 2013, Catalina Wine Mixer takes the stage for a reunion show at the Avenue Café. Sharing the bill are headliners Ford Theatre Reunion, Sumarah and the Aimcriers. Catalina...
Eric Staib pours the 'power of dyslexia' onto wood and canvas
July 6 2016
Reporters ask your age. It’s routine. But St. Johns artist Eric Staib is not a by-the-book kind of guy
Event celebrates 150th anniversary of Michigan soldiers returning from the Civil War
July 6 2016
“We’ll rally ‘round the flag, boys.” These lyrics, from George Frederick Root’s 1862 song “Battle Cry of Freedom,” were more than just patriotic fluff for the...
Kate DiCamillo talks success, libraries and her lifelong love of books
July 6 2016
Kate DiCamillo’s first visit to the library in her hometown of Clermont, Fla., left a lifelong impression on her
Daily Common Ground 2016 digest: Day 1
July 6 2016
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first-ever City Pulse Common Ground Music Festival awards, the Commies! (Oh, that’s a terrible name. Well, don’t worry about that. We’ll think of...
Shelby Ann-Marie films ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ cover in Old Town
July 5 2016
TUESDAY, July 5 — Three years ago, Portland native Shelby Miller, who performs under the name Shelby Ann-Marie, turned 15, the minimum age to audition for “American Idol.” “I got...
Cara Black’s mysteries explore Paris’ dark side
June 29 2016
American mystery writer Cara Black travels to Paris twice a year to do research for her successful Aimée Leduc series, which is set in the city. The books feature a hip young detective who often...
June 29 2016
Independence Day is right around the corner, and whether you’re looking for parades, live music, car shows or just classic fireworks, Greater Lansing has you covered
June 29 2016
Alternative-rock-tinged pop singer Eric Hutchinson headlines an allages show July 6 at the Loft. Opening the show are Nick Howard and Stefanie Haapala. In August, Hutchinson releases his seventh record,...
Local artists mingle with national talent at Common Ground Music Festival
June 29 2016
If Common Ground Music Festival gave out an award to the artists performing farthest from their hometown, the guys from Civil Twilight would likely be this year’s winners. Hailing from Cape Town,...
Paul Vetne draws on nostalgia, Mexican heritage
June 29 2016
Paul “MexOne” Vetne, this week’s Summer of Art artist, doesn’t remember exactly when he decided to become an artist, but he’s been drawing for as long as he can remember
REACH Studio Art Center searching for ‘SenseFence’ artist
June 28 2016
TUESDAY, June 28 — REACH Studio Art Center is looking for an artist to build a new interactive art installation for its REO Town location. The studio is accepting applications from artists to c
Jeffrey Omura featured in 'The Interestings'
June 28 2016
TUESDAY, June 28 —To many, springtime means flowers. For others, it means time to stop putting off working on the beach body they resolved to have by now. But in the life of a TV actor, spring is...
REACH students get creative with ‘Pac-Man’ and ‘tree spirits’
June 27 2016
MONDAY, June 27 — While we’re used to seeing art in a gallery, REACH Studio Art Center’s Teen Open Studio specializes in putting art in unexpected public places. The group’s latest...
BAD Brewing Co. expands taproom
June 24 2016
Last year, BAD Brewing Co. had a good problem. Too many people were showing up at the downtown Mason brewery. “We were having issues with people turning around and leaving because of how busy it...
‘Finding Dory’ offers sumptuous visuals, skimpy plot
June 23 2016
“Finding Dory” has me worried for Pixar. The studio has a remarkable track record, despite a few forgivable stinkers, churning out animated films worthy of critical, artistic and cultural...
MSU alum Corey Kendrick drops new album
June 23 2016
THURSDAY, June 23 — Pianist Corey Kendrick, who earned his master’s degree in jazz studies from Michigan State University just last year, returns to Lansing next week with a new album, “Roo
Summer Solstice Jazz Festival runs the gamut from white suits to bare feet
June 22 2016
Ants swarmed on a discarded crust of pizza in a tuft of grass, just 10 feet away from a stage set in a shady pine grove. Cellist Tomeka Reid, grounded and focused, absently kicked off her shoes in concentration....

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