‘Motortown’ an unflinching look at psychological toll of war
March 23 2016
“Motortown” is not the kind of play that one likes, in the same way one shouldn’t like a film like “A Clockwork Orange.” Admire, certainly, but like? Nope. Lansing Community...
Local poets renew push for a state poet laureate
March 23 2016
Eight local poets, members of the Lansing Poetry Club, are once again rallying poetry enthusiasts to make the case for a state poet laureate. On March 31, the eve of National Poetry Month, the group will...
‘She Kills Monsters’ delivers nerdy fun, strong performances
March 23 2016
Unlike real life, it’s virtually impossible to die in a roleplaying game. There are spells and extra lives — or if things really get hairy, you just restart the game
Broad Art Museum makes cameo in 'Batman v Superman'
March 23 2016
“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which opens nationwide this weekend, features at least one scene filmed at East Lansing’s Broad Art Museum. It includes the DC Comics “trinity”...
March 23 2016
“I come from a very musical family,” Benack said. “My mother teaches voice at Carnegie Mellon, a top music theater program. My grandfather, the first Benny Benack, was a jazz trumpet...
March 23 2016
Lansing-based thrash-metal outfit Tyrant releases its new EP, “Black Hand,” Friday at the Loft. The all-ages show also includes sets from the Revenant, Aphotic and Heed the Assailant. Tyrant,...
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Pinchas Zukerman come to East Lansing
March 19 2016
SATURDAY, March 19 — The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, for the most part, looks like most other orchestras you may encounter, save for one key difference: There’s no hand-waving conductor guiding...
Review: 'Deadpool' is witty, smart, not for faint of heart
March 18 2016
FRIDAY, March 18 — I’ll answer the big question, the one that most of you are here for, first: “Should I see ‘Deadpool?’” Yes, definitely. Now for the trickier question,...
Jesse Nager talks playing Smokey Robinson in ‘Motown the Musical’
March 17 2016
THURSDAY, March 17 — Playing one of the music industry’s all-time great singers is a tall order, even more so when that singer is in the room. But Jesse Nager, who plays Smokey Robinson in...
'SNL' Castmember to perform at Wharton Center Friday
March 16 2016
WEDNESDAY, March 16 — A “Saturday Night Live” castmember is coming to MSU’s campus Friday
‘Motown the Musical’ delivers the classics with modern polish
March 16 2016
The first time I heard most of the songs that were featured in "Motown the Musical," was through a tiny plastic earpiece attached to a small, Japanese transistor radio tuned to a local '60s radio station
March 16 2016
“The play is all about how Agnes Evans is trying to learn a little bit about her sister,” said Jeff Croff, artistic director of Ixion Theatre and director of this production. “She lost...
New director Marc-Olivier Wahler brings wide ranging ideas to Broad Art Museum
March 16 2016
The search committee that recommended Wahler to MSU Provost June Pierce Youatt, who made the final hiring decision, included faculty members, administrators, members of the Broad’s board of directors...
A guide to Lansing-area online fundraising campaigns
March 16 2016
Lansing Art Gallery is looking for help to take art beyond the gallery’s walls and into the streets of Lansing. The gallery recently launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise funds for pop-up art...
March 16 2016
Lansing sludgy-rock duo Red Teeth have been a fixture on the local music scene, on and off, since 2002. Originally performing under the name King of the Monsters, the pair rebranded as Red Teeth and honed...
Author/illustrator David Small talks graphic novels, writing process
March 16 2016
Small’s pastoral home is a long way from his Detroit roots, which he wrote about in his disturbing 2009 graphic memoir, “Stitches,” which was a finalist for the National Book Award and...
Six Greater Lansing chefs talk favorite foods, guilty pleasures
March 16 2016
This week, City Pulse launches its first ever Dining Guide. As a companion to the Dining Guide, we rounded up a panel of Greater Lansing chefs to talk about when they started cooking and what they make...
Author/illustrator David Small on working with his wife
March 14 2016
MONDAY, March 14 — “Illustrating Sarah's stories has broadened my scope as an artist and storyteller,” said David Small
Rory Makem to lead pub sing at Dublin Square tonight
March 14 2016
MONDAY, March 14 — Rory Makem, a seasoned Irish musician and son of legendary Irish singer Tommy Makem, leads an Irish sing-along tonight at Dublin Square. Rory Makem regularly performs with Irish...
March 9 2016
Legendary dirty-south rap pioneer Scarface (real name Brad Jordan) headlines Saturday at Fahrenheit Concert Venue. Known for both his acclaimed solo discography and his stint in the iconic group Geto Boys,...

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